Alex Wallace New Zealand

"Since the world was upended and shaken out across the living room floor in 2020, I have learnt that you can take nothing for granted anymore.

The jobs aren’t quite so frequent and the budgets aren’t quite so healthy... but I know now to live in the moment and relish every shoot. I love what I do, and the challenges it offers. The chance to meet new people, to explore and to learn.

There will no doubt be more speed-bumps to navigate on this journey, but I’m strapped in and enjoying the ride!"

Andreas Gerhardt Freiburg

Photographer Andreas Gerhardt's main speciality is people, and for him it is particularly important not only to showcase work processes, but above all to capture people at work. What is of utmost significance to him is an aesthetic that is strongly influenced by lifestyle moods.

"Achieving the right composition of light and subject requires good organisation. Improvisation is sometimes demanded, especially in the context of corporate photography; experience has taught me that nothing should be left to chance."

Following a production, the imagery Andreas creates can be used in a variety of ways, including employer branding, recruiting, annual reports or websites. The final use is often considered during the photo shoot. Images are created for small SMEs as well as medium and large companies.

Andreas Gerhardt likes to travel everywhere for interesting projects and can therefore be booked nearly anywhere.

Client list: ChemCon, Vertiko, Vitra, Schölly Fiberoptic, Atmos, Maxon Motor, H-Bau.

Ben Gancsos New England

This summer has been exciting at Ben Gancsos Studio. As is typical, variety was the theme.

In Maine, Ben photographed the new L.L. Bean headquarters, SMRT’s corporate offices, and a new autism center by E4H Architects. NYC frequently calls, and Ben photographed the new Prenuvo clinic in midtown, multiple financial services offices for SPECTOR Companies, as well as Mount Sinai Hospital clinics for Studio A+T.

As New England is headed into autumn foliage season, exciting projects are in the plans. Ben works regionally, especially in the Portland-Boston-NYC corridor, and readily travels throughout the country for a variety of projects anchored around the built environment.

Cameron Karsten Pacific Northwest

"People make to supply their need for survival. People also produce to feed their creativity or drive to do. Being out in the field, hearing the contrasting sounds of nature and humanity's creations is that crux between doing to survive or doing to create.

It is the blending of two forces - need and desire, nature and human."

Cameron Karsten is represented by The Gren Group.

Daniel Lewis Photography London

Daniel Lewis is a corporate and industrial photographer based in London, UK. During a career spanning almost twenty years he has travelled the world on commission for some of the world’s biggest natural resource corporations such as AngloAmerican and Glencore, as well as financial institutions like HSBC and Bank of America.

Daniel began his career in photojournalism and this editorial approach to telling a story has developed to form a strong aesthetic of Daniel’s style which he brings to all his projects.

When time permits, Daniel actively engages in pursuing smaller, personal projects, showcasing his keen eye and artistic vision. One notable project, his 'Open House' series, not only evolved into a solo exhibit but also earned the distinction of having two of its images prominently displayed at London's prestigious Mall Galleries.

Daniel has been published in National Geographic Traveller, The Guardian and The Times of London, as well as many other UK titles.

Ilja C. Hendel Oslo

With a focus on corporate B2B photography, the Norway-based photographer Ilja C. Hendel creates authentic and candid imagery on industrial, health and classic corporate topics.

His photographic approach stems from his background in reportage photography. His editorial and corporate photography is commissioned by companies, organisations and magazines on assignments in Norway, Scandinavia, and abroad.

More released corporate and editorial assignments from Norway and the Nordics can be seen in his portfolio, 'More than Fjords', at iljahendel.com or follow his Instagram feed.

Ilja is looking forward supporting your project with his photographs.

Joerg Schwalfenberg Hamburg

Joerg Schwalfenberg, renowned corporate and industrial photographer, has built an excellent reputation in the industry over the years. His expertise spans various sectors, whether it is working with architects or large mechanical engineering groups. For him, the size of the company does not matter - his focus is on the highest quality.

Fluent in German, English and Italian, Joerg Schwalfenberg can communicate seamlessly with clients from all over the world and fully understand their needs. This linguistic versatility is an additional tool in his impressive creative palette.

With numerous awards under his belt, he has proven that he is one of the best in the business. His clients rely on his professionalism and tireless efforts to always provide more than they ask for, while keeping an eye on their budgets.

Joerg Schwalfenberg is not just a photographer, but a storyteller. He knows how to capture the soul of a company or industrial facility in every image, leaving a lasting impression. For his clients, he is a reliable partner who transforms their visions into visual masterpieces.

Laura Crosta New York - Chicago - Salt Lake City

Award-winning photographer and filmmaker Laura Crosta has an innate ability to capture moments that place the viewer directly in the midst of the action. Her philosophy for creating images expresses a narrative that exudes energy and realism.

Laura fills her spirit, conceiving and executing an array of still and motion projects spanning almost every business category. Her most recent work has taken her around the globe, creating content for Dupixent, Bank of America, Google, Stony Brook Hospital, Ardent Mills, and Paris Baguette. “Yours could be next!”

Laura’s imagery has elevated numerous brands including ADP, Eczema Exposed, ConEdison, Lyft, Paris Baguette, Microsoft, ESPN, Sony, Nike, Canon, Adidas, Toyota - to name a few. Some of her celebrity and musician collaborations include Michael Jordan, RuPaul, Sir Richard Branson, Joan Osborne, Kelly Clarkson, Kiss, Run DMC, George Clinton, Jewel, Rachael Yamagata, and Cary Brothers.

Accolades include The International Color Awards, Exposure, Spider Award, PDN’s Photo Annual, Tucson Film Festival, Nashville Film Festival, Vail Film Festival, and The Los Angeles Reel Film Festival.

Laura is really into snow and splits her time between Brooklyn, NY, and Park City, Utah, spending her free time skiing.

Matt Zugale Philadelphia

Every organisation has a mission. To bring that mission to life, Matt photographs its backbone: the employees. In his portraits, he wraps them in warm, saturated light and genuinely connects with his subjects. In his documentary-style images, Matt immerses himself in the daily life of the company.

Matt is based in Philadelphia and works around the United States with clients such as Millennium Management, Lavazza, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Miller Theatre at Columbia University, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, GoFundMe, Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau, and others.

For inquiries and requests, please visit his website and contact Matt.

Miller Photography Tulsa

Scott Miller & John O’Connor of Miller Photography, Inc. are based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and each has over 25 years of experience traveling nationally to create advertising, editorial, portrait, aerial drone still photos and videos. "We are a two person crew and are able to capture photography and cinematography on every project."

Clients include regional, national and international corporations. Miller Photography works heavily in the energy-oil, corporate, industrial, people, health care and architectural areas.

A few clients include: ABB, Helmerich & Payne, ONEOK, Magellan Midstream, Manhattan Construction, Ardent Health, Linde Engineering, Ascension Healthcare, CBRE, BOK Financial, Williams, Walter P Moore, BlueCross BlueShield of Oklahoma, Jack in the Box, Cherokee Nation, The New York Times, Cox Business, JetFlite International, Spirit AeroSystems and various agencies, B2B and B2C magazines.

Nathan Leach-Proffer Denver

Nathan Leach-Proffer is a Colorado-based corporate and industrial photographer. His work is largely based in the aerospace and automotive industries, much of which is captured during live testing and production.

Nathan is skilled in quickly adapting to any situation and capturing the best images possible while not interfering with the work that needs to take place, keeping the images authentic and the teams comfortable. This work also comes with tight security, and Nathan is used to working with the team on restrictions, such as staying ITAR compliant when needed.

Nathan is honored to share some recent work in this Spotlight from Boom Supersonic and URSA Major.

Check out more of his work on Instagram or his portfolio website.

Niels Busch Copenhagen

Niels Busch is a seasoned professional photographer with a remarkable career that has led him to some of the most diverse and captivating locations around the world.

From the inner workings of laboratories to the executive boardrooms of major corporations, Niels has seamlessly transitioned through a wide spectrum of environments, showcasing his adaptability and creativity.

With assignments spanning all continents, from the pristine landscapes of Ilulissat in Greenland, to the exotic Galapagos Islands in Ecuador, and the vibrant streets of Melbourne in Australia, Niels thrives on the adventurous spirit that fuels his photographic pursuits.

His genuine curiosity about people and their stories is the driving force behind his work, making him a true storyteller through his lens. Niels' ability to remain composed and creative in challenging situations, whether on location or abroad, is a testament to his professionalism.

One notable instance that exemplifies his resourcefulness was a shoot in Chile. A fire at the first-choice location and a client in a different time zone lead to Niels calmly making the decision to go with the client's second choice of location. This required flying 40 people two hours south and shooting there. The client was very happy and the pictures were delivered on time.

Niels has an impressive client list that includes industry giants such as Danfoss, Pharmacosmos, reNEW science (Novo Nordisk), Stibo, Hearing Aid, MAN, Zeiss, Energidtyrrelsen, Ferring, Radient, Postnord, Orsted, Industriens Pension, Punct Law and Velux.

Peter Baiamonte New York

Peter Baiamonte would like his images to: tell you a story; give you a glimpse of a place; show you some personality; or reveal some meaning. His strengths include clean storytelling, vibrant colors, creative problem solving, and an ability to connect with his subjects—putting them at ease, and making their time in front of the camera comfortable.

He also excels at assembling a great crew, working collaboratively with clients, and creating a friendly, happy vibe on set.

Peter’s work includes many styles and disciplines: portraiture, lifestyle, landscape, travel, and sports, among others. He splits his time between New York City and the Massachusetts Berkshires, working regularly with clients in New York and Boston as well as the entirety of New England. He is available to travel worldwide.

All of the images in this Spotlight were shot as part of on ongoing project for Wyckoff Heights Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York. In collaboration with a design firm, Peter created original images to populate the hospital's new website, in order to reduce the use of stock images to a minimum. Portraits of all the hospital's doctors were shot with a white backdrop, striving to highlight each individual's personality and personal style. Some environmental portraits were also done in different department settings, working thoughout the hospital to document the entirety of its services and departments, and including its staff at work.

Ricardo Merendoni Texas

"This year has been an incredible journey for me as a portrait photographer, specialising in capturing images in the corporate and industrial sectors.

From executive boardrooms to factory floors, my aim has been to showcase the faces behind these industries, bringing out the personalities, determination, and passion of the people who drive them. My work isn't just about capturing images; it is about telling compelling stories.

In the world of corporate and industrial photography, I have found a unique blend of art and technology. It is about finding the beauty in machinery, and the character in corporate leaders. I have strived to create visually stunning imagery that resonates emotionally, revealing that even in these settings, humanity remains at the core of every success story.

As an environmental photographer we are challenged with weather, remote locations and complex photoshoots. With our experience in the field, we are able solve any issues that arise and deliver still imagery as well as motion to our clients."

Scott Lorenzen California - Texas

"All my life I wanted to be a photographer and work outdoors. I’ve driven 320,000 miles shooting for industrial and architecture clients throughout the US and covered over 2500 square miles on helicopter assignments and managed half-million dollar budgets. And proudly, I painstakingly hunted down and photographed the elusive 020 Pavilion for a personal project, which won an AIA LA Architectural Photography Award.  

Recent projects include shooting an underground storage facility in Kansas City, documenting a start-up in Los Angeles working with brands like H&M to recycle used clothing, shooting the next generation of hydrogen transportation and working alongside an emmy-award winning team shooting for Blackstone's commercial real estate powerhouse Link Logistics.  

My work takes me to challenging environments that allow me to learn everyday and push my creative skills towards that next thing."

Stefan Hobmaier Berlin - Munich

Stefan Hobmaier is a freelance photographer based in Berlin and Munich, focusing on portrait, corporate, and industrial photography. He is a storyteller by heart, and his authentic and modern imagery gets people's attention.

He can provide multi-channel content for his clients by combining video and stills in corporate shoots. His vast network of fellow creatives allows him to provide complete production services from shoot prep to film editing.

His national and international clients include Audi, BMW, Osram, Bosch, Hornbach, Intel, Intrinsic, Google, ProSiebenSat1, MAN, H&M, Porsche, Mazda, Siemens Healthineers, SZ Scala, Siemens Energy, Trumpf, Epiroc, C3, Hoffmann&Campe, Territory, Condé Nast, Laut von Leise, Interone, Thjnk, Impulse, Forbes, Bloomberg Business Week, FourFourTwo, Haymarket, Redwood, Wordsearch Group and various international clients, agencies, B2B and B2C magazines.