Master photographer of people: sports stars, actors, musicians, politicians, models and less famous people too. Worldwide, for design companies, ad agencies, record companies, PR firms, magazines and more.

Recently Perou has been photographing big cats: tigers, lions, cheetahs, jaguar and leopards, in a studio he set up inside a lion’s den (literally not metaphorically) to highlight how endangered these animals are.

There is currently a large public display of these works in the Stainer Street tunnel of London Bridge train station.

He has also been photographing the construction of Crossrail and the people making it.

In the middle of a global pandemic, the best-selling book Perou had been working on for 21 years was released: ‘Marilyn Manson by Perou: 21 years in Hell’ published by s always, available for commissions.

PEROU is represented by JSR,see more of his work here and check their latest projects on Instagram.