Horton-Stephens Photographers Agents London

Horton-Stephens, London's leading photographers' agents for over 25 years, have been busy as usual shooting stills and moving image from online content to TVC. Featured in this Spotlight is a selection of new work, but be sure to visit the site for a full run-down.

Horton-Stephens is well-known for representing a world-class group of photographers, but moving image has become a bigger and bigger part of what the team do. Great production remains key to the success of all their shoots. They’re friendly and approachable, with an encyclopaedic knowledge of lighting, casting, locations (in the UK and worldwide), set building, timings, post-production, cgi and moving image - whether shooting TVCs or on the back of TVCs (a very particular challenge that we deal with often, where we only have moments to get the shot), they’ve done it all!

Head over to their Latest News section of the website to see recent projects and more.

JSR London

JSR is one of the world's most successful creative agencies, managing over 50 photographers, illustrators and content makers, finding creative solutions for the world's biggest brands and agencies.

This Spotlight will take you to several places, including Rome, 1963, where Peroni was born, the latest campaign by digital creative studio Fifth Wall VFX. New online campaign featuring power tools as part of their 'Choice of Champions' campaign for Screwfix. Stunning still life work by John Bennett. And Hamish shot CarStore's first major advertising campaign since a major re-brand at the end of 2021 called 'Car Buying That Revolves Around You'.

Carioca Studio is a well-known image concept house highly acclaimed for their work, specialising in advertising imagery. Plus PEROU joined an aid convoy by World Extreme Medicine and Medics4Ukraine delivering lifesaving aid to Ukraine. PEROU jumped at the chance after becoming increasingly outraged by the news of the Russian invasion and relishing the opportunity to do something more than he was.

Visit the website for more information or get in touch to discuss your next project and check out their latest projects on Instagram.

Miss Bossy Boots Australia

With over 20 years of experience, Miss Bossy Boots continues to be at the forefront of photographic production and management.

"Miss Bossy Boots approaches each project with the same degree of dedication to quality and detail whether we’re on a huge production or a single shot.

We have industry connections that allow for creative approaches to casting, location scouting, styling, wardrobe and much more. Our aim is always to produce the most creative, cutting edge, high-end images possible and as such our track record is second to none.

With a posse of wonderfully talented and experienced photographers, hair and makeup artists and stylists on the books, there is no style or brief Miss Bossy Boots cannot take on: fashion, lifestyle, food, cars you name it - Miss Bossy Boots can elevate your concept to new and inspiring heights.

We love supporting good brands and collaborating with fantastic creatives worldwide. Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly producers and follow us on social."

Piccallo London

Whatever your food photography needs – from delicious plates of food with crumbs and drips, to creative images of your artisan hero dish – Piccallo will help. Still images to capture that perfect moment of the cheese pull, or the drip of a spritz. And moving images and cinemagraphs will bring your beautiful cuisine to life.

One of London’s top food shoot production agencies, Piccallo is home to some of the best UK photographers and videographers around – well-known names like Lars Ranek, Jason Spoor, Kathrin McCrea, Lauren McLean, Cristian Barnett, Ella Miller, Richard Fairclough, Tungsten, food stylists, props stylists.

Piccallo has studios in London and around the UK and Denmark. Their goal is to provide food brands with awesome food photography.

Creating aesthetically beautiful and commercially saleable food images, Piccallo’s photographers and videographers  will help you build your clients’ brands.

"After all, a picture is worth a thousand words... and who’s got the space or time for that?

From small scale photography shoots right up to large studio productions and location shoots, we have the ideal photographer and videographer for you. Between them, our creative talent has worked on TV film advertising, marketing and advertising shoots, editorial, digital and publishing."

Process London

Photographer and director Will Hartley shoots honest, contemporary imagery with an effortlessly cool edge. Both intimate and observational, Will's playful and captivating images explore themes around lifestyle and youth culture.

Recently shooting state-side, Will joined British rock band Delta Sleep on the U.S leg of their Spring Island tour. From San Diego to Brooklyn (and everywhere in between) Will and the boys hit the road for a mammoth month-long adventure travelling a phenomenal 9,000 miles across 19 states. As well as capturing all the action at the band's live shows, Will tied in the chance to shoot some personal work along the way, documenting some fantastic behind-the-scenes shots and candid moments of life on the road.

For a closer look at Will’s portfolio, head over to the Process website.

Reload + Co Australia

Reload+Co is an Australian-based production company, representing a select group of photographers, directors and videographers. They also represent an elite stable of hair + makeup artists and stylists through their Reload Agency division.

Reload+Co specialise in advertising campaign production and offer experiece across the fields of stills photography and film. They create content specifically tailored to meet clients print and digital needs.

"We offer a full service experience from preproduction to post, for projects of any size.

Here in Australia, we are able to help you plan and execute your shoots in a COVID-19 safe environment.

We are fully operational and have both creative and production teams available to work on your projects. We invite you to shoot in Australia!"

Solve Portugal

Solve is a full-service talent agency and production company specialising in the fashion, lifestyle, beauty and luxury industries. Based in Lisbon, Solve's dedicated team is equipped to provide seamless production support worldwide.

"Our collective expertise spans all aspects of stills, motion, commercial and editorial content creation and we offer our clientele a range of support from conception to completion including Casting, Reperage, Post Production Services and everything in between.

We represent well established and emerging talents in hair, makeup, styling, photography and film. We are passionate and dedicated perfectionists and we commit ourselves to a thoughtful and environmentally sustainable approach.

Got a job? Better call Solve."

Wyatt Clarke+Jones London

Wyatt-Clarke+Jones are an artists' management agency representing individuals producing photography and moving image.

"Our artists work across the areas of documentary, portraiture, fashion, editorial, still-life and advertising. We are committed to supporting the creativity of our roster through personal and publishing projects.

Recent exciting projects include Pride In London, Sky, Emirates, Tesco, Ginsters, Ocado, Doom Bar, Travel & Leisure Magazine, Amazon, IKEA, V&A, The New York Times, Guinness, Madame Tussauds and incredible personal work from Cat Hyland ‘Born From Sea Foam’ exploring Egypt’s White Desert.

Recently Sophie Ebrard shot a short film for Adidas on their latest iteration of its ‘Impossible Is Nothing’ campaign. Beautifully highlighting powerful women who are breaking down barriers and driving gender equity.