As a highly experienced  photographer, Niels Busch possesses a unique Scandinavian eye for aesthetics, capturing the essence of simple living and the pure northern light. His lifestyle, portraits, commercial, and NGO images are not only visually appealing but also in high demand.

Niels's talent shines in any environment, whether it be an office, a laboratory, or a bustling metropolis. He effortlessly navigates through different settings, working seamlessly with small or large teams behind and in front of the camera. What sets his work apart is his ability to make his pictures appear simple, light, and playful, even when the subject matter may not naturally lend itself to such characteristics.

With a diverse clientele, including large international industrial and pharmaceutical companies, advertising agencies, and NGOs, Niels has proven his ability to cater to various needs and deliver exceptional results. His work has taken him across the globe many times over, collaborating with national and international clients. Based in Copenhagen, he spends a significant portion of his time abroad, working on assignments for months at a time.

Furthermore, Niels's passion for photography extends beyond commissioned work. He actively engages in personal projects, such as creating books and organising exhibitions. This dedication to his craft showcases his commitment to continuously pushing boundaries and exploring new creative avenues.