A selection from top Architecture and Interior Photographers worldwide: From a luxurious private jet, to incredible aerial views of a Scottish golf course, a country house in Switzerland and a stunning resort in Dubai.

Dan Sellers Texas

Dan Sellers is an architectural and interiors photographer based in Dallas, TX. He works with architects, interior designers, construction companies, retail clients, suppliers and manufacturers.

What Dan loves about photographing architecture and interiors is that it gives him the opportunity to stretch his creativity and technical skills to make images that help his clients achieve their goals.

Dan’s experience in working in all types of environments gives him the confidence that anything is possible. And he is not afraid to explore to get the most out of an assignment.

Denice Hough London

Denice Hough is an American photographer known for her specialised focus on architectural photography. Her work is characterised by a keen eye for the structural details and aesthetic elements of buildings.

Hough captures the interplay of light and shadow, texture, and form in her photographs, highlighting the geometric patterns and lines that define different architectural styles. Her minimalist yet striking compositions reveal the underlying beauty and design of both modern and historic buildings, emphasising their visual and emotional impact.

Denice has worked with international architecture firms such as Benoy, Woods Bagot, PDML and Lead 8. Her unique perspective and ability to narrate the story of architecture through her images have earned her recognition in the field of contemporary architectural photography.

Through her work, Denice Hough encourages viewers to engage with and appreciate the art of built environments.

Heroes Agency Madrid - Amsterdam

"Magnificent architecture and singular interiors, refined gastronomy, charismatic portraits, strong corporate photos, stunning products and delightful packshots: this is your key to a successful visual campaign.

With more than a decade of operation, we provide a specialised team of highly experienced professionals for different types of subjects: architecture, tourism and hospitality, food and drinks, still life, corporate, lifestyle and fashion.

We offer visual answers to help you achieve success in your projects, campaigns and brands.

Our assignments are equally divided between studio and location shoots. Our staff is capable of shooting and managing any size of project, from simple product shots to multinational location productions. We deliver high-quality digital images as part of a complete creative strategy for our clients.

Based in Spain and The Netherlands, we travel extensively throughout the world covering advertising or client direct assignments.

We are passionate about bringing from a simple idea, a sensation, a dream, a memory... to a new reality. We are HEROES, photo & film agency.

We create images."

Michael Matsil American Southwest

“I’m Michael Matsil, architectural photographer living in the Southwest serving Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas and Southern California. I have been educated as an architect to the Master's degree level, so visually interpreting buildings, interiors and landscapes in an authentic and specific way have been the underpinnings of my photographic approach for 25 years.

My understanding of architectural design and photographic craft are fully integrated which will bring clarity and strength to the presentation of any visual project. I am seeking ongoing working relationships that especially provide you and your audience with a consistent and faithful vision of architectural expression within specific contexts.

It’s not just photography... it’s architectural photography.”

Misha Bruk Photography California

"I love finding beauty in unexpected ways, and I love being surprised by how beauty reveals itself to me."

Rhys Production + Photography Dubai - Cardiff

Rhys is a photographer and filmmaker from Wales and based in the United Arab Emirates. With over 15 years experience in the industry, he has a particular passion for interiors, architecture and landscapes, working directly with high end clients and brand agencies.

This particular genre of work has taken him across the country and region, working with real estate developers, boutique food and beverage outlets and global hotel and resort brands including Hilton, Dusit and Barcelo.

Rhys has an intuitive understanding of clients' specific needs and the purpose of the frame being captured as well as the styling of the environment. He takes a methodical approach to a shoot, typically using a combination of natural light and shadows, timing, digital blending and colour grading.

He is passionate about his work and is ready and available to travel anywhere for clients.

Ross Woodhall London

"My name is Ross Woodhall. I shoot stills and produce and manage moving images globally, creating content that captures genuine moments for lifestyle and sports brands, agencies and clients.

I collaborate with producers, location managers and production teams worldwide. We cater to all briefs and budgets.

These images featured in this Spotlight were all taken over a period of time for Teresa’s Homes in Klosters, Switzerland. Here’s what she has to say about the work I have done for her.

'I have worked with Ross in the past 20 years and in addition to being a total pleasure to work with, the results of his work have been always outstandingly high quality. Great projects deserve great photography to show them at their best, and his painstaking and collaborative approach to agreeing, composing and perfecting every shot is key to his and my success. For me the one and only architectural and interior photographer!'

Please contact me to discuss your next project."

Sean Gallagher Texas

Renowned architecture and interiors photographer Sean Gallagher has been captivating audiences with his stunning visual narratives of contemporary structures. With a unique ability to infuse life into buildings, Sean's recent projects stand as testament to his mastery. His lens transforms concrete and steel into living art, with a focus on sustainability, minimalism, and innovative design.

Sean's most recent work includes an exploration of cutting-edge eco-friendly architecture, highlighting the harmonious coexistence of structures and the environment. His use of light, angles, and composition breathes vitality into his subjects, whether it's capturing urban skyscrapers or serene rural dwellings.

Sean's portfolio not only celebrates the aesthetics of architecture but also underscores the importance of design in shaping our future. His visual stories remind us that buildings aren't just bricks and mortar; they're the embodiment of human ingenuity and vision.

Steve Buchanan Maryland

Steve Buchanan's journey into the world of commercial photography began as a student in high school. What started as a hobby soon turned into a thriving career. He has spent the past 25 years working closely with international, regional, and small local clients.

Steve, his family, and a scruffy Jack Russel terrier live on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

Steve Craft Phoenix - Toronto

Advertising and aviation photographer Steve Craft divides his time between Phoenix, Arizona, and Toronto, Canada, working on projects that range everywhere from portraits of corporate giants to interiors of corporate jets.

His portfolio encompasses all aspects of the aviation industry and his work has graced magazine covers and adorned billboards in Times Square, reaching millions of viewers and earning accolades from visual arts organizations like Graphis, Communication Arts, American Photography, PDN, and Applied Arts.

Steve has collaborated with some of the industry’s largest aircraft manufacturers, aerospace engineers, ground service providers and airports.

Steve just wrapped up traveling around the USA photographing private aircraft for a Top 10 global charter company. Coincidentally, this project wrapped up on the day that his new aviation-only website was unveiled.

Will Scott Photography Edinburgh - London

Will Scott is a photographer and film maker based between Edinburgh and London who works globally.

Recent jobs have seen him in a variety of situations, from luxury interiors in London, to world class links golf courses on Scotland's Golf Coast - all the way up to shooting architecture in Orkney.

He shoots stills, video and aerial images - with his warm, atmospheric and dynamic style making for striking and memorable imagery.