Best of Breed London

Best of Breed is a CGI illustration studio and artist agency based in London, specialising in CGI illustration and VFX for the global entertainment and advertising industries.

"Many artists agents are run by sales staff with little or no production knowledge. By contrast, BOB always gives you guidance rooted in deep technical expertise and hands-on creative experience. We know what we’re talking about and we keep things clear and simple throughout the whole process.

BOB has consistently helped deliver outstanding imaging for print, animation, VR and AR. That’s why we’ve built successful worldwide relationships with clients throughout the advertising and entertainment industries."

Clients include Nike, Honda, Airwick. Allianz, Mercedes, MAC Cosmetics, Absolut Vodka, Cadbury, Coca-Cola, Disney and many more.

Represented by JSR Boom CGI London

The BOOM team specialise in CGI illustration and animation, including character design, CGI modelling, texturing, animation and retouching.

They have a thorough understanding of how to craft an image to communicate the right message and captivate the consumer. It is no surprise that the team have been working together for almost ten years, producing exciting solutions for some of the largest global brands, including: Apple, Coca-Cola, Gillette and Nike. Their keen eye on trends and innovation has earned them a place among the top commercial digital artists in the world.

Along with their roster of illustrators, photographers and film makers BOOM work across cutting edge media disciplines to meet the clients’ content needs.

BOOM have been awarded 200 Best Digital Artists 2021/22 by Lürzers Archive.

BOOM CGI is represented by JSR. See more work here and follow the agency on Instagram for the latest projects.

Dom Savini Philadelphia

Dom Savini is a visual translator and story teller based in Philadelphia. As a content artist, he draws upon on 20+ years' experience in advertising, pre-press, post-production, and broadcast.

His journey began in biomechanics (the human figure in motion), eventually, translating his interest into the visual. Dom continues to explore the human figure through illustration, photography, and digital arts.

His versatile skill set and unique photo-illustrative style has allowed him to interweave collaged compositions for international advertising agencies and brands. Dom is recognised for these extensive illustrative skills, derived from inspiration ranging from comic book illustrators to renaissance painters. His lighting and style have a commonality through his work, whether graphite or lens.

Dom enjoys the collaborative energy of working with diverse creatives and the evolutionary process that comes from it. He seeks to expand the dimensions of what imagery can be and the resulting creative possibilities.

Since 2018, he has volunteered for his South Philadelphia community as an elected committee person. He believes in being proactive to beautify and better the future for his family and neighbours.

EGM Studio Barcelona

"We are a CGI and retouch studio from Barcelona, integrated as a division of EGM, a company dedicated to the integral treatment of the graphic image.

Since 1974 we have been collaborating with the most prestigious photographers and graphic artists in the retouching and post-production of images.

The artistic talent and technical mastery of our team, coupled with a powerful media infrastructure, allows us to control different disciplines: photography, design, organic modeling, rigging, animation, compositing, 360º videos and virtual reality, make up a palette of services that has made EGMS a creative and powerful technological partner in which our clients have entrusted the development of their projects.

We continue to research the creation of digital content for different channels, using the latest technologies in printing, projection and visualisation."

Fabric London

Fabric Studios is an award-winning boutique CGI and retouching studio based in London. We specialise in product visualisation, seamlessly combining CGI imagery, retouching techniques and traditional photography in order to push the creative possibilities and offer our clients a fully integrated service. Fabric also creates animations and pre-production visualisations.

Our clients include Sony, Garmin, Nutribullet, Samsung, Stella Artois, Uncle Nearest Whiskey, Miller and Chivas Regal.

The founder, Mark Zawila, is an award winning photographer and retoucher and has been shortlisted for best still life photographer in the 2019 Spotlight Awards and came in top four in the UK Ranking in 'One Eyeland Top 10 Still Life Photographers 2019’. He is also Ambassador for HDRI Light Studio.

Lauktien & Friends Berlin

"CGI brings the future into today. We love using cutting-edge technology to create exciting CG visuals, providing powerful products and large companies with unique, exquisite CGI/3D imagery.

We work for industries in technology, logistics, food, cosmetics, transportation, and more.

Based in Berlin, we collaborate with our network of CGI professionals, photographers, illustrators, and artists, depending on the scope and direction of the assignment, to deliver stunning results.

Hungry for the future? Get in touch today!"

Represented by JSR Mainframe CGI London

MAINFRAME are a motion design and creative production studio that have been originating creative concepts and delivering high quality and unique content for over 20 years.

They are passionate about producing beautifully crafted motion and imagery for countless global and local brands, most recently they have been working for PepsiCo, Harrods, Aston Martin, Bowmore Whisky, the BBC and Honda to name a few.

MAINFRAME are represented by JSR, see more here. You can follow the agency on Instagram for the latest news.

Radwolf London

Radwolf Retouch, led by founder and former photographer Matt Walford, specialises in creative retouching, post-production, compositing, and CG for diverse clients.

With 15 years of experience in professional photography and image manipulation, Radwolf Retouch offers a professional and personable one-to-one service with efficient workflows.

"We love collaborating with different skillsets on projects of all sizes, prioritising clear communication and adaptability to clients' working styles. Meticulous attention to detail and colour ensures a high-quality, photo-real finish for every project.

Recent projects include a full CG campaign for Google Chrome, and complex multi composite work for Dyson, seamlessly integrating CG and photography."

We were also really pleased to be selected as one of Lurzers Archive 200 Best Digital Artists.

Ramon Fuguet Barcelona

With over 20 years of experience in the business, Ramon Fuguet has seen photographic retouching evolve from early Paintbox graphic stations to modern Macs.

He works closely with art directors, photographers, artists and graphic designers from all over the world to achieve the image they desire; from a simple colour correction to a full multi-image composite/collage.

Clients he has worked for include Mango, Zara, C&A, Desigual, Massimo Dutti, Dior, Helena Rubinstein, Thierry Mugler and Jean-Paul Goude.

Wilma Studios London

2022 had a busy end to the year with many architectural visualisations, which included several large scale commercial residential developments. 2023 has followed on with a busy start to the year with Wilma Studios being involved in a large CGI production for Jaguar and Land Rover. CGI cars and product illustrations complete the asset list spanning multiple locations and global product variants, with images due to launch later this year.

Wilma Studios specialises in providing expert CGI and high-end digital retouching services for print, interactive media, photographers and the international advertising industry. They produce breath-taking imagery that meets the demands of the modern, integrated creative industries, from traditional print through to the leading-edge of interactive media.