Aaron Kotowski New York

"Aaron Kotowski is pretty much the best photographer ever. His hobbies include meeting client deadlines, delivering assignments under budget, and fighting the forces of evil with his own code of vigilante justice."

Adrian T. Baird Portugal

Adrian T. Baird is currently based out of Azores, Portugal, and specialises in industrial, healthcare and corporate photography.

Adrian is very experienced working on active construction sites and in hazardous conditions to capture a wide variety of work. He is very accustomed to challenging circumstances and fast-paced environments while maintaining a small footprint and strictly adhering to safety considerations. He loves working in these fields and quickly adapting to the challenges they can present.

Recent examples include photographing chemical plants, high volume agricultural farms and in medical laboratories.

Clients have included Reinhausen Manufacturing, Bayer, Jones Sign and The Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

Andy Raesch - R2N Studios Karlsruhe

Andy M. Räsch, the owner and founder of the R2N Studios, is a photographer based in Karlsruhe, in the south of Germany.

Andy likes to capture images with real people in their real surroundings wherever he is booked. Coming from advertising, he has a unique understanding for the whole creative process. His client list is made up of well-known international companies as Mercedes-Benz, SEW Eurodrive, Getinge, Suzuki and others.

With his team of set builders, stylists and locations scouts, he can generate all kinds of photography, clips and digital imaging.

On his website you can see more of his work, or you can discuss the details of your next project with him directly.

Cameron Karsten Pacific Northwest

"Seeing the world through a new perspective is one way to grow and become more appreciative of who you are, what you do, as well as appreciate everyone else around you.

The world would stop turning if it wasn't for everything each and everyone does on a daily basis, from saving lives to feeding families to creating something useful we utilize every day.

Building, destroying, saving, over and over again."

Cameron Karsten is represented by The Gren Group.

Ilja C. Hendel Oslo

Oslo-based photographer Ilja C. HendeI specalises in authentic and candid imagery focused on real people, real activities and real places. He supports organisations, corporations and corporate publishing houses in their visual communication, while also covering stories for recognised magazines in Norway, Scandinavia and abroad.

He looks forward to elevating your project with his photography.

More corporate and editorial assignments from Norway and the Nordics can be seen in his portfolio at iljahendel.com. Connect on LinkedIn or follow his Instagram feed.

Irwin Wong Tokyo

Irwin Wong is an editorial and commercial photographer based in Tokyo.

Originally from Melbourne, he moved to Japan in 2005. Known for his ability to interpret a wide range of subject matters, from billionaire CEOs to otaku gamers, Irwin’s portraiture is featured in a wide variety of magazines and advertisements, notably The Washington Post, The Hollywood Reporter and Forbes.

Irwin’s technical and creative versatility in the field also makes him attractive to travel, automotive and tech clients, including the Economist 1843, Christian Dior, Apple, Amazon, and Mitsubishi Motors.

He has developed an interest in craftsmanship after photographing several artisans for work, and his first book, 'Handmade in Japan', was published in September 2020 by Gestalten.

Please see his website for a portfolio of his past work.

Jesper Westley Photography Copenhagen

Jesper Westley is a seasoned professional with over three decades in the industry. Jesper has worked in more than 60 different countries and feels at home where ever the assignment takes him.

He has cultivated a reputation for excellence in corporate branding and industrial photography. His collaborative approach with clients, from initial concept to final images, reflects his dedication to delivering exceptional and tailor made images for each client project.

Clients spans blue chips Danish corporations and their international agencies to NGOs and international organisations.

Calling the Baltic Islands of Bornholm and Møn home (with an office in Copenhagen), Jesper is also involved in regional development spanning exhibitions of art projects to producing shoots locally, working with local business and their visual identity. He is currently working with Bornholms Energy to develop their visual identity in a local setting.

Through 2024 Jesper is exhibiting portraits of Olympic danish athletes at the Danish National Portrait Museum.

Joerg Schwalfenberg Hamburg

With Joerg Schwalfenberg at your side, you not only get first-class images, but also a strategic advantage. His images tell stories that appeal to and engage your target group, whether it's executive portraits or employer branding campaigns. His images are more than just photographs, they are a reflection of your brand identity. With a keen sense for the essentials and a high level of professionalism, Joerg realises your visual goals.

These are just some of the clients who have placed their trust in him: ADE, Alcina, AXA, BSN Medical, Balea, Barclaycard, BE Architekten, Dening Hair, Fuchs AG, Goethe Institut Kairo, GVH, HIG Capital, Isaria Corporate Design AG, Jagenberg Group, Gruner + Jahr, Jobst, Kampf Schneid und Wickeltechnik, KHS, Lebbing, Motel One, NUK, Oetinger Verlagsgruppe, Optonaval GmbH, Porsche, Shell, Thermo Fisher and many more.

Kirberg Fotodesign Düsseldorf

"Since 2002, I have been designing special commissioned artworks, initially conceptualised for my diploma thesis at the University of Applied Sciences in Dortmund, Germany, and  titled 'TRANSFER_ROOMS'. This unique style of still life offers an innovative way to showcase your company at trade shows or to enhance your business spaces.

To begin, we capture industrial photos representing your company's products or specialties. Working closely with the client, we determine the essential elements to incorporate into the art pieces, which I then design in my photo studio. Next, I merge these elements—such as company colors and technical drawings—into mixed-media displays, which are later integrated into the TRANSFER_ROOMS.

The final artworks feature high-resolution photos laminated behind plexiglass, offering a refined aesthetic that elevates your company's spaces into works of art and design."

Marco Pinarelli Greece - Middle East

"Hello, my name is Marco Pinarelli and I work as architectural, industrial and corporate photographer between Europe and the Middle East.

I do “Visual Storytelling” for businesses and Institutions through the production of images and films. Every project is in need of a visual communication, and these visuals have to be able to tell its story in the most impactful and honest way possible. I help clients build the visual representation of what they do and who they are.

As you can see from my work, I often suggest clients to focus on the human element of their story, as I believe your workforce is the core of every enterprise.

My images are the result of a very careful planning and extreme care in the details, both elements are essential in my methods of work."

Matt Zugale Philadelphia

To help companies bring their mission to life, Matt Zugale photographs what matters most: the people. Whether it is a patient who has benefitted from The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s aid, fund managers at the investment firm Millennium Management, or a factory worker at global coffee brand Lavazza, Matt puts you in the middle of a moment. His warm portraits and immersive documentary-style images connect you to the heart of a company.

Based near Philadelphia, PA, and traveling globally, Matt’s diverse clients include The Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Columbia University’s Miller Theater, GoFundMe, Burger King, and many others.

For inquiries and requests, please visit mattzugale.com and contact Matt here.

Michael Matsil New Mexico

“As a photographer who considers ‘place’ and ‘context’ as principal motivators of their work, landscapes of an ‘industrial’ nature are a challenge and a delight for me to step up to. My approach favours views of ‘the built landscape in transition.’

As with all of my photography, the interpretive process begins by gathering within the camera frame the specific nature of colour, materiality and atmosphere. That process in turn transposes the often ‘busy’ nature of industry into an uncluttered scene that communicates the more intangible aspects of the industrial and corporate worlds. My industrial clients appreciate the photographs as not just mere description, but rather an extension of their corporate image, brand and mission.

That’s what I offer my industrial and corporate clients: honesty, clarity and meaning.”

Michael Tedesco Nashville - New York

Michael Dominic Tedesco, from TedescoPictures, is a portrait and location photographer based in Nashville, Tennessee, but is often seen working in and walking the streets of major cities and remote towns around the world. Michael executes every assignment with his uniquely creative approach to capture authentic, well-crafted and compelling images. Prior to relocating to Nashville, Michael was based out of the East Village and East Harlem neighbourhoods of New York City. Michael often splits his time between Nashville, his NYC residence and his cabin outside of Asheville, North Carolina.

This past year Michael welcomed new corporate/industrial clients EOSYS Group Inc., Evonik, Bühler Group, T. Marzetti Food Service and Sonata Bank. TedescoPictures corporate clients past and present include: Mutual of America, Farm Bureau Insurance, GS Steel, Penguin Publishing Group, Gotham Books, Avery Books, Bloomberg Markets, Men's Health, Women's Health, Men's Fitness, St. John’s University, Jujamcyn Theaters, Country Music Association, Journal Communications, Warner Music Group, University of Tennessee, Meharry College, and many departments of agriculture in the United States.

Visit Michael’s website to view more of his work.

Ned Meldrum Australia

Ned Meldrum has a genuine passion for industrial imagery. Clients come with a story to tell. They have multiple stakeholders to satisfy, industry-firsts to showcase, and value to highlight and update with the world. Ned listens carefully and thoughtfully, roadmaps an action plan and considers the many moving parts affecting the scene.

He loves projects where he gets to utilise the many techniques in his arsenal which include photography, videography, drone and timelapse. Some recent work includes two major infrastructure projects, The Westgate Tunnel Project and Australia’s Inland Rail.

Clients: The Westgate Tunnel Project, Australia’s Inland Rail, Icon Construction, Visy, Hi-Quality and GSE&C.

OMS Photo Cincinnati

OMS Photography has worked with businesses, brands, and corporations within the industrial, manufacturing, and farming industries for over 30+ years.

"We understand the importance of capturing authentic moments as they happen. Our extensive experience has honed our ability to craft compelling narratives and visuals amidst the complexities of these industries.

We pride ourselves in getting our boots dirty and hands in on the action to best tell the story. Our creative team of photographers and videographers can join your team in the field, on a truck, or in the air to help bring your vision to life."

Plexman Studio Toronto

Either in our 3000 sq ft studio, or on location, the Plexman team easily pivots from an individual portrait session to a large-scale advertising shoot.

"We revel in a challenge – whether shooting a boardroom full of VPs or navigating an industrial location in full protective gear, we are up to the task.

With over 40+ years of experience, we work with marketing and design professionals who recognise the value of working with experts, including national and global corporations, medical innovators, academic institutions, as well as architectural and engineering firms."

Rainer Häckl Munich

Rainer Häckl's photography is all about connecting with people on a deep, emotional level.

Whether he is shooting individuals at work, at play, or engaged in sports, his images exude authenticity and a unique artistic flair. His ability to put even the most camera-shy subjects at ease has made him a sought-after coach for corporate executives during photo sessions.

His background in graphic design lends him a comprehensive understanding of both the photographer's craft and the needs of marketing and press departments working with his images.

Renée Del Missier Vienna

As a professional photographer with years of experience, Renée Del Missier feels at home on set. For her clients, she creates an atmosphere in which they can feel comfortable and bring out their best. She addresses their needs as professionally as she does the unique aspects of each location. With a keen sense of lighting, she creates expressive portraits, cool architectural photos, and authentic reportages.

The idea behind the image is particularly important to Renée. With creative solutions, she develops concepts tailored to the requirements of her clients.

Her customers include large corporations, medium-sized companies and EPUs. Renée's other areas of activity include interior and architectural photography.

Robert Houser San Francisco

"'How large will your crew be?' 'Just two', I replied.

This exchange was during a meeting with a global industrial company marketing department – the answer: myself and my assistant, no more. If you want genuine images of your front-line employees working on-site, we cannot walk in with a producer, multiple assistants and stylists. That option works wonderfully with models or people used to being photographed, but for sincere images of everyday workers, it needs to be a conversation. A conversation between me and the individual, that’s it.

Same with healthcare patients – they cannot feel like the shoot is just another medical scan. We are there to see them, as people, real people.

Based in the San Francisco area, I have been an award winning storyteller for over 30 years."

Stefan Djakovic Belgrade

Stefan Djakovic is a location portrait photographer based in Belgrade, known for his adaptability in meeting diverse client needs.

With over a decade of experience, he has refined his skills to capture the essence of businesses and their work. Stefan's ability to weave narratives into compelling and impactful visuals ensures his clients' messages resonate effectively.

While his focus is primarily on advertising work, Stefan finds fulfillment in collaborating with NGOs and small enterprises, amplifying their stories through his lens. His commitment to quality and the comfortable shooting atmosphere he cultivates have garnered him repeat business from esteemed clients such as A1 Telekom, Leo Burnett, McCann, and TBWA.

Steve Craft Phoenix - Toronto

Dividing his time between bases in Phoenix, Arizona, and Toronto, Canada, advertising and commercial photographer Steve Craft has spent decades in the industry building an award-winning portfolio of work for corporate giants, healthcare providers and major news outlets across North America and around the globe.

He’s also made a name for himself as a top aviation photographer, collaborating with some of the industry’s largest aircraft manufacturers, aerospace engineers, ground services providers and even airports, which has seen him go from NASA’s Houston headquarters to the open door of a Cessna for daring air-to-air photography.

Steve recently spent a couple days in the OR photographing a brain surgery followed by a spinal cord procedure for one of America's top neurosurgeons.

Valery Kloubert Düsseldorf - Cologne

Valery Kloubert is a people and portrait photographer from Düsseldorf / Cologne, Germany, specialised in corporate, business and advertising photography.

Being a professional in corporate, industrial and healthcare photography means being very flexible in both planning and implementation. In addition to the fascinating motifs, this is exactly what this type of photography is about.

As a commercial photographer and filmmaker, it is important for Valery to create authenticity in his images. With over 30 years of professional experience, he is able to reliably create photographs that not just look good, but also do convey the desired feeling for the target group. With his focus on honesty and discretion, he works to capture the most realistic moments possible and present them in a charming and personable way. Thanks to his bilingualism, many years of experience with celebrities, business leaders, family businesses and industrial groups, extensive international shooting experience and a worldwide network, Valery knows how to bring complex visions to life.

Valery Kloubert is a member of Laif photo agency and the German Society for Photography DGPh. He supports the DKMS (Bloodcancer Foundation) with his glass plate photo art project, and is a frequent supporter of local charity projects.