ArtBlue Productions is a production services agency operating all over Greece. With over 20 years of experience in the field, ArtBlue stands by its strong commitment and proven track record in being one of the leading production companies in Greece with international clients.

Clients include: Anthropologie, Zalando, My Theresa, Falke, Vogue France, Vogue Greece, Elle USA, Elle Germany, Harper’s Bazaar Germany, Darjeeling, Gina Tricot, Cubus, Louis and Mia, Sosandar.

"ArtBlue Productions make ways to guarantee that you get what you need, by making us your first-class photo production service in Greece.

We deliver what we promise, and offer you a complete package of production services, budget management, and give you a clear plan to fill your needs and set realistic budgets and expectations.

Experience the finest results for your work with us, and make your photography editorials the greatest in Greece. Greece offers you beautiful and amazing outdoor locations with the best daylight - the daylight in Greece, is different!"