The best Car photographers from across the globe: Latest campaign for Audi, Genesis G80, Lincoln Nautilus, Audi e-tron Gt and many more

Andrea Belluso Italy

Andrea Belluso had always defined himself as a fashion and beauty photographer, until the day he received a call from his manager telling him that Cadillac wanted him to shoot a big campaign for them.

He was totally surprised - he had never shot cars before, so he asked his manager why they wanted him when there are so many great car photographers out there.

The answer was "all the car photographers we work with do perfect pictures of how a car should be photographed, and they all do similar things, just with different touches, their own style. Andrea on the other hand, not having any experience in cars and being a lighting expert (The Light Shaper according to Profoto) would have a different vision of how to photograph them, with excellent lighting to fit every car model."

After that Andrea started having other automotive brands such as Bentley, Porsche, McLaren and Ferrari calling him for the same reason.

Anthony Dias Los Angeles

Anthony Dias is a director and photographer specialising in the automotive and lifestyle space, with a deep passion for storytelling through visuals.

His creative approach blends old-school practical technique with new-school innovation, producing work that’s both timeless and contemporary.

Anthony’s expertise in motion and stills allows him to seamlessly embrace the scale of any endeavor, ensuring that your vision is not only captured but elevated.

Stay tuned and check him out on Instagram.

David Masemore Los Angeles - New York

David Masemore is an automotive and lifestyle photographer specialising in capturing the design, speed, and luxurious lifestyle of automobiles.

Recent work from David Masemore includes work for BMW USA with British podcaster and author Jay Shetty. The imagery highlights the all-new BMW i5 Sedan by using a combination of VFX backgrounds with real-life talent and car to bring four unique creative perspectives to the images.

David also recently shot new motion work showcasing the BMW X5 SAV in an urban city environment.

Find more projects on David's website.

David is represented by Rob Bacall Representatives.

David Maurer Frankfurt

"Ready to rock!"

Germany-based photographer, director, and content creator David Maurer goes full electric and starts a silent revolution collaborating with motorbike manufacturer Cake in his latest action-packed video, filmed in the quarry and the forests. Cake's off-road motorbike Kalk is light, quiet, and clean. As you watch, you'll hear nothing.

Recently David showcased the all-electric two-seater Opel Rocks-e in an editorial series of images and a vibrant video celebrating an emission-free party for two.

Stay tuned for the upcoming campaign commissioned by Škoda, featuring the all-brand-new Škoda Superb.

David’s clients include Porsche, Volkswagen, Škoda, GSK, Mercedes-Benz, KIA, Hublot/LVMH, BMW, Hyundai, BionTech, Mazda, Abt, Falken Tyres, Salzgitter, Opel, Nissan, Land Rover, Jaguar and many more around the globe.

He is now represented by BoschToBanrap.

Domino Photo Mexico

"Elegance in motion.

Cars are impressive. They have reached a level of sophistication and design that makes them more attractive than ever. Photographing them is always a great challenge. Multi-plane objects that they are, we need absolute control of the light and reflections to get to the perfect image. Then we add movement, another key factor in many situations, which makes car photography even more complex.

World brands such as Toyota, Audi, Peugeot, Lexus, VW, Volvo and Citroën have honoured us by allowing us to be part of their team."

Harniman London

Genesis G80 in and around Seoul, South Korea and LaFerrari, McLaren and Koenigsegg for Goodwood HyperDrive 24. Harniman kicked off 2024 shooting some amazing projects.

"Kudos to all of the teams involved – our friends at Goodwood Road & Racing, agency Innocean Worldwide with Genesis Cars, and the brilliant creatives, photographic crew, production and retouchers.

Welcoming Danni and Aidan at SOW Worldwide aboard who are now representing us in London.

Take a look at what we’ve been up to and join the conversation with us on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Get an insight behind the scenes on the regular blog."

Irwin Wong Tokyo

Irwin Wong is a highly accomplished editorial and commercial photographer/director currently based in Tokyo. Originally hailing from Melbourne, Australia, he made the vibrant city of Tokyo his home in 2005. While his expertise lies primarily in portrait photography, he also excels in automotive, industrial, and travel photography.

His portfolio boasts an impressive array of global commissions, with esteemed clients such as The Washington Post, The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Hollywood Reporter, The Sunday Times, Car Design News, and numerous others. Noteworthy commercial collaborations include iconic brands such as SK-II, Omega, Christian Dior, Mazda Motors, Mitsubishi Motors, Ferrari, and Boss Coffee.

In addition to his remarkable photographic endeavors, Irwin has authored and captured two captivating monographs exploring Japanese culture, both published by Gestalten: 'Handmade in Japan' (2019) and 'The Obsessed - Otaku, Tribes and Subcultures of Japan' (2022).

Jeff Ludes Los Angeles

Jeff recently finished a couple of integrated stills & video productions. First up was for Lincoln, and their new Nautilus. The shoot started in the cold, dark early morning in the California desert, to catch the colors of the sunrise. The team spent the day covering a whole lot of stills, before heading back to LA for two days of integrated shooting. With two shoot vehicles, Jeff was able to efficiently split his time between directing the video, and capturing still images on a second set.

When Jeff came across this amazing tent structure, built in So Cal’s Santa Monica Mountains, he immediately started preparing for a personal shoot. Adding in a beautiful BMW, talent, styling, plus horses, and it wasn’t too tough to create stunning images. Jeff takes a more loose approach to a personal project, shooting hand-held alongside his DP, Chad Huff.

Based in Los Angeles, Jeff has shot automotive projects around the world for over 15 years.

KY&BA Spain - France

KY&BA, that's Kylian and Bastien, an internationally working photo and film duo. Within a short time they became well known for their convincing visual language and work for major international clients.

They are currently working on several projects for Cadillac in the US and they are always trying to push the boundaries of their creativity by realising personal works as for example their straight running CGI project in Thailand.

You can find more work on their website.

KY&BA is represented in Europe by Claudia Bitzer.

Malek Fayoumi Canada - UAE

As Malek Fayoumi delves deeper into directing car films and potentially TVCs, his unwavering dedication to his automotive photography journey remains evident. His seamless transition between directing and photography underscores his versatility and expertise in the automotive industry.

Take a look at this short film he directed for Ferrari Dubai, showcasing the Ferrari Purosangue across the UAE. Additionally, he wrapped up a busy and successful year with a massive hoarding campaign for Nissan, prominently displayed on Dubai's most iconic roads.

Currently, Malek is busy with Mazda and other automakers in Canada and Dubai, strategising for their upcoming spring and summer campaigns in 2024. His commitment to excellence and creative vision continue to drive his success in both directing and photography.

Romer Photography New Zealand - Germany

Stephan Romer’s most recent campaign, the new Audi e-tron GT was shot on an eight-day road trip across the South Island of New Zealand. 15 hero shots took Stephan and his team to beautiful locations like Lake Tekapo in the Mackenzie Basin, and Riverton in the far South of New Zealand. Lighthouse Productions was in charge of the production and Pacific Post Productions worked on the post production.

Stephan’s 'Mt Cook Milky Way' won the Platinum Title in four categories in the 2024 Muse Awards, 2x Platinum with the 2023 EPA Awards and Gold with the New York PA.

In this Spotlight, you can see some of his latest landscape pictures exhibiting in his Queenstown Gallery.

Simon Puschmann Los Angeles - Hamburg

Simon Puschmann, automotive photographer and director, has been pushing the craft for many years with a unique approach that focuses on authenticity.

His work stands out as a testament to his dedication to creating images that are not just visually striking, but also emotionally resonant. By escaping the confines of traditional norms and setting his own standards, Simon blazes a trail that is both inspiring and revolutionary in the world of automotive photography and directing.