2 Belgian Explorers Belgium

"Two Belgian explorers refer to me and my dog Jack. Jack is not just an ordinary dog to me. Because of the many walks we take together, he is also the reason why I started with photography.

It started locally, but our walking area expanded constantly. After a while we visited more and more nature reserves.

You don’t always have to go far away, sometimes there are wonderful spots closer than you think.

Jack and I explore these places as much as possible. Meanwhile we travel regularly in Europe by car.

My experience has already led to several collaborations. For example, I collaborated with Mitsubishi, Mazda and Ssangyong in the past two years. Capturing their cars in the most stunning environments is what I do best - and will continue doing it, because I love it so much."

Abigail Bobo Nashville

Abigail Bobo is a lifestyle commercial photographer and director telling stories about the feeling of freedom found on the open road.

Her clients have included Airbnb, BMW, Mercedes Benz and Buick.

Abigail's direction work is incredibly immersive, bringing the viewer into the adventure.

Anatol Gottfried Barcelona - Berlin

Anatol Gottfried is a lifestyle, people and transportation photographer based in Barcelona and Berlin. Emphasising on its dynamics, Anatol is mastering the automotive world while enhancing it with his unique and refined style. Colour, composition and precise control of light are a must in all Anatol's works. Besides that, everything he tells never aims to miss a strong human component.

His latest projects are perfectly balancing lifestyle and automotive. For Volkswagen together with DDB Spain Anatol captured the special edition of the VW Tiguan - Urban Sport, perfectly focusing on its young spirit and presenting the vehicle in its natural urban habitat. The smooth production was assured by Beeline Barcelona.

Bentley is bringing a new focus on wellness to its model range with the launch of the Bentayga Extended Wheelbase – a new grand touring SUV, a new luxury flagship. Under the lead of KEKO London Anatol was one of the first to capture this brand-new vehicle for the global campaign.

Driven by passion, Anatol is always hungry for new adventures, available in Barcelona and all over the world, wherever the duty calls him - always keen to rock your production!

For more work please check his website and follow him on Instagram.

Andrey Cherlat Kyiv

Andrey Cherlat works as an individual photographer and runs an advertising automotive and product studio providing photo and post production services for the past six years.

He is available for shootings worldwide and in-house photo and post production services in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Clients: Porsche, Favbet, Dynamo Kyiv FC, Parimatch, Vinos de la Luz, Wine Gallery, Brave GK, Lamborghini, Alanton, Automaximum, B-Design.

Anthony Dias Los Angeles

"It has been an incredible year so far with people I truly enjoy being around. Fresh new projects and lots of new places to see.

I am very grateful to be here and thank you for taking the time to check out my work! " Anthony Dias.

Anton Watts Los Angeles - London

Anton recently worked with Olympic athlete Miles Chamley-Watson on “The Power of Sanctuary” campaign with Hudson Rouge. Anton directed the four films and shot the stills for Lincoln Corsair.

Represented by JSR Ashton Keiditsch London

Whether it’s portraits or warships, cars or particle accelerators, Ashton has been tasked with travelling the world in pursuit of that unique shot. London-based Ashton Keiditsch has been commissioned by some of the world’s leading advertising agencies working on British, pan-European and worldwide campaigns for many of their prestigious global clients.

Clients include: VW, Suzuki, Mercedes, Jaguar, BMW, Audi, Ford, Rolls Royce, Land Rover, O2, Bacardi, Speedo, UPS, Cadbury, Thompson Holidays, BAA, Lindemanns Worldwide, Corus Steel and TFL. There are few brands that haven’t benefited from his relentless pursuit of that one image that captures the consumer’s imagination.

See more of Ashton's work here. He is represented by JSR, follow them on Instagram to see more.

Bram Declercq Belgium

With years of experience shooting vehicles and lifestyle for Thule, Bram is expanding his creative vision to cars as well.

Taking his technical luggage of shooting challenging recreational vehicles and his passion for cars, Bram can easily transform smooth lines into images that tell a story. 

If you have a challenging project, Bram will bite into it!

Colbeanu & Co. London

George Colbeanu is a creative director and producer based in London, UK, creating inspiring commercial and social media content for the automotive world, and bringing together ideas, locations and talented people to create emotion through images.

With the newly expanded team, George has launched COLBEANU & CO. as his creative agency, which now delivers cinematic video content to automotive businesses throughout the country with the intention of expanding worldwide in the upcoming year.

Selected clients include Bentley, Aston Martin and BMW.

David Casas Spain

David Casas is a certified automotive photographer and 2D / 3D creative retoucher based in Barcelona.

David has been working in the automotive industry since 2008. With many years of experience in the industry, his work is highly praised by brands like Cupra, Seat, Nissan and more!

"It was great to be awarded with the Automotive Project by the IPA (International Photography
Awards), the APA (Annual Photography Awards) and One Eyeland Awards."

David Masemore Los Angeles

David recently shot new work for Indy Car at the 2022 season opener in St. Petersburg, Florida, capturing everything from dramatic speed to joyous celebration!

David also photographed a personal project featuring the McLaren 650S Spyder blasting down a Florida highway during sunset. The nature of this shoot was to capture dynamic lighting and deliver a sense of speed and luxury through high-contrast and a dynamically-lit subject.

David brings skills from both advertising and motorsports photography capturing everything from well-produced campaigns to run and gun human moments track-side.

To check out more of his work, you can visit his website or check him out on Instagram.

Dejan + Per Gothenburg - Los Angeles

Dejan + Per realised two cameras capture more than one. Is it that simple? Well, in this case Per has a long career in commercial lifestyle and fashion, where Dejan is an expert at retouching and a ”sheet metal fanatic”. As they joined forces, magic was bound to happen. After all, they were both car geeks.

Per does directing. Dejan does CGI. Per loves lifestyle. Dejan loves hero motion-shots. The balance is always present.

With several Lürzer’s Archive awards as ”Top 200 Ad Photographers of the world” and ”Digital artists of the world” this duo is a force to be reckoned with.

Native to Sweden, they like to see the world as their workspace and L.A. is their second home.

Represented in the USA by Gloss Reps and in Europe by Severin Wendeler.

Harniman London - Los Angeles

"We had a blast shooting F-Type for Jaguar global social, motion and press campaign across UK, Europe and USA.

New Rolls-Royce Phantom and Cullinan launch imagery is dropping soon.

It was great to be awarded first place in Automotive Advertising by the IPA in LA (International Photography Awards) with our Ford ‘Backbone of Britain’ series.

Looking forward to collaboration with our new US agents - Elizabeth, Patti & Kelly at Elizabeth Poje in LA.

Take a look at what we’ve been up to and join the conversation with us on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Get an insight behind the scenes on the regular blog.

James Parker London

James and his team are at home on location or in the studio, shooting the likes of Hyundai, LandRover, Geely and Jaguar Eagle, working on creative briefs and projects with both agencies and brands.

2022 started with a new series of images showing off the impressive Hyundai IQ5, where James produced and delivered several key shots, further images from this series are being released on his website soon.

More of James’ work can be found on his website and Instagram pages.

Jan Steinhilber Hamburg

Another assignment for Porsche brought Jan to Berlin again, to shoot the Cayenne Platinum Edition in urban environments with graphic structures and an interesting play of shadow and light.

The challenge was to shoot at the right moment when the light was perfect but still make it feel natural and unstaged.

The teamwork with creative director Tim Lehnebach from agency Grabarz und Partner made it happen, as well as the great support from producer Claas Cropp, stylist Stephanie Franzius and hair & make-up artist Anna Kürner. Post production and CGI again in trustful collaboration with Dock2 Studios, Hamburg.

Jeff Ludes Los Angeles

Jeff recently directed a dual video + stills project for Infiniti, and their top-of-the-line QX80. Over three shoot days in LA, the team covered running footage, beauty shots, and product demo videos, plus a list of still images as well.

Next up was Hyundai and their futuristic new Ioniq 5 electric vehicle. Splitting the shoot between LA and Northern California gave a huge variety of locations, from rugged coastlines to the city.

Another Hyundai project followed, this time their full-size Palisade SUV. Even further north this time, Jeff and crew headed to Washington State, and were rewarded with some truly epic locations. For this project, Jeff had not only a very full shot list, but he also directed two days of video shooting, for the reveal of the vehicle at the New York Auto Show.

Based in Los Angeles, Jeff has been shooting for automakers around the world for over 15 years.

Mickael Gomes Paris

Mickael Gomes is a French automotive photographer. With his team, he created the STUDIO MICKAEL GOMES in 2010. They are based in Paris, France and are specialised in the automotive world.

The STUDIO MICKAEL GOMES is well known for the very technical photography and the light control. This team works all around the world for clients like Audi, Nissan, Alfa Romeo, Lamborghini and Porsche, among others.

The Studio is proud to have realised the last campaign of MG x Olympique Lyonnais for the new football season.

Mike Cutler New York - Vermont

Mike is pleased to be working with CNET Cars, Tangent Vector, and Aviation International News. Most recently, Mike was filming with CNET Cars at the 2021 LA Auto Show and the 2022 New York International Auto Show.

Mike just wrapped up helping Tangent Vector provide journalist support on the Mercedes C300 East Coast launch.

Mike is open to working with more clients, especially in the photography area!

Nathan Leach-Proffer Denver - Los Angeles

2022 is proving to be another year of growth and expansion for Nathan. This Spotlight features images from the press launch of the Toyota bZ4X and the second round of the updated Toyota Tundra press launch. This year has seen other projects including work with Toyo Tire, QS Partners, Boom Supersonic, and Radia, Inc.

Nathan is a photographer specialising in automotive and aerospace photography, capturing and presenting the motion and emotion they possess. His home base of Denver, Colorado, provides close proximity to mountains and outdoor adventure, which translates to the natural feel of his work.

Check out more of his work on Instagram or his portfolio website.

Represented by JSR Oliver Paffrath London

A car and lifestyle photographer with a background in fashion photography, Oliver Paffrath uses his skills honed from fashion shoots to bring his unique style and techniques to his car and automotive photography.

Oliver also combines these styles to create eye-catching and appealing motion and CGI content for clients including Allianz, Adidas, BMW, Chevrolet, Honda, Hyundai, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, McLaren, Mazda, Nissan, Porsche, Renault, Škoda, Seat, Toyota and Volkswagen.

He shoots for the world’s biggest car manufacturers on global advertising campaigns and car lifestyle brochures.

Germany-based, Oliver’s focus is on the ability to meet client’s main restraints – timing, budget and quality in every production.

Oliver is represented by JSR, see more of Oliver's work here and follow them on Instagram.

Seagram Pearce Cape Town

Based in the beautiful Cape Town of South Africa, Seagram Pearce enjoys working with international productions in South Africa. Also working internationally in Middle East, Europe and East Asia regions.

Always excited to be working with new creative teams, Seagram loves the thrill of a new brief and the technical analysis of achieving the clients dream visual in whatever form.

Some clients and agencies: BBDO, Ogilvy, KingJames, Y&R, BlueHive, BMW, KIA, Lexus, Ferrari, Scania, Porsche, Isuzu, Toyota, Chevrolet, Opel, Renault, VW, UD Trucks, Volvo.

Represented by JSR Simon Stock London

Simon Stock is a London-based, award-winning advertising photographer and director whose work takes him all over the world, photographing some of the most iconic brands. He is also an established commercials director and started his career with a short film called ‘El Apprentice’ which was shot in Chile and was shown at the LA Short Film Festival.

He has directed commercials for Bentley, Discovery Channel, Mercedes, Toyota, Volvo, Wild Aid, Norfolk Southern Railway, ITV, the ‘Bleed for England’ spot for the Rugby World Cup and most recently Toby Carvery and Travelodge.

Simon is represented by JSR. See more here and follow them on Instagram.