Daniel Lewis is a London-based photographer with extensive and varied experience in the industry, beginning his career as a photojournalist.  

Operating within the portrait, corporate, and industrial fields, Daniel skillfully captures individuals from diverse backgrounds. He seamlessly transitions between photographing Academy Award-winning film directors, renowned sports stars, and high-profile executives of FTSE 100 companies.

When time permits, Daniel actively engages in pursuing smaller, personal projects, showcasing his keen eye and artistic vision. One notable project, his 'Open House' series, not only evolved into a solo exhibit but also earned the distinction of having two of its images prominently displayed at London's prestigious Mall Galleries. He has worked for such global corporations as HSBC, Glencore and AngloAmerican, as well as UK institutions such as the BBC, the English Premier League, Marks & Spencer and Virgin Atlantic.  

Daniel has been published in National Geographic Traveller, The Guardian and The Times of London, as well as many other UK titles.