Hawai'i is one of the most diverse locations on the planet. With 11 of the 14 different global climate zones, volcanically formed islands with varying levels of development, and a strong crew/equipment base, the possibilities are endless.

Hawai'i offers much more than just beaches and palm trees, and often stands in for locations from all over the world that don't necessarily come to mind when one thinks of Hawai'i as a tropical paradise.

Hana Productions has been providing top tier location scouting and management, as well as full production management for nearly 20 years, and can provide everything clients need under one roof. Drone services are in-house and fully licensed and insured. Their amazing pilot can fly from a selection of multiple aircraft options. They have excellent crew/equipment and safe, trustworthy infrastructure not as easily found in other tropical locations.

The team at Hana Productions loves what they do, and strives to provide clients with as much fun as possible while executing the creative on time and on budget.

Because they live full time on location, they can help you save money by eliminating many of the extra fees other production companies have to charge. Their  intimate knowledge of Hawai’i makes Hana Productions the perfect liaison in the islands. Remember also that Hawai’i boasts a 22-27% production tax credit for qualifying projects.