Alex Waber Vancouver

Alex Waber is a lifestyle and fashion photographer based in Vancouver workingg with clients like Arcteryx, Section 35 and No Reception Club. He has over 15 years experience shooting in studio, city streets, snowy peaks to rain-soaked landscapes. His work goes beyond commercial intent, landing in publications like Vogue, Rolling Stone, Wired and Forbes.

This past month he shot campaigns for No Reception Club and a new start up Jessica Laura. For No Reception Club, the shoot took place by the water in downtown Vancouver, bringing a narrative of travel and family to life, all while battling Vancouver’s temperamental weather. With Jessica Laura the goal was to evoke simple luxury in a sun soaked apartment.

When Alex isn't busy taking photos for clients, he's off capturing his own adventures. Check out this collection, featuring some snaps from his recent bike trip across Washington.

Cameron Karsten Pacific Northwest

"If you let cloudy water settle, it will become clear. If you let your upset mind settle, your course will also become clear." - Gautama Buddha.

Cameron is represented by The Gren Group.

David Giesbrecht New York

David Giesbrecht is a NYC-based portrait and lifestyle photographer.

Though based in in New York City, he has worked on many projects along the East Coast of the United States for clients like Netflix, Apple, Sony and NBC Universal to name a few.

His work has been published in The New York Times, Vanity Fair, and Entertainment Weekly.

Gonçalo Barriga Portugal

Gonçalo Barriga is a people & lifestyle photographer with a passion for fitness & sports, based in Lisbon, Portugal.

Sports and fitness have always been an important part of his life, and that makes any type of active lifestyle photography a perfect fit. When working with a fitness brand or an individual athlete, he strives to become the client's best possible ally, making sure to understand their goals and contributing on how to reach them.

His recent, ongoing, personal project — BODY — showcasing athletes, dancers and basically anyone who can express themselves with their body, is an exploration of the diverse manifestations of an active lifestyle.

He has been working as a full time photographer since 2010, shooting events for Ironman and Red Bull, making promos for CrossFit gyms and editorial portraits for athletes and personal trainers. He is also hired for commercial and lifestyle imagery for fitness brands.

In 2023 he was invited to judge the entries for the Chromatic Awards as an Official Juror.

Heath Robbins Photography Boston

Heath Robbins, a skilled photographer and director based in Boston, possesses a profound passion for capturing genuine moments in lifestyle photography. Whether he is on location or in his expansive 12,000 square-foot studio, Heath's creative process is distinguished by his meticulous attention to detail, ensuring the creation of authentic visual narratives.

Heath's portfolio seamlessly weaves together the aspirational with the relatable, showcasing his ability to collaborate and capture scenes that resonate with viewers. His dedication to his craft is evident in every frame, resulting in imagery that truly reflects the essence of everyday life.

Heath's commitment to fostering strong creative partnerships has earned him opportunities to work with a diverse range of clients, including prominent brands in various industries. His portfolio includes collaborations with notable names, demonstrating his ability to bring his unique vision to a wide array of projects.

Hugo B. Lefort Montreal

With a photographic career spanning more than 15 years, Hugo B. Lefort stands out in the art of portraiture. His expertise extends from the world of theater and television productions, to the studios of renowned advertising agencies, such as Cossette and Taxi.

By immortalising the essence of actors, musical artists and theater companies, Hugo creates portraits imbued with a distinctive personality.

Inspired by the cinematographic and theatrical world, Hugo's work is characterised by the light he shapes. Each shot is imbued with a unique luminosity, capturing the moment with emotional clarity. His philosophy is based on the harmony between light, subject, retouching and staging, converging towards a single objective: instantly transmitting deep emotion through his photographs.

Jason Knott London

Jason Knott, a UK-based people and lifestyle photographer and director, firmly believes that compelling imagery isn't a matter of luck.

With a wealth of experience and natural talent, Jason excels in various settings - from candid reportage to meticulously crafted studio setups or elaborate location shoots.

Whether directing motion alongside his DOP or capturing stills himself, Jason ensures every element comes together seamlessly to create the captivating, magical outcomes his work is known for.

Clients include: P&O Cruises, Microsoft, BAT, Bacardi, Vodafone, Sony, Robin Hood Foundation, Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Citibank, EDF, Canon, Biogaran and Subaru, among others.


Julia Bostock London

Julia has been shooting kids, fashion and portraits for many brands and leading independent magazines in the UK and abroad. She has won awards, including the Julia Margaret Cameron Award - first prize for children's photography for ‘Grumpy Girl’ which was also exhibited at Photo London. This particular photo is part of an ongoing project documenting Scottish crafts and traditions, slated to be featured in an upcoming book. Additionally, it will be showcased in a joint exhibition scheduled to take place in Barcelona in December 2024, as part of the prize.

Constantly inspired by what she sees around her, she is always thinking of stories to capture. Referencing painting and sometimes vintage photography, she is eager to convey the emotions and moods of subjects and situations through her imagery. Alongside her commercial work, she is always documenting real life. The pandemic has helped her to slow down and notice the things around her, close to home, and as a result she has touched on many delicate issues and noticed the small details. She has an empathy with people which allows her subjects to feel comfortable and at ease.

Editorial clients include Awkward World, Collezioni, Milk, Mini Maven, Naif, Pirouette, RakesProgress, Vogue Bambini and The Telegraph, amongst others.

Advertising clients include Adidas, Lego, Afiniti, British Airways, Caramel, Liberty, Velveteen, Marie Chantal, Mothercare, Fendi, Boden and Marks and Spencer.

Matt Zugale Philadelphia

Matt’s photographs put you in the middle of a moment. It might feel like you have stumbled upon an intimate event, but you are always invited to participate.

By design, his commercial and personal work are hard to tell apart: they capture life as it is in an honest and unfiltered way. His background in street and portrait photography allows him to create compelling images in any given situation.

Based in Philadelphia, Matt works throughout the US and internationally. His clients are as global as Millennium Management, Burger King, and Lavazza, and as local as The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, City Fitness, and The Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau.

For inquiries and requests, please visit his site and contact Matt here.

Nick Callaghan Edinburgh

Nick Callaghan is a distinguished lifestyle photographer celebrated for his talent in crafting authentic, natural moments using a blend of ambient and studio lighting techniques. With years of honed expertise, he seamlessly integrates the subtleties of ambient light with the precision of studio lighting to create scenes that feel alive and genuine.

His mastery lies in his ability to orchestrate light to mimic the nuances of natural settings, even within controlled environments. Whether it's selling a product or service, Nick’s photographs exude warmth and authenticity, drawing viewers into the heart of the moment.

Clients trust Nick to capture moments with a realism that transcends his attention to detail. Through his skilful use of lighting, he transforms ordinary spaces into extraordinary backdrops, ensuring each image resonates with the true essence of the subjects.

Nick's dedication to crafting natural, lifelike scenes sets him apart as a visionary in the world of lifestyle photography.

Nick Hall Seattle - London

Nick Hall is a Brit now living on an island near Seattle along with his four wild children. He is renowned for his cinematic global advertising campaigns and human-nature documentary projects.

Originally a wildlife scientist and biodiversity conservationist, Nick blends his passion for the natural world with the specific needs of global brands and Fortune 500 advertising clients including American Airlines, Barclays Bank, BMW, Four Seasons, Intel, Nespresso, and Uber.

Nick is as comfortable photographing hunter gatherers solo in Tanzania as he is shooting huge global advertising campaigns. Known throughout the industry as a gentle and immersive photographer, Nick brings an inclusive and thoughtful energy to all his projects allowing him to capture deeply emotional and iconic imagery that celebrates our connections to one another and the world all around us.

Nigel Riches Photography London

Nigel Riches has a wonderful eye for looking at lifestyle imagery. His work is sensitive and insightful, both in film and stills, capturing thoughtful moments to joyous spontaneity. A unique style that embodies the beauty of life and the use of creative ambient light and colour, delivering engaging projects that tell the viewer a story.

His personal projects are driven through his lust for adventure and travel, capturing the beauty of the natural world and the people who inhabit it. This experience is wrapped up into every commercial brief, working with the creative teams to deliver their projects with his unique style attached. His work for leading ad agencies and world-renowned brands is testimony to his ability.

His talented crew have worked together for years and deliver amazing work in film and stills, Nigel has a deep respect for the people he works with and his projects reflects this.

Pablo Nordea Barcelona

Pablo Nordea is a photographer, director, and DP based in Barcelona, Spain, and available worldwide.

With more than 10 years of experience, he specialises in lifestyle, advertising, and sports photography, as well as filmmaking. In recent years, he has collaborated with brands such as Nike, Carlsberg, and BioTechUSA.

Pablo specialises in crafting authentic narratives through both still and motion imagery, employing a highly cinematic perspective to immerse the viewer in the story. During each shoot, he guides the talent to create the natural atmosphere desired by the client, while meticulously coordinating compositional elements to achieve his signature photography style: natural, authentic, and candid.

Ross Woodhall London

"My name is Ross Woodhall. I shoot stills and produce and manage moving images globally, creating content that captures genuine moments for lifestyle and sports brands, agencies and clients."

This Spotlight features a collection of images produced for bohemian hat brand Bask & Groove.

"They were all shot in Northern Ibiza. The shoot brief was: keep it natural, loose and fluid, which is exactly what we did.

It was a two part shoot, we did recce days before the shoot days, the client hired an utterly amazing rustic finca to use as a base and a location and arranged to use a boutique and very hip boho hotel in Portinatx as another location.

Once again we shot tethered wirelessly and had one happy client.

I collaborate with producers, location managers and production teams worldwide. We cater to all briefs and budgets. Please contact me to discuss your next project."

Samuel Hicks London

Samuel Hicks is an award-winning London-based photographer, whose work often explores urban locations and the vibrancy of youth culture and street life. Sam often utilises the atmosphere at golden hour or the drama of twilight which brings vivid colours to his work.

Sam is currently working on an exciting Gaussian Splat project at Pinewood Studios. His client list includes Nike, Amazon, Ray Ban, Toyota, O2, easyJet, and Coca-Cola.

See more work here. Sam is represented by Wyatt-Clarke & Jones.

Sean Breithaupt Photography Dublin

Sean Breithaupt is an award-winning commercial, lifestyle and editorial photographer. Based in Dublin, he specialises in creating visual narratives for a wide range of clients both nationally and internationally. He is happy to work alone but also accepts briefs that involve a wider crew with a full production service. Recent clients include Dell Technologies, Mubi and Flutter Entertainment.

In 2023 his work was recognised in the Communication Arts Photography Annual, and he was a finalist in the Production Paradise Spotlight Awards.

He is an accredited member of the AOP. More work can be viewed on his website.

Valeria Quinci Paris

Valeria Quinci is a Hungarian-born photographer based in France. She has been into sports since age six, and that passion drove her to capture the lifestyle around sports and fitness to create authentic visual stories.

Her personal work revolves around the search of femininity, expressed by the body and the movement to support causes of woman empowerment, physical and mental health.

She has been working for clients such as Sport2000, BioTechUSA, Women Sports Magazine, independent sport coaches and boutique brands.