AJ Films New Zealand - Australia

Locations in Australia and New Zealand are open for filming and photography - it is business as usual moving into the winter season down under.

Line producer Amanda Jenkins from AJ FILMS has been working throughout the Oceania cluster of countries for over 25 years with a trusted network of experienced producers, photographers / dops, and directors.

Now the borders between Australia, New Zealand and the Cook Islands are open, diverse locations are now again accessible and on offer. Local photographers and directors are already working closely with clients to achieve their productions remotely. With their no-fuss, can-do attitude, it is easy and stress-free for clients on the other side of the world as our teams are used to being available 24/7 to help meet your production deadlines.

The team behind AJ FILMS has many years of experience assisting automotive clients in their campaigns. In this Spotlight you can see a few examples, including work for BMW, Renault, Audi, Volvo and many more.

On 31st July, NZ opens international borders for winter productions, so let AJ FILMS help bring your creative ideas together, contact Amanda to gain access to diverse locations, talent, photographers, or support director solutions for your next commercial campaign.


BAAM Production House Croatia is a photo and film production service company under one roof, based in Croatia.

Croatia is widely considered as a great filming location with big variety of landscapes and seascapes, architecture and history, but it also has become and unavoidable automotive location.

"Windy roads next to the Adriatic Sea in combination with modern architecture and historic towns give us the privilege to invite you to check more about the possibilities and our know how for this specific type of production.

We answer quickly, with all necessary details and info shared, proving once more that smooth and secure production process is guaranteed."

hotelrebel The Netherlands

"Once you’re in the automotive network, you can’t get out if you love that thrill of production.

We have worked with an amazing list of car photographers, directors and DOP’s - either car commercials or photography; from extreme complex productions to lean and mean approach.

Open minded and always in an everlasting search for suitable and original locations. From urban cities and distinctive architecture to desolate dunes and nature.

Having one goal; fixing all those permits needed, logistics taken care of, getting the project done with great casting and supporting crew.

With 14 years of production experience, we have built a strong network with both local crew, EQ rentals as well as local city councils in The Netherlands."

HotelRebel is a full service production company, from automotive and fashion shoots to content creating brand films for brands like Volkswagen, Porsche, Hyundai, Toyota, Genesis, Ford Mustang, Volvo, Lexus, KIA and Mercedes-Benz.

Joe Carlson Studio Los Angeles

Joe Carlson is an automotive photographer and director based in LA.

He has developed a reputation as a top artist in his field. Over more than 20 years, he has created content for the world’s leading car brands including Honda, Infiniti, Nissan, Subaru, VW, Mercedes Benz, Lincoln, Ford and Chevrolet.

Joe’s mastery of studio lighting and the relaxed, efficient environment at the studio is what brings many clients to the facility that he designed and built. Studio C2 has everything needed to handle any still or motion project, complete with flush mount, computer controlled turntable and 10’ x 40’ LED lightbox. The state-of-the-art facility produces still, motion, CGI and retouching projects. This year we have been keeping busy with projects for Infiniti, Toyota, VW and Subaru.

When not shooting in the studio, Joe loves to travel, shooting backplates and landscapes for automotive and personal projects.

Kindly Productions New York - Los Angeles

Kindly Productions is a full service production company with extensive on-the-ground experience in stills and motion advertising, editorial and social media for the car industry across the United States and abroad.

"With a foundation of over 20 years' experience in car production, you’ll find us producing anything ranging from Code Red to social media, in Seattle, Los Angeles, New York City, Palm Springs, Austin and San Francisco.

Most recently, we supported the Toyota Tacoma launch in the Alabama Hills - we are still cleaning volcanic dust out of all our gear!"

LS Productions London - Manchester - Edinburgh

"Being the UK’s biggest, buzziest production services company means we will go beyond to bring your next car production to life.

Our Locations team offers an unrivalled knowledge of the UK, tackling busy roads, international doubles, historic estates with access to private roads, remote islands and functioning airports for commercial car campaigns and more.

And no one else in the UK has a location library like ours, featuring over 8,000 locations across the UK. We also have two exclusive, state-of-the-art, drive-in studios, just minutes from Manchester airport, available if a secure space forms part of your brief. Discover more about our studio spaces here.

This spot for Bentley features both Manchester city centre and countryside roads only an hour away, and our recent work for Marvel Studios x Hyundai was shot in London to double a US city.

There are many cities outside of London that can double as London, American Cities, European Cities or have a general Pan-European feel. The Locations team work in tandem with production from the outset, providing the best options creatively and logistically to deliver the creative vision.

No challenge too tricky. No idea impossible. No limits to what’s possible.

Explore LS Productions’ recent work or explore locations by geography and category on the website. Get in touch with our Production and Location Teams directly to discuss your next project."

Luke Jackson London - Ibiza - Sydney

Luke Jackson: car production + locations since the 90s.

"We have been producing car shoots and finding locations since the mid-90s, working all around the world, for all manner of brands. Not just TVC and stills, but launches, PR stunts, as well as all sorts of facilitation."

  • Full production
  • Production services
  • Location research, scouting, prep and management
  • Experiences, events and PR
  • Arm cars (Ultra and Ukrainian)
  • Tracking vehicles
  • Camera mounts, jibs and arms
  • Drones
  • Traffic management
  • Police
  • Stunts, pursuit, high speed, off road
  • Vehicle hire and transport

In the UK and abroad - Luke Jackson is based in London, Ibiza and Sydney.

Trusted over the years by: Bentley, BMW, Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lexus, Mercedes, Mini, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Renault, Royal Enfield, Skoda, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Triumph, VW, Volvo.

Luke and his team have also worked on numerous driving shots within other shoots, like Layer Cake, PR events like the Ford Focus installation of 5m high interactive letters 'FOCUS' in various cities around Europe.

Maground Worldwide

MAGROUND is the go-to resource for exclusive imagery to create outstanding marketing visuals for the automotive industry.

Founded in 2007, MAGROUND has become a worldwide leader, enabling brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Porsche, Kia, Toyota, and many more to produce advertising campaigns, catalogues, and interactive content.

With more than one million background images from around the world, MAGROUND is a solid solution for creating visual content at scale - also with tight budgets and timings.

Beyond any “classic” photo stock, MAGROUND has proven itself as a trusted partner in a modern production workflow. From implementing 3D-Objects with the help of the most extensive 360° HDRi database to creating full CG virtual environments for online experiences to organising worldwide on-demand photo shoots.

With offices around the globe, MAGROUND and its massive network of over 400 professional photographers not only ensures German efficiency, high design, and quality standards but also helps to reduce the carbon footprint that is inevitable with traditional production methods.

Mustard London

Mustard Post is a renowned creative retouching and cgi studio, dedicated to crafting advertising imagery with unrivalled production values. Led by founder and former photographer Tony Swinney, the studio brings together high-end post-production with the creativity of a photographer’s eye. 

Mustard delivers stunning work in all product categories, alongside specialist expertise in automotive. A lifelong car enthusiast, Tony has spent years perfecting the way vehicles look in different lighting conditions. In short, no one makes metal look this good. 

Mustard’s services include expert retouching and colour grading for photography, alongside photorealistic CGI creation and integration.  

Expect a collaborative workflow, with one-to-one contact throughout every project. There are no account managers to deal with – you will always work directly with a creative expert.

Over 18 years Mustard Post has enjoyed repeat business from some of the world’s most prestigious brands. Like them, you can count on Mustard to deliver.

NM Productions Dubai - New York - London - Los Angeles - Milan - Malaga

NM Productions is a full-service production company with teams in London, Los Angeles, Dubai, New York, Malaga and Milan.

"We have had the pleasure of working with some of the most well known automotive brands from Jaguar to Skoda, Range Rover and Ford around the world on a variety of projects.

Alongside our full-service production offering we also offer NM Talent which showcases some of the most brilliant and creative, photographers, directors and DOPs.

Automotive photographer Mirko Westerbink has recently shot campaigns for brands such as Toyota, Mercedes and Volkswagen around the world.

Check our more of his work on our website."


The Big Freeze Worldwide is a premier photography production company, excelling for over 40 years in capturing and delivering the best in frozen moment images and slow-motion video effects.

"Our high-resolution images, up to 8K, will stun audiences and keep eyes on the imagery, influencing brand and message alike. Multiple camera arrays with custom trussing for creative concepts, plus a 6-axis robotic motion control camera technology, make up part of the sophisticated and powerful inventory in our studios, deliverable worldwide. Optimising captured content into effects instantly enables worldwide sharing and pageviews.

As a full-service production company, we can handle any production to deliver an epic campaign or live event. Our camera systems will slow fast cars in slow motion and bullet time, in case you need to see the wheels!

Contact us at bigfreeze.com and thefreezeBOT.com with your creative genius and we will make it a visual reality!"