Caixapro Mexico

CaixaPro is a full-service boutique production company based in Mexico, dedicated to delivering high-quality service from inception to completion for film and photo projects spanning retail, sports, and commercial commissions. Passionate about production, they ensure their clients experience seamless 'workations'.

The team constantly seeks fresh creative talent in photography and filmmaking, fostering a modern and distinctive vision for advertising and fashion endeavors, aligned with CaixaPro's professionalism and ideology. Their roster features exceptional directors and cinematographers, poised to execute diverse projects.

As a boutique production company, CaixaPro actively scouts unique locations across Mexico: from picturesque beaches to lush forests, majestic mountains, vibrant cities, and captivating architecture. They collaborate closely with clients and directors throughout the process.

"Embark on a journey to Mexico and let CaixaPro become your trusted partner for your next shoot!"

Cameron Karsten Pacific Northwest

"Consistency with style is key. And capturing a campaign with both stills and motion is the most effective. I love the use of right brain and left, translating the moments into action to tell a story. These projects I find most rewarding."

Cameron Karsten is represented by The Gren Group.

Colorama Portugal

COLORAMA, headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal, is a comprehensive film and photo production agency.

Boasting a proficient team dedicated to development, production, and post-production, COLORAMA provides tailored production services of the utmost quality.

Their offerings span 360º production services, encompassing:

  • Content creation for documentaries, feature films, TV series, and advertising ventures.
  • Expert planning, budgeting, legal support, talent acquisition, and procurement of necessary resources, ensuring financial transparency and sustainability.
  • A curated pool of professionals committed to achieving excellence in every project.

"We proficiently operate, draft, and communicate in English, Spanish, and French. For other languages, we collaborate with skilled interpreters adept at overcoming any linguistic barriers."

Espen Olsen Oslo

Espen Olsen, a Norwegian cinematographer, brings over 12 years of expertise to the film industry. He loves the style of handheld techniques and natural light in his cinematography.

Espen's portfolio spans television, documentaries, fashion films, music videos, and commercials for a variety of big brands, products, and artists in Norway. While he loves handheld and natural light and exterior locations, he also enjoys a big studio shoot with large crews and big lighting rigs.

Espen's lens has traversed the globe, capturing scenes from Hong Kong to Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Spain, New York City, and Los Angeles.

Not to mention the breathtaking scenes in Norway's beautiful landscape from the fjords in Voss, to the beaches in Lofoten, and the mountaintops at Rju.

Noteworthy clients include Coca-Cola, BBC, Hongqi, DnB, Equinor, Kari Traa, Interoptik, Vitusapotek, and Dæhlie.

His production company, iProduksjon AS, has been a trustworthy partner in delivering high-end film productions to Norway's prominent brands for over a decade. After ten years they have never been more eager to deliver films, from a small interview to a big film production on big sets.

Hexagon Films Bulgaria

Hexagon Films, a prominent production service company based in Bulgaria, provides an array of professional services.

"Our skilled team, comprising directors, photographers, DPs, and producers, specialises in video production and photo shoots, delivering engaging content across diverse sectors such as technology and fashion. Whether it's a commercial campaign, a promotional video, a feature film, or a TV series, Hexagon Films guarantees superior quality and innovation.

Recent endeavors include partnering on the Sigala x MNEK 'Radio' music video in Bulgaria alongside producers from Park Village UK. Our directors and photographers boast collaborations with renowned brands like Adidas, Gucci, TikTok, Old Spice, and the BBC.

With headquarters in Bulgaria and strategic alliances with major studios, we take pride in offering prices typically 30% lower than those in Western and Central Europe for all production and post-production services. Our offerings span a spectrum, from New York streets backlots, London backlots, a 30-meter virtual production studio space, to a classic Western ranch featuring 20 stunt horses and skilled artisans who can elevate your creative vision to new heights.

Reach out to us now to explore your next ambitious project. Let Hexagon Films breathe life into your outstanding production and captivate your audience as you truly deserve."

Linda Notelovitz - Director - LifeDesign Cape Town

Linda Notelovitz' passion for fashion and design has always been a significant part of her self-expression, enabling her to express her personality, creativity, and individuality. However, beyond personal expression, fashion can hold profound significance in various ways.

Utilising fashion as a powerful tool to influence behaviour, Linda Notelovitz' fashion film work reflects on societal values and aims to drive positive change in the world. Her collection of works exemplifies this commitment, with each film addressing important themes and advocating for social upliftment, ethical practices, and celebrating creativity.

From the thought-provoking 'Hungry' to the inspiring 'Lara' promoting sustainability, the empowering 'S(He) has something to say', and the imaginative 'Gaze', Linda's films explore diverse aspects of human experience and emotion. Through her unique visual communication style, Linda Notelovitz aspires to be a catalyst for purpose and positivity, shaping the human condition through her art.

Luca Maximilian Caputo - Let's Film Barcelona

Fascinated by human nature, Luca's artistic approach is both unique and disruptive, aiming to the creation of visually striking films. Inspired by his Italian roots, he seamlessly blends classic and contemporary styles, resulting in films that are both stylish and fresh.

Luca's passions extend beyond filmmaking to include music, dance, sports, and promoting healthy living. He brings his creative vision to life in projects for esteemed brands such as Nike, Puma/JD, Brooks, FIFA, Electronic Arts, Bosch, Mediaset, Eurosport, and The Olympic Channel among others.

In addition to his work in traditional filmmaking, Luca also is also involved into the production of documentaries, adding depth and diversity to his portfolio.

As the founder of Let’s Film, Luca runs a versatile video production agency. With his dedicated team, he produces top-quality videos across Spain, Italy, the UK, and the Middle East, consistently exceeding clients' expectations.

NM Productions Dubai - NYC - London - Los Angeles - Milan - Madrid

"We are a global production company that throws traditional methods out of the window. Resourceful, driven and unfazed by (almost) anything.

NM cover everything from in-house location scouting and casting to pre-production and on-set support. Working across both stills and moving image NM can help you just about anywhere in the world.

As our talent roster continues to grow, so do our high-level craft capabilities. This month we welcome Dionne Loftus, who has worked with well-known fashion and beauty brands such as Monica Vinader, Hush and Lulu Guinness. We’ve also partnered with Harry Guest, whose reel boasts travel brands TUI and Contiki together with some lovely short documentary spots. Not to mention work for Audi, Pepsi and Adidas from some of our talented DOP’s Jorge Luiz Diéguez, Michael O’Connor and Mik Allen.

You can view our directors, photographers and DOPs showreels by following the NM Talent link."

Ozz Films Morocco

Ozz Films is a production services company in Morocco with offices in Ouarzazate and Marrakech.

"Our distinct advantage lies in our local connections, which ensure a seamless experience for our clients, including major European and American agencies, production houses, and brands.

As a production company and consultant in Morocco, we hold the licenses to obtain permits directly, saving you valuable time and energy. Our commitment to transparency and honesty is the cornerstone of our client relationships, building trust for the long term.

Here are some of our recent commercials:

  • Audi Q8 e-tron Dakar Edition: Audi's latest TV commercial, a collaboration with A.S.A.P. Production, presenting the new Audi Q8 e-tron Dakar Edition, was filmed in Marrakech and the Merzouga desert, showing off the car's adventurous side in the dunes.
  • Audi Dakar Rally 2024: production services for a pre-rally test of the Audi RS Q e-tron in the challenging Moroccan terrains. Team Audi Sport as they prepared for the 2024 Dakar Rally, where they unveiled their revolutionary Audi RS Q e-tron.
  • Pepsi Nutmeg Royale: we worked with A.S.A.P. Production to produce Pepsi's Nutmeg Royale ad during the 2022 World Cup. We managed production in Marrakech and chose the old Medina as the main shooting spot due to its striking similarities with the old town of Doha, Qatar."

Represented by Murasaki Agency Sergio G Barcelona

Sergio G is a Peruvian audiovisual director living in Barcelona, passionate about narrative and innovative stories. Sergio has created several short films and directed pieces for different brands such as: Unicef, Gloria, Pizza Market, Atrápalo, Guaraná Backus, among others, and also video clips for different artists from the urban genre to metal. He has developed his own style, in which aesthetics, narrative and rhythm come together harmoniously and creatively when creating or working on a piece.

He has experience in all the processes involved in the production of an advertising audiovisual piece, from creative writing to video direction and editing, through script development and art buying of creative and technical teams according to each project.

He is represented by Murasaki Agency and works worldwide.

Wave Films Singapore - Malaysia - Philippines

"With Wave Films, you can embark on a cinematic journey through the dynamic landscapes of Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

For over a decade, we have crafted unforgettable commercial productions for esteemed global brands such as Puma, The Macallan, and Finnair.

Our experienced team of producers and creatives ensures that every detail of your project is flawlessly executed. Our presence across these three countries and a network of affiliate producers throughout the rest of Asia ensures that we can execute any scale or project across the region.

From state-of-the-art volumetric studios to versatile Technocranes, the latest camera models, and expansive backlots and studio space, we provide access to top-tier equipment and facilities. Complemented by a proficient English-speaking crew dedicated to realising your vision, Wave Films guarantees a seamless production experience.

When you think about shooting in Asia with transparency, reliability, and speed – think about Wave Films."

William Romeo Paris

At the beginning of this year, William Romeo Production had the exceptional opportunity to collaborate on the shooting of the 'Crazy' music video by the renowned artist Lil Baby, a rapper from Atlanta who chose Paris as the backdrop for his video. For two intense days, the team worked closely with Lil Baby, his family, and his crew, all coming from the United States, to bring a captivating piece of art to life.

But that's not all. William Romeo Production was also commissioned to produce the advertising campaign for the renowned Chinese brand IMMI. The photographs, orchestrated by the talented Xiangyu Liu, were captured in the exceptional natural environment of the Fontainebleau quarry, offering a unique and artistic showcase of the brand's products.

Furthermore, during the last Fashion Week, William Romeo Production collaborated with the production agency LONDON KENNEDY to organize the after-show for Miu Miu at the prestigious Gigi restaurant. With over 300 carefully selected guests by the press agency KCD, this event was a true success.

William Romeo is already gearing up for Fashion Week SS25 in Paris and collaborating on projects related to the 2024 Summer Olympics. More details coming soon.