Amy Currell is a photographer and director who was raised in East London. Each frame of her still life photography and moving image is composed with thought and grace, cleverly contrasting colour and texture, shape and shadow. Her still life photography and moving image are shot through a distinctively female lens.

Amy feels most at home when she is able to capture colour and texture at their most evocative. She enjoys creating stories from shadows, spotting warmth and refraction in liquids, and fusing CGI with conventional still photography to create the ideal reality.

Her shoot production is seamless and highly technical, meaning the studio can adapt quickly to an evolving industry, and also turn out a range of deliverables in a single day, never compromising on aesthetic or detail.

Amy is highly sought after in the commercial world by clients who value beauty, and the context of their products in carefully choreographed composition and these have included Ikea, Vogue, Selfridges, Liberty London, Tatler, Bvlgari, and London Art Fair.

Amy Currell is represented by JSR, see more here. Follow the agency on Instagram for recent projects.