add pictures! Munich

This year add pictures celebrates 20 years of providing production services.

Starting in analog times without smartphones, slow internet, and shooting on roll film or 35-millimeter negative, Add Pictures has evolved with the digital revolution. It offers its services with all the knowledge its crew has gained over the exciting past 20 years.

Even though many things have become easier and faster these days, a reliable and realistic production partner that you can trust is still the key to a professional production. add pictures has proven in almost 750 film and photography projects that there is always a solution to match creative ideas with the client's needs and requirements within the given budget.

"add pictures is looking forward to future projects, wherever the (mid) journey takes us!"

Alfred Lester New York - Los Angeles - Chicago

Hair stylist and makeup artist Alfred Lester’s artistry and skills are limitless, as he thrives in a collaborative team environment. He is an expert in working across all mediums – print, video and digital – and with any mix of talent – from kids to men’s grooming to women’s fashion.

His client roster includes American Apparel, Breitling, Harley-Davidson, JCPenney, Kohl’s, Meta, Nautica, Nike, Puma, Target, Tommy Hilfiger and Under Armour, USC UK, Von Maur.

Alfred’s work is regularly featured in publications such as Elle Magazine, Marie Claire, Vogue Bambini, O Magazine, Women's Health, W Magazine, Parents Magazine and more. Celebrity Clients: Alicia Keys, Bill Pullman, Chaka Kahn, Caylee Hammack, Caitlyn Jenner, Christiane Seidel, Fergie, Heidi Klum, Jane Lynch, Lady Gaga, Melissa McCarthy, Nadine Velazquez, Phoebe Bridgers, Pipper Perabo, Virginia Madsen and more.


BAAM Production House is a photo and film production company under one roof, based in Croatia.

"With our two offices, the Dubrovnik office on the southern coast of the Adriatic Sea, and our main Zagreb office, we cover every corner in between and around.

Among our latest photo & video productions, we collaborated with Genesis (South Korea), and on a video production for Honda (Japan). We are proud of the ongoing cooperation with our returning clients."

Blissed Productions Sweden

Blissed is a full service production company based in Stockholm, Sweden.

"We deliver tailor-made still and film productions for all clients and budgets.

Our services include art buying, casting, negotiation, location- scouting and production management.

With an extensive experience from the fashion and advertising industry and with a widespread global network, we can ensure to find the perfect team and set-up for your idea or campaign."

Broadscope Studios Scotland

Broadscope Studios provides industry leading photographic and video equipment rental for the whole of Scotland alongside two rental studios from their base in Glasgow.

The equipment is all based in Glasgow and can be delivered directly to your shoot location wherever it may be in Scotland. Experienced staff will be able to provide excellent service and knowledge to make sure you have the right equipment for your shoot. Assistants and Digital operators can be provided for the complete package.

Broadscope Studios main base in Glasgow contains two daylight studios. One with a two walled pre-lit infinity cove over 1395sqft of studio space and another smaller studio with a feature texture wall and rustic wooden floors. Green screen facilities are also available if needed.

All studios come with the amenities expected of a professional studio including a kitchen area, HMU area, rails, steamers, high speed WIFI and free onsite parking.

bZm Graphics Asia - USA - UAE

bZm Graphics was founded in 2015 with a mission to provide high-quality contents for product photographers and photo studios. Since then we have been working closely with many fashion photographers, product photographers and ecommerce companies.

bZm Graphics has created a name for themselves for their excellent photo retouching and video editing services across the fashion photography industry. Many studios from New York, Los Angeles, London and Berlin trust bZm Graphics for their photo post-production services.

bZm Graphics has locations in Dhaka, Texas and Dubai, but serving worldwide.

CoPilot Productions Canada

CoPilot Productions: production servicing foreign projects in Canada from coast (Atlantic) to coast (Pacific) to coast (Arctic).

"Canada’s low dollar and amazing production value has continued to help keep us busy in these uncertain inflationary times.

Here is a quick look at what we have been up to so far since our last spotlight update so far this year:

  • A TVC / photoshoot combo for the Environment and Climate Change Canada government ministry
  • A TVC / photoshoot combo for Barilla pasta with the composer of the 'White Lotus' tv series.
  • One awesome four-day photoshoot for a fashion client highlighting Montreal’s European vibe.
  • One full segment of the 'Chrysalides' feature documentary filmed in the Lofoten, Senja and Tromso islands of Northern Norway.

And much more work that, unfortunately, our NDAs prevent us to share until their respective publications."

Digirox Berlin

DIGIROX - providing full service digital operating since 2005.

Combining technical expertise and photographic knowledge with state-of-the-art equipment and their wide range of experience with international clients makes them a versatile partner both in Germany and abroad.

They ensure an optimal workflow with modular computer workstations, complete camera kits, and reliable data management. Their mission is to harmonise digital photography, the client’s requirements and the photographer’s creative vision.

EyeSee Paris

EyeSee is a Paris-based full service production company working throughout France and worldwide across advertising, fashion, luxury brands, and magazines/editorial. The company also produces moving images, essentially online brand content, following clients' needs and budget.

EyeSee collaborates with clients at every stage of the creative process, providing art buying, casting, location scouting, budget management, accommodation, transportation, crew booking, catering and equipment rental.

Whatever the request, the company's team of highly skilled producers strives to make every production a stress-free experience. Enthusiastic, efficient and cost-effective defines EyeSee's way of working, with the company offering seamless solutions tailored to each individual client.

Recent productions include:

  • Withings - Sylvain Homo
  • Netflix - Sebastian Nevols
  • ADP - Antoine Henault.

FGV Schmidle Munich - Berlin

Emphasising the company's close cooperation with all the hidden stars behind the camera and on set, with a wink of an eye FGV Schmidle claims "We are the 'Making of!'"

FGV is deeply rooted in the international film industry, and with a vast experience and an impressive inventory it has been providing leading production services for decades. Consistent cooperation and communication is a vital part of the company’s knowledge base. As a result, clients are able to do their jobs better, be it with the latest high-tech equipment, through the team's technically demanding solutions, or even its own developments.

Established in 1972, and with home bases in Munich and Berlin, FGV Rental provides services including camera systems (digital, film, and photo), lighting (daylight, tungsten, LED, tube, photo), grip (from cranes to dollies, tripods, stands and more), and vehicles, all with a 24/7 rental pick-up and return policy.

A 700 m² / 7,500 sq.ft. studio located on the Munich premises benefits from great transportation connections. Features include a ceiling height of 12m/40ft, motorised green and bluescreens, three motorised rigs for loads of up to two tons each, a 7x14m (24x46ft) ceiling reflector, a cyclorama covering two walls (24x29x11m / 79x95x36ft), production offices, an industry standard kitchen and parking lot.

Goddamm films - Alex Gaillot Paris

Based in Paris, Alex Gaillot developed a love for the arts from a young age. After completing his studies, he began his career in the film industry, working as a freelance cinematographer and editor for various production companies.

With a keen eye for beauty and an innate understanding of light, color, and composition, Alex quickly became known for his ability to create stories with an emphasis on natural beauty and the inherent elegance of his subjects.

Habitant Productions Mexico - Spain - Colombia

"With more than 20 years of industry expertise, we're a specialised production powerhouse, crafting bespoke photo and film services tailored for the upper echelons of high fashion, beauty, and celebrity circles. Our steadfast commitment to excellence has firmly entrenched us as leaders in our field.

Strategically positioned across Mexico City, Barcelona, and Bogota, our global perspective enhances the scope of your projects. Our relentless drive to innovate and deliver efficient solutions to meet your creative requirements remains unparalleled. Furthermore, our keen eye for scouting ideal locations has been a transformative force, providing the perfect canvas for our endeavors.

At HABITANT, we transcend the conventional role of a production company. We're not just short-term collaborators; we're your dedicated, long-term partners, fully invested in bringing your ideas to life in the most impactful ways imaginable."

Lume Italy

"LUME: Let your journey through Italy begin. Dynamic and focused.

For the past decade, we've forged strong partnerships with premier international production houses, esteemed advertising agencies, and renowned talents, driving campaigns for some of the world's leading companies. Our expertise includes collaborations with celebrated soccer clubs, iconic global brands, and distinguished Hollywood stars, showcasing our adaptability and commitment to excellence in the global marketplace.

We offer a spectrum of services tailored for international photography campaigns, catering to everything, from streamlined projects to elaborate undertakings. No matter the scope of the project, our commitment to meticulous attention and unwavering effort remains constant. We understand the specific needs and provide comprehensive production services.

Our expertise extends to scouting idyllic Italian locales, obtaining necessary permissions, and offering end-to-end technical support across diverse environments — from the frosty embrace of glaciers to the soothing warmth of the Mediterranean. We guarantee accessibility to all our locations, with none more than a 90-minute flight from a major hub, ensuring efficiency and convenience for our clients.

Choose LUME to illuminate your path through Italy's enchanting landscapes, where every detail is managed with precision and passion."


"Embark on an unprecedented visual journey at Metro Studio, Colombia's premier destination for High-Speed Table-Top excellence in food and beverages production. As trailblazers in Visual Engineering under the visionary leadership of director Giovanni Granada, we redefine the crafting of imagery, pushing boundaries with spectacular visuals captured at an extraordinary thousand frames per second.

For discerning producers committed to international-quality visuals, Metro Studio stands as the epitome of excellence. Our meticulous precision and rigorous testing, employing custom-designed robotic systems, mechatronics, and the powerhouse BOLT-CINEBOT, set new benchmarks for visual perfection within Colombia. Experience a game-changer – multiply your budget's impact in this innovative and cost-efficient Colombian landscape, where creative innovation propels projects to new heights.

We've transformed Visual Engineering into a meticulously planned art, eliminating uncertainty for producers to navigate projects with absolute confidence. Step into the world of Metro Studio, where Colombian innovation converges with vibrant creativity, elevating your production to unparalleled heights. Join us as we redefine the very landscape of High-Speed Table-Top excellence.

Metro Studio, where technology becomes art."

MM Productions Italy - Spain

MM Productions is a team of dynamic and creative professionals based in Italy, who provide production service worldwide.

Logistics, equipment rental, location scouting, crew hiring, casting, catering, accommodation and transportation for photo, video and events are among its services.

MM Productions also provides full live-streaming services everywhere for every need.

“Italy is now open again with low-risk, good weather and excellent prices for your production.

Imagine the best, we’ll take care of the rest!”

Moonland Productions The Nordics

"Moonland Productions is a trusted location service company operating in the beautiful and vibrant region of the Nordics, including Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark and Faroe Islands.

We provide a wide range of bespoke services for international clients, mainly within automotive, outdoor and sports.

Moonland has become a go-to destination when seeking top-notch local support in the Nordics, and we have the privilege of working with clients from all over the world ranging from feature films to commercials, fashion campaigns and documentaries.

Our commitment to quality also applies to creating a positive workplace environment for both our employees and collaborators. We value diversity, mutual respect, teamwork and dedication – values that are reflected in everything we do."

Ozz Films Morocco

Ozz Films is a production services company in Morocco with offices in Ouarzazate and Marrakech.

"Our extensive local network ensures a seamless production process, allowing our clients to focus on their creative vision while we handle the logistics. Our clients include major European and American agencies, production houses, and brands. As a production company and consultant in Morocco, we possess the licenses to obtain permits directly, saving you time and energy.

Our recent projects:

  • Audi Q8 e-tron Dakar Edition: Audi's latest TV commercial, a collaboration with A.S.A.P. Production, presenting the new Audi Q8 e-tron Dakar Edition, was filmed in Marrakech and the Merzouga desert.
  • Audi Dakar Rally 2024: production services for a pre-rally test of the Audi RS Q e-tron in the challenging Moroccan terrains.
  • 'Bellevue' music video: recently, we were line producers for 'Bellevue', a Danish music video featuring Tobias & D1MA, which was shot in Marrakech, Imlil, Agafay.
  • Airbnb Africa Host Spotlight: we provided production services for Airbnb's video series for the winners of the 2023 award, showcasing Moroccan hospitality with Mohammed and Jessica in Fez and Lahcen and Hanin in Tamri, Morocco.
  • We've also managed the production of Urban Outfitters' summer photo shoot campaign in Taghazout. We collaborated with the fashion brand New Yorker for their Summer Collection 2023 photoshoot in Marrakech, carefully selecting locations that perfectly matched the creative pitch."

Paraiso Productions Canary Islands - Spain

"We are an advertising and production services company specialised in the Canary Islands and Spain. We strive through tailor-made production services that cater to all our client’s needs, from the initial phases of the creative process, to providing the best solutions and guaranteeing the projects shine through excellence and quality.

We work with compact yet highly specialised teams to ensure and surpass all your productions requirements. We collaborate with a wide network of committed, talented, and experienced professionals, that see things the same way we do!"

Pillowtree Productions Croatia

Pillowtree Productions offers cost-effective and stress-free film, TV and photo full service production in Croatia.

Since it was founded in 2014, Pillowtree Productions has been recognised by industry leaders and art buyers alike for the quality of their work. In the past 10 years they worked with renowned production companies, agencies and  production houses  such as Woodpecker Film Oy, Betty Tv, Double Act Productions, Claas Cropp Creative Productions, Twenty Twenty Agency, Mingle  Prod, Makalu Agency and many more.

Pillowtree offers the best possible value and quality production in Croatia. Choose from their unique locations database, use their remote production option, count on their strong partnerships, valuable experience, and a personal approach to your project.

RawLight Berlin

RawLight is a gaffer company that provides equipment rental, delivery, and lighting services.

"Our goal is a one-stop-shop business model that addresses your lighting department's challenges. We are especially happy to cover fashion, advertisements, and magazine projects.

We love our work! We're true enthusiasts of technology - we sleep with a C-stand, we want to try out the latest technology first, we can't live without gaffer tape...

The greatest joy is a new project, whose fulfillment is our top priority."


ROOF, based in Milan, serves as a versatile creative and production agency engaging with compelling narratives.

"By integrating production, art direction, digital and editorial expertise, we empower brands to transform their stories into unique and authentic visions. Our creative style together with our deep-rooted knowledge in fashion, beauty, luxury, and lifestyle, equips us to deliver innovative and remarkable results. We prioritise collaborations with our clients, nurturing strong relationships to craft personalised digital solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Our production division offers a comprehensive 360-degree service covering e-commerce, talent acquisition, location scouting, post-production, and equipment rentals. Placing a relevant focus on digital and online platforms plays a crucial role in the process of creation of relevant narratives."

Studio Volca Canary Islands

Studio Volca is a prominent full-service creative production company based in Lanzarote, catering to clients in Lanzarote, La Graciosa, and Fuerteventura.

Their expertise lies in helping brands bring their photography, film, video, and digital content productions to life in distinctive locations and landscapes. With an extensive knowledge of the islands, encompassing locations, on-set production necessities, talent, equipment, accommodation, and catering, they offer a comprehensive production service.

From meticulous planning and budget management to talent casting, and engaging creative and technical professionals, they cover all aspects. This includes location scouting, prop and equipment procurement, catering arrangements, accommodation coordination, vehicle rental, permits, and customised research.

Their ultimate goal is to ensure seamless shoots tailored to the specific creative visions and marketing strategies of their clients.

Founded by a team of accomplished professionals with diverse backgrounds in photography, filmmaking, production, and project management, Studio Volca brings a wealth of creativity and expertise to every project. United by a deep appreciation for unique landscapes, culture, and history, the company's founders are dedicated to showcasing the island's allure and splendor through their craft.

Toolbox Portugal

"When shooting abroad, it is essential to have a local team who can help you with everything. I mean, good technicians, professional production service, permits, the best gear, vehicles, a brand new studio and even props, makeup and wardrobe.

With Toolbox, you can count on that. We offer the full package and we guarantee availability and quick follow-up during all the process.

The History Channel, IKEA, Ferrari Electric, Mercedes AG, Ulla Popken, Bosch, Alana Company, Sample and Mizuno are some of our recent clients.

If you only need the equipment, we provide one of the best rental services in Portugal, with high-end equipment, always updated. We also have a storage full of props, furniture and wardrobe options, and we are the only company in Portugal who provides all these services together. We have more than eight years of experience working with international companies."

Umami Latvia

"At Umami, we offer comprehensive production services across the Baltics, leveraging a strong and extensive network within the industry. Whether it's commercial production or a photo shoot, we're dedicated to assisting producers, agencies, and marketing professionals in search of reliable and enthusiastic partners. With producers boasting backgrounds in television, advertising, and film, we're equipped to tailor our services to suit your project's needs.

Choosing our production services in the Baltics can benefit your budget, as our region typically demands 20-30% lower costs compared to much of Europe, all while maintaining high quality standards. You'll have access to a diverse range of locations, modern camera and lighting equipment, and internationally renowned crews. Additionally, the advantages of operating in a smaller market include minimized travel time and convenient accessibility, with everything just a phone call away.

In addition to production services, we also offer casting direction and audio recordings in Latvian, Estonian, Lithuanian, and Russian for companies operating at a Baltic scale."

Vagabond Films USA - Latin America - Europe

Vagabond Films is a leading production service company in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Switzerland, and the USA.

Vagabond offers accurate scheduling and budgeting services, as well as comprehensive booking of locations, casting, local crews, facilities, and equipment.

"Over the years we have worked with the most important clients and production companies around the world, having produced many award-winning commercials, feature films, documentaries, and music videos. Our offices in seven countries allow us to cover all kinds of landscapes and locations that can mirror practically any place in the world.

Our leading full-production house offers a complete range of services for all types of projects offering exclusive advantages. We save our clients’ time by multi-bidding in several countries, always looking for the best location for creativity and the budget. The same executive producer is on the job; from the pitch, throughout the shoot, and all the way to the wrap."

Recent projects include Volvo, Coca-Cola, Nespresso, EarnIn, and featured in this Spotlight, Berkshire Hathaway.

Clients: Backyard, Iconoclast, Knucklehead, Mayda, The Mill, Outsider, Pulse, Rogue, Scholar, SKUNK, Smuggler, Somesuch, Logitech, Netflix, Lomepal, Coca-Cola, Nespresso, Volvo, Delta, Lexus.

Waat Studio Portugal

WAAT Studio is a sought-after rental studio located in Porto, now celebrating its seventh anniversary. Throughout these years, WAAT Studio has been home to many creative souls, such as photographers, videographers, designers, producers, many brands, and startups. The studio is also proud to host several events for product presentation and demonstration from brands like Aputure, Canon, Sony, and Profoto.

The studio space presents a daylight/blackout scene, with a 60 square meter cyclorama and other styled shoot spaces. WAAT also offers the state-of-the-art range of photo and lighting equipment for rental, in-house, or on-location shoots.

The studio collaborates with other local partners for an extensive range of creative services, such as professional photography, video, and video equipment rental, digital services, hair, makeup, and styling. It is your one-stop-shop for all your production needs.

The studio has been home to both national and international brands such as Latitid, Lemon Jelly, Lemonade Collective, Lion of Porches, Mango, Mr. Blue, Ginger & Jagger, Munna, Marie de La Roche, Mo, Parfois, Temple Studio, Tiffosi, The Proper Label, Zara Kids and Zipp, among many others.

"We work to provide the best solutions to the clients and partners who have chosen us, on their creative journey, in their most challenging demands."

Wave Films Singapore - Malaysia - Philippines

Wave Films, based in Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines, is a full-service production company providing creative production, fixing, and production services across the three countries.

"With more than a decade of experience, we have an extensive network of locations, crew, and facilities that we can make available to make your production a success.

In the past, we have worked on everything, including feature films, TV series, commercials, reality shows, documentaries, and corporate videos.

Our happy clients include broadcasters and brands such as RTL, BBC, ITV, The Macallan, Finnair, Marina Bay Sands, Samsung, and Amazon Prime.

We are proud of our three pillars of production: speed, transparency, and reliability. We ensure our clients have a seamless experience when shooting in Southeast Asia, particularly when producing across multiple countries in the region."