Cameron Karsten Pacific Northwest

"Every one of us is, in the cosmic perspective, precious". Carl Sagan.

Cameron Karsten is represented by The Gren Group.

Felix Reed Milan

Felix Reed is a Milan-based photographer specialised in people and lifestyle. He loves to work with passionate people both in front and behind the camera. His work has been published worldwide and has received many international awards.

Last year, Felix had the opportunity to work on various projects for different clients, like EssilorLuxottica, ATM Milano and Costa Cruises, that took him around the Mediterranean Sea for a two-week photo shoot. He just delivered a new international campaign for Ferrero which will be in print next summer.

At the moment Felix is enjoying the sun and vibes of South Africa, as he's currently in Cape Town for a three-week production.

Felix is represented in Italy by Sfera Production, and in India by Qench. Feel free to check his website and get in touch for any enquiry you might have.

Jelena Filipinski Hamburg

Jelena Filipinski is a Hamburg-based interior, lifestyle and people photographer. Her style is characterised by lightness and ease, which are important to her on set and when working with other people.

Being passionate about photographing people, spaces and objects, she is capturing moments of beauty and joy. She loves delicate colors and subtle play of light in her work.

Her clients include different agencies, magazines and brands like Serviceplan, OTTO, Tchibo, Lidl, Lechuza/Playmobil, Goodman Germany, Martin Rütter and SHAPE Magazin.

Jelena is represented by Bosch Banrap together GmbH.

Joseph Keller Boston

Joseph Keller is a Boston-based lifestyle photographer with 27 years of experience. Much of his work is geared toward lifestyle and food for hospitality and food clients.

He is often hired in the dual role of lifestyle and food photographer. His clients love the fact that he is skilled at capturing people in natural, spontaneous moments and creating beautiful food photography.

Equally at home in the studio or on location, he has created stunning work for many clients, including Homewood Suites Hotels, iRobot, Keurig, and the Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism.

JSR London

JSR Agency's People & Lifestyle category features Henrik Knudsen, Aurelien Chauvaud, and Ale Burset.

Henrik Knudsen recently showcased his expertise with a captivating British Airways campaign.

Aurelien Chauvaud excels in capturing the essence of people and lifestyle, as seen in his personal project 'Napoli&Bikini'.

Ale Burset's portfolio is adorned with numerous magazines covers and lifestyle shoots, highlighting his versatility and knack for visual storytelling.

With their unique perspectives and exceptional skills, these artists breathe life into every project, delivering compelling imagery that resonates with audiences worldwide.

Lucila Blumencweig Barcelona - Buenos Aires - New York

Lucila has been working on so many interesting and fulfilling projects these past months. She partnered with David Miami to bring to life Coca-Cola's most recent campaign, 'Frame Magic'.

Produced by Rocket to the Moon, the campaign portrays, in a completely honest and different approach, the simple and magical moments of everyday life when people come together.

It was a big challenge and incredibly fun days with the entire agency and production team. The outcome is these fresh, compelling, beautiful images.

She's also sharing the new Alma Alzheimer campaign, which was shot in collaboration with Republica Havas Miami and the La Perla team. This campaign has touched the hearts of many people who live their lives alongside loved ones dealing with Alzheimer's.

The images were shot with natural light, thanks to incredible scouting work to achieve the desired lighting and effectively portray the message.

This project has already won several CLIO Prizes, which the entire team is extremely proud of.

At the moment, Lucila is in Italy pre-producing her next campaign to be shot in May.

OMS Photo Cincinnati

For over 30 years, OMS Photography has been a leading partner to brands and agencies across categories like food, drink, and product. And one thing they all have in common is a need for lifestyle photography and videography.

"Our team understands the importance of helping add an element of humanity to a brand's strategy.

With an intuitive eye, our team is known for capturing unfiltered moments of joy and genuine emotion. Through their lens, they take seemingly ordinary moments, shine a unique light on them, and help weave a storyline of the humanity behind products and brands."

OMS Photographers help remind viewers that joy isn't found in the flawless but in the genuine.

Learn more about how OMS can help tell your brand's story through authentic lifestyle photography or videography.

Thomas Kettner Hamburg

Thomas Kettner, a multifaceted artist, wears many hats with grace. As a photographer, director, and creator, he crafts mesmerizing visual tales that transcend boundaries. His creative projects are a demonstration to his visionary spirit, blending artistry with narrative depth. Yet, amidst his adventures, Thomas remains grounded, standing with both feet on the ground, never losing touch with reality.

His open-minded approach fuels his boundless phantasy, allowing him to explore uncharted territories of imagination. In his work, he celebrates fellow visionaries, weaving their stories into the fabric of his own.

Thomas Kettner's artistry is a combination of innovation and passion, a testament to the power of creativity to transform worlds and touch souls.

Represented by Sarah Daw Zoë Norfolk London

Zoë has established herself as an expert in lifestyle and portrait photography. Her interest in capturing people within their everyday environments and creating moments adds depth to her images.

After earning an honors degree in photography at Staffordshire University, she worked as a photographer in Miami before moving back to London. There, she managed Linda McCartney’s image archive while being encouraged to build her own career.

Alongside her professional work, Zoë always has numerous personal projects underway. These projects range from capturing portraits of 80 households in her local community in Muswell Hill from behind their windows during lockdown to documenting the final UK tour of a vintage steam fair before its sale.

Awards: 2024 - Winner of The British Journal of Photography's Portrait of Britain award with her image ‘Gracie in Frinton’; 2023 - Silver award from The Association of Photographers, for her long-term project ‘Every Year I take a Photo’.

She has over 70,000 followers on Instagram and is represented by SARAHDAW. Follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and X.