Al Aire Films Balearic Islands

Al Aire Films is a video and photo production service company based in Mallorca, Spain.

Its founders are Lina (DOP and editor) and Luis (producer), a special couple that combines the human talent of two worlds, Germany and Mexico. They design the ideal team to materialise their clients' ideas in video and/or photo.

They are strategically based in Mallorca, as the island offers everything you need in production all year round.

"We like to explore diverse locations, from mountain scenery to the Mediterranean coastline and from the urban metropolis to traditional villages, and perfect studio facilities for each client.

10 years of experience give us the capacity to cover such diverse needs and we know how to adapt each production to the actual budget of each client.

We know that we are very suitable for clients looking for fashion and lifestyle offering services in production, DOP, DA, locations, models and actors, make-up, lighting, styling, drivers, and storytelling, from initial idea to final product.

Take a look at our website and follow us on Instagram."

Arctic Productions Iceland

Arctic Productions is a full-service production company in Iceland.

"Over the last year we have been very fortunate to service great productions in Iceland like Puma's documentary on Sara Björk Gunnarsdóttir, one of our national team soccer players who’s coming back from her pregnancy with her mindset stronger than ever and is training for the UEFA Cup this summer.

Since we are on the topic, we are also proud to say that we produced a TV documentary for FIFA about the success of Iceland’s male national soccer team in their first World Cup in 2018.

If there is anything we love more than soccer and talking about soccer, it's producing top quality content with our beautiful Icelandic nature as backdrop. In mid November we welcomed a group of brave professionals from Away Travel. We planned and produced a successful five-day commercial shoot in all over Iceland in the magical November sunlight.

We love bringing people together from all over the world to meet and create unforgettable and unique memories in Iceland. And that we did with Nina and Alla from the Slack Community who first met in person here in Iceland after working together remotely."

Recent production service clients include: FIFA, Puma, Away Travel, Slack Community, Vogue, Muck Boots, Tokyo TV.

charlieuniformtango Dallas - Austin

For more than 25 years, charlieuniformtango has been an industry leader in film and postproduction. The company delivers results across all mediums – from second screen to silver screen.

Its growing roster of international clients includes American Airlines, Abercrombie & Fitch, State Farm, FIAT, Jeep, Lexus, McDonald’s, Dr Pepper, Ram, H.E.B., Samsung, Susan G. Komen Foundation, and Universal Orlando.

The list of Tango’s awards is also growing: National ADDYs, AICE Awards, ANDYs and a Cannes Lion. Additionally, the company’s work has been featured in the Communication Arts Annual and the AICP National Show – for the 20+ Super Bowl spots the company has produced. And Tango’s long-form work has been programmed at premier festivals across the globe, including Sundance, SXSW, the Melbourne International Film Festival, and the Leeds International Film Festival.

Independent, integrated, and incomparable, charlieuniformtango operates out of full-service studios in both Dallas and Austin.

Encinta Mexico

Encinta is a full-service audiovisual production company based in Guadalajara, Mexico, that covers all the necessary processes of each project; from the creation of the concept and the development of the script to the logistics and coordination of each of the necessary components, to carry out a flawless execution.

Every team is made up of the best men and women united to execute any idea to perfection. Development, formulation and realization of ideas to generate an audiovisual work managing economic resources, coordinating staff (artistic and technical), equipment and facilities, tools and materials necessary for its completion.

Once the total recording of the project is finished, cleaning starts and the assembly of the material begins: selecting the best shots to align them to the most organic rhythm that the project requires generating final products professionally.

Some of their clients: Dove, GOC Makeup, Hellman’s, Quickbooks, Tequila Teremana, ITESO, C&A, CLIP.

Filming Scotland Edinburgh

"2022 has got off to a great start with a very busy year so far with both UK and international projects.

Just some of the recent clients we’ve worked with include: Royal Bank of Scotland, the UK Government, Glenlivet whisky and Range Rover.

We continue to follow all the local COVID-19 guidelines and protocols to make your production as safe as possible.

Get in touch and let us take care of your next production in Scotland!"

Mike Miller Los Angeles

Mike Miller is a storyteller. A director who will give you great performances, beautiful images and visual storytelling. From the ‘table-top’ story of Amnesty International, to the F-111 fighter jet action of ‘Navigator’, to the humanity and subtle twist of ‘The Cheque’, he applies his award-winning skills to capture the essence of the story across genres and style to engage the audience.

Mike is tireless in his attention to detail and all the decisions along the path to a great spot. Working alongside the creative team from casting and talent workshops, to storyboards he does himself, location or set and meticulous planning to ensure a fun and successful shoot. As Mike says, “Being totally buttoned up gives you the freedom on the day to find the magic.” It also helps guarantee success for your film.

Minded Factory Spain - Colombia - Sweden

MINDED is a creative production company dedicated to the creation of film, commercial, and music video productions. Counting with various international directors and DoPs, MINDED can develop a production from scratch and see it through until the last touches in post-production.

Their directors have shown their artistic point of view in many different productions around the globe. Among them is Simon Brand, who has directed commercials for high producing companies such as Pepsi, BMW and AT&T. Becoming a successful director has led him to winning awards.

Brands like Volkswagen, Google, and Melitta have confided in director Myoung Hun Oh to achieve their vision. His skillful composition of imagery and music adds a unique character to each of his projects.

Contemporary cinematographer Birgit Bebe has worked on films like Blood Diamond, Bourne Ultimatum, Eat Pray Love, and Inglorious Basterds which furthered her passion for cinematography.

REGGLISS Production France

REGGLISS PRODUCTION is a photo and film production company based in the south of France and operating in France and abroad.

For more than 30 years, REGGLISS PRODUCTION has provided a full range of services, from location scouting to full production services (casting, permits, equipment, teams, photographer, location van, etc.). The company is now recognised as an expert in advertising, catalogue, editorials and all kind of projects, for fashion, furniture, jewelry, cars and technology, among other sectors.

REGGLISS PRODUCTION has a rich experience and knowledge of the industry. The company can offer a wide range of locations (houses, pools, hotels, beaches, mountains) and is able to shoot in every condition. The only limit is creativity - something that REGGLISS PRODUCTION understood early on, which allows the company to have a comprehensive approach and leads every project to success.

Clients range from luxury to big brands. Their latest work for Hermès, Orlebar Brown, Leroy Merlin, Chopard and Ralph Lauren is a testament to their know-how and reputation since 1990.


Founded in 2005 by Franco Tassi, who wittily gave birth to his creation, Taxfreefilm is an independent passion-driven production and creative studio based in Parma, Italy.

Franco, aka Frank, brilliantly worked as an art director for some of the most creative agencies in Milan during the nineties, creating some successful and award-winning campaigns such as Swatch “Times is what you make of it”, in 1997.

Recent clients include Yamaha, Foxy and the Omega's Timekeepers for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games campaign.


Big Fish Films and The Big Freeze Worldwide have brought award-winning content to commercial production for over 40 years. Masters of frozen moment content capture and robotic filming technology, The Big Freeze understands what it takes to visually render unique images that will drive the audience to view and share branded content.

"Whether it is the director’s or client’s vision, we can professionally bring all the production elements together to accomplish that "wow" factor for film scenes and commercials. Fast action slowed or stopped, those hard to render, one of kind scenes, are done successfully with Big Freeze state of the art technology and seasoned crews.

The Big Freeze Worldwide gives the viewer front row access to authentic effects and content that sticks to memory.

Let us power your next vision with The Big Freeze technology."

The Line Sweden

"If you shoot in Sweden - come shoot with The Line!

With years of experience with both international and local clients, and with qualified and experienced staff - you can be sure that you are in good hands with us during your production.

We offer a wide range of services when it comes to producing commercials and feature films. With a broad experience managing projects - whether it be locations, casting, picking together a crew, logistics and travel arrangements, equipment or post production, we can provide creative solutions.

Sweden with its unique and varying landscape offers endless possibilities. With diverse locations and our local knowledge and broad network we make your ideas happen."

Tip Top Films Buenos Aires

"We are a full production house based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

We combine the muscle of big production services with crafted tablet top productions. Artisans of the image, we work out problems through creativity and aesthetics to produce high end projects.

We are able to create moments and emotions with any available format, adjusting ourselves to every need, providing the best technology, resources and ensuring the right interpretation of the creative message.

One more thing: we own a High Speed Motion Control, the only one in the region!"