Represented by Emily Inman Brian Wright Chicago

Brian Wright is a Chicago-based food, beverage, and lifestyle photographer/director. He has worked with a diverse group of clients, including major CPG companies, international fast-food chains, and ad agencies.

Brian has been shooting entire brand redesigns, OLV, POS, menu boards, and national ads in his 4000-square-foot studio in the West Loop, and on location.

Brian is known for his ability to select the best crew for each assignment and his collaborative working style with clients. This creative synergy allows his studio to create beautiful and impactful images.

Visit Brian's website or follow him on Instagram to see more of his portfolio. If you would like to ask about upcoming projects, you can contact Brian's agent, Emily Inman, at +1 312-343-9165 or email her.

Caspar Miskin Paris

Former chef and passionate about photography, it only made sense for Caspar Miskin to become a food photographer. Based in Paris, he produces both stills and motion for clients across the world with a unique, minimalist Scandinavian look.

Food, events, portraits, reels, and more: Caspar covers a lot of culinary ground but what he specialises in are drinks and bottles. Both his technical skills and creativity have made him an expert in shooting liquids and glass, a rigorous task whose complexity is often overlooked.

He always strives for the best result and in good humor, even in difficult conditions. Clients, food stylists, set designers and baristas alike have enjoyed working with Caspar and have commended his professionalism and the quality of his deliverables.

Chris Howlett Photography London

"Indulge your senses in a feast for the eyes! We invite you to explore our latest website, where we proudly showcase our culinary adventures with esteemed food and drink clients. Savour and delight in our recent collaborations with industry leaders BULK Nutrition and the global energy drinks brand C4.

Experience a revolution in visual storytelling with our cutting-edge motion capture department. Witness the magic of super slow-motion videos and dynamic moving images, meticulously crafted to elevate the allure of delectable cuisine and tantalising drinks!

At the forefront of innovation, we bring state-of-the-art photography and innovative videography services. Prepare to be amazed as we blend creativity with technology to deliver unparalleled content that captivates and inspires.

Let's Ignite your next big campaign, join us as we embark on our journey of growth and creativity. Contact us today, and let's collaborate to make your next campaign an unforgettable success!"

Colin Campbell London

Colin Campbell is a London-based food photographer and director specialising in food and drink.

Colin works from his own 2000 sq ft studio, situated on the canal in Haggerston. The studio is also fully equipped and set up for not only stills but also moving image projects with editing and grading facilities on site.

It’s been a busy start to the year shooting a TVC alongside stills for Domino's as well as some great OOH campaigns for Lu Biscuits, Arla Jord, Sainsbury’s and Lidl.

See more here and follow on Instagram.

Colin is represented by Gill Turner, give her a follow on Instagram.

Domino Photo Mexico - Uruguay

"An exquisite category! It is a fascinating thing to photograph food and drink. Food is live matter, drink is pure motion and senses, both are colors, textures, scents, flavors, temperatures... all these sensations entering through the eyes!

Achieving a real appetite appeal has its secrets; years of working with food have made us experts. We have the best pro kitchen equipment in our studio, where food stylists can work their magic with everything they need.

We specialise in creating impressive images of our clients' products. Both in the studio and on location, when shooting drink, our team and expert props master take the product to be photographed to the next level, generating the special effects that we need on set. Our high-speed flashes and state-of-the-art cameras combine the best of technology to achieve the desired image.

Under our direction, our in-house post-production team enhances the final impact even further."

Freddy Clark New York

Freddy Clark is a commercial advertising photographer specialising in capturing vibrant photographs that make drinks look so enticing you’ll want to reach in and drink them. His work is highly detailed and has been described as “taken right out of a sexy speakeasy lounge”.

With a passion for studio work and collaborating with clients, he brings a contagious excitement to every project. His mastery of both artificial and natural lighting ensures captivating photography that will elevate your campaign to new heights.

Whether he is creating drinks, splashes and pours or working with AI and UHD panels, photographs will be cutting edge and yet timeless.

Contact Freddy to talk about your needs.

Katrin Winner Munich

Katrin Winner is a specialist in food and product stills. She works on photo shoots for publishing houses, magazines and agencies.

Katrin runs her own photo studio in Munich, which has a fully equipped kitchen that enables perfectly professional work as well as the close collaboration with an experienced team of freelance food stylists and prop stylists. The equipped kitchen includes an extensive selection of props and background that allow her work on individual and versatile projects.

Katrin is a passionate story teller, and she creates unique image styles with natural light and creative light settings. Additionally, she has expanded her traditional photography skills to include videography.

Katrin has recently worked with well known clients such as Schrot & Korn, Vorwerk Deutschland Stiftung & Co. KG, Dean & David as well as Paulaner.

Follow her on Instagram to see her latest work.

Kris Kirkham London

"Crafting captivating images that tell stories and command attention is my passion. As a seasoned food photographer, I've collaborated with renowned chefs, restaurants, and food brands, capturing the essence of culinary moments through my lens.

This Spotlight includes my work for brands like Deliveroo, Nando's, Itsu, and Subway, reflecting my expertise in creating visually stunning content. I invite you to explore my showreel, which is a testament to my commitment to excellence in food photography and moving images.

From simple dishes to elaborate spreads, I meticulously craft each image in my portfolio, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, evoking emotions and memories with every glance.

With a clientele including Deliveroo, Waitrose Kitchen, Marks & Spencer, and Nando's, I am dedicated to producing visuals that resonate with audiences.

Contact me directly or through my agent, Style Department, and let's collaborate on bringing your vision to life through stunning food photography.

Marc Haydon London

Marc Haydon has been working hard making the everyday in food look out of this world.

Some challenging briefs have been thrown his way, but problem solving is a part of the job that makes it so fun.

From sourcing napkins with a consistent pattern in different colours to capturing the beautiful movement of coffee mixing with milk in a range shot, to shooting trifles in the plastic pots that they are sold in: satisfying and exceeding the expectations of the brief is the name of the game.

Mikkel Jul Hvilshoj Copenhagen

Mikkel Jul Hvilshøj is an advertising still life photographer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. He has been shooting campaigns of various kind for the past 20 years.

Mikkel's work is defined by a clean, graphic and colourful style and emphasises his goal to create images with a dynamic, elegant and luxurious feel. He loves the creative and technical challenges of working in photography and approaches each product he shoots with the same dedication to create stunning imagery.

Companies on the client list include Carlsberg, Kronenbourg 1664, Bonduelle, European Milk Forum, Domino's Pizza.

Mikkel has been featured consistently in Lürzer's Archive’s 200 Best Advertising Photographers Worldwide since 2016.

Stay up-to-date with his work on his website and Instagram.

Myles New London

"It’s been a funky year with so much variation to work, it’s been fun to stretch my lighting muscles with a variety of styles. Working with some fun briefs for Sainsburys, The Telegraph, M&S, Goodfood and some new brands, such as Herbalistas, an exciting new herbal tea range - to name a few.  I've also directed a couple of TV commercials for Asda and Christmas campaigns for Lidl. What a rollercoaster of a year it’s been over the last 12 months!

Coupled with opening a new studio and location in Dorset and London, it's been a little crazy.

Always excited by new briefs and challenges after 20 plus years I'm still super excited for every job.

Give me a call and let's chat about how we can work together and take it to the next level."

Paul Saraceno Boston

Located in Newton, Massachusetts, Paul Saraceno is an experienced photographer with a specialisation in food and product photography.

With a career spanning over 25 years, Paul has established himself as a reliable professional renowned for his ability to consistently deliver stunning imagery. His success is attributed to his meticulous attention to detail and his extensive network of creative collaborators, including creative directors, food stylists, and prop/set designers.

In collaboration with top digital, video, and retouching teams, Paul offers exceptional services to his clients. His expansive 5000 sq. ft. studio is fully equipped with a kitchen and benefits from ample natural light.

To explore Paul's impressive portfolio, please visit his website.

Piotr Gregorczyk London

Piotr Gregorczyk is a London-based tabletop director and photographer specialising in food, liquids, drinks, chocolate and ice-cream.

He is best known for his stills exploring the concept of weightlessness of food and drink in zero gravity in early 2010’s. Piotr has become an internationally recognised tabletop food director specialising in ice-cream and chocolate for TVC tabletop. His work is all about technical storytelling. He loves to explore different techniques to get the best creative solutions for any brief.

Working with a network of best model-makers, food and prop stylists, riggers, set builders, SFX artists and motion control high speed studios, Piotr has built a reputation for creating dynamic, mouth watering and graphic food images.

“It’s so exciting to be shooting OOH stills campaigns as well as directing TVC commercials in the UK and abroad.“

Clients include: KitKat, Mondelēz, Nestlé, Diageo, McDonald’s, Smeg, Morrisons, Camelot, Migros, Lidl, Greggs, Waitrose, American Express, SC Johnson, Smirnoff, Knorr, Bud Light, Harrods, to name a few.

He is represented for film by Food Hall London. Visit Piotr's website or click to get to FoodHall.

Follow Piotr on his Photography and his Film Instagram, LinkedIn, or see his latest reel on Vimeo.

Robert Stanley Commercial Photography London

Robert Stanley is an experienced commercial still life photographer and videographer with over 15 years in the business. His clients include Sainsbury’s, L’Oreal, Shell, WH Smith, Ocado, Kurt Geiger, The Telegraph, Tottenham Hotspur FC, and Clarks among many others.

He shoots out of his own well-equipped studio in West London, as well as on location around the UK and worldwide.

Robert is extremely approachable before, during, and after a shoot, and he finds the process of working as a team to create images extremely rewarding. He also runs his own packshot photography studio, so he understands shoots from a business point of view, as well as a technical and creative point of view, and he knows that the ultimate outcome from a commercial photo shoot is to produce images that will sell your product. Robert is very technically minded and experienced with an array of lighting techniques.

Scott Grummett London

Scott Grummett is a photographer and director based in London but shooting worldwide.

Scott’s work centres primarily around food and drink but can cover large scale sets, portraits, documentary, travel, you name it. His work has a vibrant graphic advertising look and focuses on good looking food and wholesome touches of real life.

This particular Spotlight focuses on a recent piece of personal work entitled JELLY. For months he has wanted to create a series of stills and a music video style film of jelly dancing to the beat, sometimes with an elegant rippling wobble, at others a thriving mosh pit of head bangers. It’s a self confessed silly boy project, a juvenile and joyful dance around a subject that crosses all generations and can’t help but bring a smile to your face.

Sigourney Whitesel London

Sigourney Whitesel Studio is the go-to creative powerhouse celebrated for bringing brands to life through colour and creativity.

Sigourney and the team have recently collaborated on some super inspiring projects like Bubble T’s partnership with Kellogg's and crafting assets for Halo Top's latest flavours. With a proven track record in food and drink advertising, Sigourney has executed campaigns for Dunkin' Donuts, Funkin' Cocktails, and Rheal Superfoods.

Their sets are infused with playfulness, utilising a delightful mix of cues, ingredients, and colours to tell compelling stories with the products.

Whether you seek striking photography, enchanting stop-motion animations, videos, or crave-worthy user-generated content for social media, the team will go above and beyond to deliver that for you.

Stephen Conroy London

Stephen Conroy creates delicious imagery for stills and motion campaigns. He combines precision with natural looking results. The food or drink has to be the hero.

His clients from the UK, across Europe and America have a great experience at his fully equipped kitchen studios in London to go along with the beautiful tempting results.

His portfolio features a diverse selection of high profile campaigns. Whether it’s photography or video, partner with Stephen to guarantee eye catching results and a smooth process from pre production to launch.

For more examples check out Stephen’s website or get in touch to discuss your next project.

Stephen Hamilton Chicago

Stephen Hamilton is an award-winning food and beverage director and photographer whose work has appeared almost everywhere you see images of food - on television, in national magazines and cookbooks, on packaging, and across seven seasons of Top Chef.

Stephen Hamilton Productions combines Stephen’s talents with those of a full-service production company, featuring an expert team of food stylists, prop stylists, lighting technicians, and special effects professionals. Their flexible, generous studio space in Chicago accommodates multiple shoots, offering clients start-to-finish capabilities.

The Stephen Hamilton Productions studio also hosts a 4,000 square foot prop room brimming with surfaces, dishes, flatware, and more in every material, texture, and color imaginable. Their team uses their endless creativity and expert vision to choose just-right pieces to bring any shoot to life, just like in these tone-on-tone, perfectly paired prop collections.

Steve Buchanan Baltimore - Atlanta - New York

Meet Steve Buchanan, a seasoned food photographer with over 25 years of experience capturing culinary delights through his lens.

Steve's journey into the world of food photography began as a student in high school. What started as a hobby soon turned into a thriving career.

Steve, his family, and a scruffy Jack Russel terrier live on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

Studio Roecken Bielefeld

The Studio Röcken team uses light as their favorite design element, and they specialise in food photography.

Operating from their new studio in Bielefeld, they meticulously stage light to meet various needs. They excel in producing atmospheric recipe and PR photos, as well as high-precision images for packaging using top-notch digital view cameras and advanced equipment and techniques. They capture vibrant colors and textures with clarity.

The goal of food packaging photography is to create images that not only showcase the product in the best possible light, but also resonate with consumers on a deeper level. By combining artistic vision, technical expertise, and creative innovation, the photographers in the team are able to produce compelling images that capture the essence of the food and inspire consumers to make a purchase.

Collaborating with skilled food stylists, Studio Roecken ensures each photo captures food perfectly, delivering impeccable results tailored to clients' needs.

Studio XMI Los Angeles

Studio XMI is a full-service photography studio with a focus on still life commercial food photography.

"We offer in-person and video conference photoshoots for real-time collaboration from anywhere in the world.

Our studio includes a working kitchen, 468 square foot shooting space, and a fully furnished lobby."

Terragold Photo Maryland

Becca Maffett, the face behind the lens at Terragold Photo, is a Maryland-based photographer specialising in food, beverage, and product photography.

Her photography journey began in a high school graphic design class taking images for a project. Then followed by learning on a 35mm film camera with hot lights to learn the fundamentals of photography and importance of light.

With a focus on warm, inviting imagery and meticulous attention to detail, Becca creates stunning visuals that not only showcase products but also engage viewers on an emotional level. With extensive experience in both natural and studio lighting, Becca expertly crafts each shot to highlight the beauty and uniqueness of every subject. Her expertise in retouching and styling ensures that every image is polished and visually captivating, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

Becca ensures that every client receives personalised attention and stunning results that elevate their brand and captivate their audience.