Loft Studios Europe

Ibiza - Formentera - Spain - Portugal

Loft Studios Europe offers end-to-end service production in Ibiza and Formentera, mainland Spain and Portugal.

"Ibiza has a myriad of backdrops suitable for any shoot. Its diverse locations range from white sandy beaches, rocky coastline, fisherman shacks, lush country side, colourful farmland, and dusty roads, to modern villas, hotels and beach clubs, whitewashed churches, villages and old medieval forts with cobbled streets.

Formentera’s alluring lazuline vistas and pristine beaches will compliment any shoot, with our local team on hand to facilitate your shoot’s every need.

Working with local teams, we have produced numerous shoots all over Spain, in locations such as Barcelona, Madrid, Almeria and Malaga. Locations in abundance, offering a variety of differing styles from gothic to modern, countryside to forests, mountains, winding roads and beaches.

Portugal has wide expansive landscapes. Its west coast is wild, with the south coast offering a feel of the Mediterranean. Our experienced team on the ground are based in the Algarve, and can cover a variety of unique locations spanning from East to West. The area is full of charm with stunning beaches, colourful fisherman houses and characteristic old town streets, combined with modern buildings, and incredible nature."