Alex Waber Vancouver

"The past few months have been almost non-stop shooting for Alex Waber, alternating in studio sessions with on location work, which has given Alex the opportunity to really explore the similarities and differences between both.

The autumnal Poplin and Co. shoot down by a marina was the most straight forward location shoot possible, a small team, a bounce and watching the sun and clouds move through the sky.

'The Garden' editorial was a step up from that, we wanted that beautiful long evening light and colourful sky so we only had a three-hour window to shoot eight looks, and had to balance flashes both subtlety for fill and dramatically for aesthetics as the light rapidly changed.

And finally, the 'Altherya' shoot, shot in a glass house with amazing views was an exercise in hiding reflections while again balancing strobe lighting with the natural light of a day of rolling clouds.”

Anton Lang Berlin

Anton Lang is a fashion photographer with headquarters in Berlin.

His production studio offers complete in-house service for editorial, advertising, and ecommerce clients. He has published in DUEL, Kaltblut, À PART, and has worked for Zalando.

Born in Moscow, raised in London, educated in America, home in Germany, available worldwide.

His targets are covers and billboards.

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Camilla Camaglia Italy - Germany

Camilla Camaglia is a beauty, fashion and portrait photographer, based between Rome and Berlin, working freelance for beauty and fashion brands, artists and magazines.

Camilla’s strengths are that she can create impactful and creative images that catch the viewer’s eye, yet at the same time she has a keen eye for details. For her it’s also important to create work that shows diversity and inclusion of any kind.

One of Camilla’s latest works include photographing Italian pop music artist Arisa for the cover, promotion and video backstage of her new album single 'Tú mi perdición', and she also shot with her for the covers and editorials of Italian magazines Oggi and Gente.

She recently shot commercial beauty work for Korean skincare brand Yepoda, for Italian nail polish brand Gamax, a show poster for Wintergarten Varieté in Berlin and had beauty editorial work published on Gala Greece.

Her photography work has appeared on several magazines such as L’Officiel and Glamour and she has worked for clients such as Universal Music, Glossybox and Kryolan, to name a few.

Represented by JSR Augustynka London

Ania Augustynowicz is a mixed media collage artist and motion designer currently based in Warsaw, Poland.

Her experience in the fashion industry has provided Ania with a unique perspective from which to create her art. Her creative process involves decomposing and combining pictures to create eye-catching pieces of modern art.

Ania’s clients include major fashion brands and magazines including Vogue, Celine, Elle, Etam, H&M, Benefit Cosmetics and many more.

In addition to her artwork, Ania has participated in creative events as a judge and lectured about collage. Through her art, she aims to combine photography with videos and create a compelling visual identity for musicians, the fashion industry, and a variety of creative clients.

See more of Augustynka’s work here. Ania is represented by JSR, give them a follow on Instagram.

David Giesbrecht New York

David Giesbrecht is a NYC-based fashion and beauty photographer. Though based in in New York City, he has worked on many projects along the East Coast of the United States for clients like Netflix, Apple, Sony and NBC Universal, to name a few.

His work has been published in The New York Times, Vanity Fair, and Entertainment Weekly.

Represented by Avenger Photographers Dirk Bader Munich

Dirk's admiration for classical paintings can frequently be seen in his work. He believes in approaching each project individually, finding the visual language it needs to express and speak to its audience, while still letting his own artistic DNA shine through. This reflects in the wide range of clients he has attracted around the world.

His work has been published in magazines like Vogue (India, Arabia, Mexico), Harper's Bazaar, Elle and L'Officiel. His commercial clients include Procter&Gamble, Braun, Gillette, Pantene Pro V, Astor, Head&Shoulders, Oral-B and Ferrari.

Dirk is a five-times ADC Annual Award winner and was awarded silver at the Prix de la Photography Paris. With his personal work he had his first art show at the Leica Gallery in Salzburg.

Ian Garrick Mason Toronto

Ian Garrick Mason’s photography is strongly inflected by the styles and perspectives of both documentary filmmaking (a long-time part of his creative practice) and of classical painting.

His imagery is personal and evocative, seeking both to draw out the unique personalities of his models and to enhance the beauty of clothing and jewelry with the ephemeral emotions generated by the stirrings of memory and the fragments of now-vanished dreams.

He has produced work in Paris, London, New York City, Montreal, and Toronto with brands and designers like Olsen Europe, Hakuyo Miya, Amélia Peyron Paris, Haunts Fashion, Chloé Vasta, Raphael de Lacroix, Andrada Bodea, and Niapsou Di, and with agencies like The Lions NY, The Face Paris, Women 360, Elite, EMG, Q Models, d1, NEXT, and Marilyn Agency NYC.

Masse Hjeltman Malmö

Måsse Hjeltman is a photographer based in Malmö, south of Sweden. This year, he was the winner in two categories of the Spotlight Awards: Beauty and Fashion Photography.

"I am fascinated by color, form, compositions and emotional moods, which I examine and express in my photographs. I constantly want to move foreward and find new ideas. 

I studied photography at Folkuniversitetet in Malmö. I mainly photograph fashion, fine art and portraits. You are welcome to contact me."

Oak Tree Pictures India

"If you have been looking to shoot in this enigmatic land, India: look no further.

Oak Tree Pictures is a comprehensive, all inclusive production house, headquartered in New Delhi, India. We have more than 15 years of experience in working in the most remote locations this land has to offer. In addition to offering you never seen before, breathtaking locations, we are also the single window for all permissions required to shoot at these scenic places. We minutely understand the client's needs and thereby have hands-on experience in all stages of scheduling, planning, logistics and estimation of a project.

India has always been a land of intrigue for many fashion houses over the last many years, be it the stunning backgrounds for their collections, or a concept - there is always a story that surrounds the campaigns. You will always spot the mood, the difference. We do feel some of the clients are daunted by the entire process, and that is what we are here to ease. Our ultimate goal is to create economical, safe and environmentally friendly production, leaving our client with positive results.

Just connect with us with your thoughts and leave the rest to us. Follow our Instagram and visit our website."

Oz John - Photography & Creative Services Berlin

Oz John is a Canadian photographer residing in Berlin, Germany, since 2020.

He studied graphic design at the university and worked in the industry as an art director for 14 years at multinational companies. Therefore his take on photography lies slightly on a different vantage point, from visualisation, production to post-production. This is also what makes him a detail-oriented, noticeably technical and conceptual photographer.

Oz is originally from Toronto; nonetheless, he has produced work for online and print media in Canada, the USA, and Europe. He has also shot editorial images for more than 70 publications, including Vanity Fair and Vogue Italia. He is mostly known for his work that is conceptual and welcomes subtle humor and little surprises.

Besides his professional occupation, Oz John is also an academic with a PhD in visual communication. He has taught design and photography related courses in several Canadian and European universities.

Shannon Bright Los Angeles - New York - Miami - San Antonio

Shannon Bright is an editorial and commercial photographer born and raised in Texas. She holds a BFA from the University of Texas at Austin and has been working as a professional photographer since 2012. She spends time working professionally between Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Austin and Dallas.

She began her career focusing on portraiture and has since expanded her work to cover fashion, editorial, beauty, lifestyle, advertising and motion. Shannon has been featured internationally and in the USA.

She brings a positive energy to set that creates a one of kind experience for her clients. It is her goal to over-deliver to her clients’ expectations all while having an amazing experience while she does it.

Simone Lisciani Italy

Simone is a fashion, beauty and portrait photographer based between Milan and Rome. His photography has always been an expression of research, emotion, authenticity.  It is no coincidence that he decides to use digital post production only when necessary.

For Simone, people love to look at pictures and videos rather than listen to words, and the use of photography in fashion has an important task, which is to create a perfect combination of beauty, truth and great communicative impact.

She has photographed for major brands (Federica Tosi, Mariagrazia Pi, Twins Florence, Italo Marseglia, Pardens, La Debrailee, Edithmarcel, Judith Saint Jermain, Medora), music bands and contemporary artists.

His photographs have been published in White, Vogue, We Magazine, Gmarò, Playlist, and more.

Stevieroy London

Steve Roy Cockram, known professionally as Stevieroy, is a British photographer based in Yorkshire and working with clients throughout the United Kingdom.

His primary body of work is shooting fashion photography, portrait photography, beauty photography, including cosmetics and skin care. His fashion and lifestyle photography has been seen in many popular magazines including Hello Fashion, At Home, Grazia, Yorkshire Life as well as many airline magazines around the world.

As part of a professional team of creatives including hair stylists, make up artists, wardrobe and styling on location shoots or studio shoots, allows for the creation of his bold and clean style of photography, giving clients super colourful and detailed imagery for brand campaigns for websites, social media channels and print; from lookbooks, catalogues and magazines to large format digital and print billboards.

"On completion of the photoshoot we can offer a small team of professionals for any post production requirements, no matter the scale of the work. These include simple retouching through to complex skin work, dodging and burning, as well as colour manipulation and colour grading. The team will always be on hand to help with any questions that you may have.

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions, creative or technical by email or phone +44(0)7795 165745."

Vincenzo Buscemi Munich

Vincenzo Buscemi is an Italian photographer born in Palermo, Sicily. He studied graphic design and photography in Palermo; then moved to Milan, the city of fashion, and worked as a graphic designer and photographer; since 2010 he lives and works in Munich.

"My passion for photography, art and music is an endless source of inspiration for my creative process. Thanks to photography I can uniquely illustrate my ideas and dreams to share them with other people. Photography does not need words - in silence it awakens in the observer the most diverse emotions and tempts one to dream oneself."