Aneta Laura Australia

Aneta Laura is an Australian-based commercial photographer specialising in the beauty and wellness sectors. Defining her photographic style as 'bold minimalism', Aneta employs a captivating focus on colours, textures and angles to bring products to life.

Her prior academic background, based in Denmark, combined with her Polish heritage, offers a distinctive perspective on art and photography.

Her approach is not merely about capturing images but creating a visual narrative that speaks to the right audience. This unique perspective has made her an invaluable asset within the rapidly evolving beauty industry.

Some of her recent work involved numerous skincare, haircare and makeup products for various industry-leading companies such as Bondi Sands, Sundae Body and Dr Naomi to name a few.

Aneta possesses the highly valuable ability to adapt to various aesthetics and visually convey emotions, a skill that is especially crucial in the competitive markets of beauty and wellness.

Anne-Marie Mueschke New York

Anne-Marie Mueschke is a commercial photographer based in New York specialising in beauty, product, fashion, and food. She enjoys capturing color and texture in her work, while maintaining a high aesthetic style for her clients and telling a brand’s unique story.

Recent clients include DP Hue haircare, Beekman 1802 skincare, and Poison Noises guitar pedals.

She operates out of her studio, The Den.

Dyad Photography New York

Colleen Picciotti (Dyad Photography) started her career in New York City and has been photographing commercially for clients like Maybelline, L'Oreal, Kiehl's and Essie.

"Each brand is so different and has its own style and feel to convey. I love being able to emphasise those qualities with lighting and perspective.

Still life is so free and expressive and I hope to share that love and beauty with others."

John Grande New York

"I am a NYC-based photographer specialising in still life. I am fascinated by light & shadow, a tinkerer of objects and an expert rigger on set.

My recent projects include commercial work for Kraft Heinz brands including Just Crack an Egg and Delimex. Personal projects include liquids and splash work including the Truly image showcased here.

I work out of my studio on West 28th Street in Manhattan."

Kunal Rajput Barcelona

Of late, Kunal has been employing AI as a tool in his production process, utilising it to create environments (backgrounds) that seamlessly blend with actual sets alongside products and foreground elements. This approach allows for real-time, in-camera shooting, ensuring a seamless integration of all elements. The integration of AI in his workflow has opened up endless possibilities for efficiently placing products in different settings and backgrounds.

His artistic style is characterised as realistic, bold, and expressive, with a focus on evoking emotions in viewers and instilling a desire to own products or indulge in experiences. Best known for his highly detailed visuals of drinks and cosmetics, his portfolio exudes a grand and rich feel, eliciting admiration.

With over 13 years of experience, he has collaborated on advertising campaigns with top brands and ad agencies such as Diageo, The Body Shop, L’Oréal Paris, Oriflame Sweden, Publicis, HS Ad, and Edelman, encompassing projects of various scopes and sizes.

For a deeper look into his work and behind-the-scenes processes, one can visit his website. He eagerly looks forward to connecting and collaborating on upcoming campaigns.

Kyle David Moreno Los Angeles

Kyle David Moreno is an internationally renowned still life photographer with a base in Los Angeles. His expertise lies in capturing exquisite product photography within the realms of fashion, beauty, and technology.

Graduating with honors, Kyle earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from the prestigious Gayle Garner Roski School of Art and Design at the University of Southern California (USC).

With an unwavering focus on precision, a deep well of technical expertise, and an unbridled imagination, Kyle is an invaluable addition to any business or creative team fortunate enough to collaborate with him.

You can find KDM STUDIOS LA nestled in the heart of Culver City, California.

Mikkel Jul Hvilshoj Copenhagen

Mikkel Jul Hvilshøj is an advertising still life photographer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. He has been shooting campaigns of various kind for the past 20 years.

Mikkel's work is defined by a clean, graphic and colourful style and emphasises his goal to create images with a dynamic, elegant and luxurious feel. He loves the creative and technical challenges of working in photography and approaches each product he shoots with the same dedication to create stunning imagery.

Companies on the client list are Carlsberg, Kronenbourg 1664, Bonduelle, Danish Dairy Board, Domino's Pizza, as well as Danish skincare clients such as Ecooking, Amazing Space, Inua Care and Plaisir.

Mikkel has been featured consistently in Lürzer's Archive’s 200 Best Advertising Photographers Worldwide since 2016.

Stay up-to-date with his work on his website and Instagram.

OMS Photo Cincinnati

"OMS Photography has been helping bring our clients' visions to life for over 30 years.

With an in-house team of photographers, videographers, producers, and retouchers, we are in the business of making things happen.

Using high-speed photography and videography techniques and innovative lighting setups, we can capture split-second moments and reveal the hidden elegance and complexity of liquids in motion.

From spirits and sprays to splashes and serums, we have a deep understanding of the nuances of liquids and are up for the challenge."

Rich Begany New York

Rich Begany is a still life photographer based in New York, with a focus on cosmetics and beauty imagery. He has a flexible approach to creating images that allows him to adapt to the evolving needs of brands. He is capable of working on print campaigns, in-store displays, large-scale projections, e-commerce, social media content, as well as motion capture and animations.

Rich collaborates with a team of producers, stylists, and retouchers to create impactful visuals for agencies and brands worldwide. He has recently worked on projects for MAC Cosmetics, Josie Maran, and Elizabeth Arden.

If you would like more information about Rich Begany's work or are interested in discussing an upcoming project, please contact WIB agency.

Sara Morris London

Still life photographer and director Sara Morris combines exquisite lighting, technical expertise, imaginative compositions and use of colour to produce arresting imagery.

Sara’s liquid photography provides images of beautiful ethereal shapes that are delicate but tangible, fluid yet defined, with lighting that enhances perfectly the objects enveloped within.
Sara employs her skills of accentuating textures and colours to create playful and visually stunning images.

A problem solver, Sara thrives on making each brief, no matter how difficult, come to life.
Shooting from her own large studio situated beside the canal in Haggerston in London N1. The studio comes fully equipped with a kitchen and a separate client area.

Please get in touch if you have a project you would like to discuss. Sara and her fabulous team will be able to help and look forward to hearing from you.

You can follow Sara on Instagram or check out her website. Sara is represented by Clare Fletcher.

Sigourney Whitesel London

Sigourney Whitesel Studio is the go-to creative powerhouse celebrated for bringing brands to life through colour and creativity.

Sigourney and the team have recently collaborated on some super inspiring projects like Bubble T’s partnership with Kellogg's and The Beauty Crop’s latest launches. With a proven track record in beauty and cosmetics photography, Sigourney has also executed campaigns for Glaze Hair, Centre Parcs Aqua Sana Spa range, and Rheal Superfoods.

Their sets are infused with playfulness, utilising a delightful mix of cues, ingredients, and colours to tell compelling stories with the products.

Whether you seek striking photography, scroll-stopping stop-motion animations, videos, or crave-worthy user-generated content for social media, the team will go above and beyond to deliver that for you.

Tom MacDonald Australia

"Hi, I’m Tom, and I’ve been shooting still life and products for the best part of 20 years.

I started out my journey in the London art world, photographing fine objects and artworks for sale at auction. This grounding gave me an excellent skill set in lighting and colour management. Upon moving to Brisbane nine years ago, I set out on my own and formed my own business working mainly in jewellery and product, as well as continuing shooting fine objects in Hong Kong.

I am able to work autonomy and to a brief or if the budget allows, I can travel anywhere in the world to work on site with a creative team.

My work has been seen in many magazines including Australian Vogue, Vanity Fair and Quanta Magazine.

Get in touch today. I’d love to hear from you!"