Sudest57 was founded in 2002 by Biba Giacchetti and Giuseppe Ceroni. Their innovative concept was to create a connection between masters of photography and companies in order to conceive and execute high-level commercial and corporate assignments.

The agency has been strongly influenced by the important names with whom it has collaborated since the beginning, such as Elliott Erwitt, Mary Ellen Mark or James Nachtwey, and today with Steve McCurry, Duane Michals, Joey Lawrence, Lorenzo Vitturi, Hannah Whitaker, Sacha Goldberger, Susi Belianska, Eolo Perfido, Garrigosa Studio.

Sudest57 has always been attentive to selecting talents to collaborate with, keeping creativity and quality as the focal point. Sudest57 also conceives and produces photographic exhibitions and books in collaboration with museums, and has earned a reputation among collectors in the field of fine-art prints.

Sudest57 is based in Milan and produces and collaborates with clients and artists worldwide.