Alex Waber Vancouver

Alex Waber is an advertising photographer specialising in lifestyle and fashion photography.

He has worked for clients across North America, including Arcteryx, Tilley and Shaw producing images that capture their products and tell their stories. With a love of the outdoors, Alex is able to capture compelling images in challenging environments like on the sides of mountains, in the snow and rain and what ever else the elements throw our way.

Waber’s photography regularly goes beyond just the client’s initial commercial intention, often being used in press kits and articles. Images from his campaigns have been published in articles in Vogue, Rolling Stone, Elle, Complex, The Guardian and many other places.

Cameron Karsten Pacific Northwest

"A glimpse into a moment… of a moment… of another moment. To be a fly on the wall and witness people doing what they do best is a skill and artform for both parties involved."

Represented by The Gren Group.

Represented by JSR Dominic Marley London

Dominic Marley started shooting editorially at a young age, and his experience shaped by being a lifelong skateboarder has led to him being incredibly versatile. When not taking photos, he loves surfing and still skateboards. A native Londoner, his work has taken him far and wide, but he currently still resides in the capital.

Whether in a studio full of lighting or on location, his images are always imbued with the same natural authenticity. And whatever or whoever his subject matter is, they will experience the same attention and end aesthetic.

Dom truly loves his art and his craft.

Clients include: Peloton, Palace Skateboards, Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Puma, Canon, Bvlgairi, The North Face, Mercedes, Cannondale, 20th Century Fox.

Dominic is represented by JSR, see more of his work here and check their latest projects on Instagram.

Gonçalo Barriga Portugal

Gonçalo Barriga is a portrait, lifestyle and sports photographer based in sunny Lisbon, Portugal.

His images feature people in the broad sense of the word, with a bias towards athletes and people with an active lifestyle, just like him. The strong and dynamic aesthetics of his photography often shows up in his portraiture and lifestyle work also.

He believes that the process matters and is often reflected in the final result — working alongside like minded people on something you are passionate about is a sure recipe for success.

Many of his clients come from the world of sports and fitness (Red Bull, Ironman, Crossfit), and he is also kept busy shooting corporate portraits and commercial lifestyle imagery for brands.

Represented by JSR Henrik Knudsen London

Henrik Knudsen is an award-winning photographer based in London. Having studied photography in his native Denmark, he is influenced by a Scandinavian aesthetic of dark winter nights and bright summer lights. Henrik’s use of space and atmospheric lighting is inspired by his interest in film and cinema. He likes mixing natural and artificial light sources, always with the aim of telling stories of people and their environment.

Henrik’s client list includes British Airways, HSBC, GSK, Vodafone, Canon, Samsung, Bombay Sapphire, BT and McDonald’s as well as magazines such as The Smithsonian, Elle Decoration, Der Spiegel and Destinations. He has also shot many charity campaigns and projects for UK Government departments.

Henrik has won numerous awards over the years including Association of Photographers, PDN, American Photography, Art Director’s Club and Campaign.

See more of Henrik's work here. Henrik is represented by JSR, give them a follow on Instagram.

Ian & Erick Australia

Mauritius-born Ian and Erick found their passion for photography around the water, and have since travelled across the world capturing amazing lifestyle, portraiture and action sport photographs.

Their love for the craft pushes them to experiment with all sorts of cameras and lenses to get the job done properly. From large format cameras to water housing and 600mm lenses - all in the quest for impeccable images.

Ian and Erick love taking photographs of the youth culture, the cool people and the people with character. As Ian describes it, “a great picture is a great team of people working together.” Their photos are all about great composition and clever lighting.

With no restrictions in Western Australia, they have been producing work this year for Bankwest, Spotify, The Smith Family, Audi, Puma and many more.

Now represented by Reload and Co in Australia.

Kathy Plunkett Omaha - Denver - Chicago

Kathy Plunkett is a commercial and editorial photographer living in the Midwestern United Sates. Surrounded by friendly faces, wide-open beautiful spaces, and very little red-tape, she finds it to be the perfect place to work.

On set, Kathy has that boundless midwestern work ethic while always being adaptable, joyful, and collaborative. This playful-yet-professional approach creates narrative images that consistently exude spontaneous moments and authentic relationships. Whether she is shooting by herself or with a huge crew, the result makes the viewer feel like they are part of the story.

Kathy’s passion and precision behind the lens can be seen in the work she has created for clients in the lifestyle, portraiture, children, and corporate sectors throughout her region. When not shooting professionally, she is continuously on another adventure with her daughter, Siena - shooting for fun.

Matt Zugale Philadelphia

Philadelphia-based Matt Zugale has an engaging approach to photography that makes the viewer feel like a participant in the scene. With a background in street and portrait photography, Matt’s work is direct and intimate: warm light and saturated color are elements of both his commercial work and his personal work.

Matt works around the United States with clients such as Lavazza, Burger King, GoFundMe, The Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau, and Millennium Management.

For inquiries and requests, please visit his site and follow him on Instagram. You can contact Matt here.

Nick Hall Seattle - London

Nick Hall is a Brit now living on an island near Seattle along with his four wild children. He is passionate about stunning locations, committed to collaborating with great creatives, and loves connecting with the people he photographs. He is globally recognised and widely awarded for his epic lifestyle imagery and cinematic style.

Originally a wildlife scientist, Nick blends his passion for the natural world with the specific needs of luxury brands, Fortune 500 companies and his career-long clients. Nick is as comfortable photographing hunter gatherers alone in Tanzania (he lived and hunted with them for 10 days) as he is shooting global advertising campaigns.

Known throughout the industry as a gentle and immersive photographer, Nick brings an inclusive and thoughtful energy to set allowing him to capture deeply emotional and arresting imagery that celebrates our connections to one another and the natural world.

Peter Baiamonte New York

Peter Baiamonte is based in New York City. He wants to tell you a story, give you a glimpse of a place, and communicate a sense of meaning in his images. He also loves to reveal the personality of his subjects. His new work includes a return to his roots—exploring film photography and experimenting with multiple exposures on film.

Peter’s work includes many styles and disciplines: portraiture, lifestyle, landscape, travel, and sports, among others. He splits his time between New York City and the Massachusetts Berkshires, working regularly with clients in New York and Boston as well as the entirety of New England.

Work in this Spotlight includes recent photos of painter Cynthia Wick at work; several images from a personal project shadowing the Kolby Schroder dirt track racing team; and moments captured from locations in the Berkshires, New York City, and Key West, Florida.

Sean Breithaupt Photography Dublin

Sean Breithaupt is an award-winning lifestyle, portrait and editorial photographer based in Dublin. He has over 15 years of experience and loves creating visual narratives by utilising an honest documentary approach that engages with people and places.

He works locally and internationally providing visual narratives for a wide variety of brands and editorial features. He is an accredited member of the AOP.

More work can be viewed on his website.

Represented by JSR Stuart McClymont London

London-based portrait photographer Stuart McClymont has been capturing the essence of his subjects in his portraits for many years. Quite a character himself, he has extensive experience in portrait and fashion photography. His passion for photography is perfectly complemented by his incredible technical knowledge; his love for his work shows in his images and every shoot is a pleasure.

He has built up an impressive commercial portfolio, regularly shooting editorial and advertising campaigns for a broad range of clients including Honda, Nike, Sony, Sky, Easyjet, Remington, Police, Ralph Lauren, MTN, AA, Nokia, Panasonic and Brother.

Stuart is represented by JSR, see more of his work here and check their latest projects on Instagram.