London: Andy Seymour food & drink photographers

Andy Seymour is well established and working from his central London studio in the fields of  food, still life and location photography.

Chicago: Brian Wetzstein advertising photographers

Brian Wetzstein is a leading Chicago-based photographer specialising in food and beverage photography for both advertising and editorial purposes. He has shot food and product images for companies including McDonald's, Quaker, Bunn, Pil and Weeks Publishing. By varying the focus of each shot, he is able to create beautifully styled and imaginative work.

Brian operates his own studio in Chicago's South Loop and surrounds himself with the best assistants, stylists and designers. The fully equipped studio can accommodate all his clients' needs and includes a newly redesigned kitchen, an endless amount of props, a pool table, WiFi, a conference room with plenty of room to relax or work in, and a large TV for clients to admire the products that Brian has photographed.

The most frequently heard comment about his work? "It makes me hungry!"

London: Gareth Morgans Photography advertising photographers

Gareth Morgans has had another busy year working within editorial, book publishing, design and advertising fields. Clients have included M&S, Sainsbury's, Tesco, Morrisons, Heinz, Neff, Co-Op, Kikkoman and Schwartz. Editorial titles have included Olive, Sainsbury's, Good Food and The Daily Mail's Weekend magazine.

He has just completed photography for Jo Pratt's 'In the Mood for Entertaining', published by Penguin and due to be released in June.

Gareth shoots digitally from his north London garden studio or out on location. His work has a beautiful light graphic quality and he always endeavours to make his shoots a wonderful experience for clients in order to achieve the best possible results. Check his website for a selection of testimonials from past and present clients.

Gareth is represented by his agent Beth Wightman.

London: James Murphy food & drink photographers

James Murphy continues to work with an impressive number of editorial, packaging and advertising clients.

More photographs can be viewed on his website and in his portfolio.

London - Paris: Jean Cazals advertising photographers

Jean Cazals shoots from his daylight kitchen studio in Notting Hill and has worked on location around the world for various international magazines, design and advertising companies.

His fully equipped studio includes a large choice of props and backgrounds. Jean's unique style can be recognised through a subtle mix of creative styling and food presentation. He has worked on a variety of cookery books in London and abroad with many top chefs and has received a number of awards for his work.

Jean has worked for M&S, Waitrose, Sainsbury's, Danone, Radisson, Boots, Findus and McDonald's, as well as numerous editorial clients worldwide.

Prints of his work are available to purchase direct by email or through ars natura.

Jean is represented in the UK, France and Italy. Visit the website to see more of his work or to request a folio.

Dusseldorf: Jo Kirchherr Photographie advertising photographers

Since the mid '90s, Jo Kirchherr has worked successfully as an advertising and editorial photographer, specialising in people and food.

His 300 sqm studio in Cologne, previously a cake factory, with its beautiful daylight and state-of-the-art kitchen, enables him to meet even the most sophisticated of his clients' requirements. He also loves to shoot on location and has worked in various countries all over the world.

Clients include Lindt, Knorr, Nestea, AEG and Epson.

For more information visit his new website.

London: Jonathan Pollock food & drink photographers

Jonathan Pollock shoots food and drink photography from his London studio for a variety of clients covering a range of needs.

From advertising, packaging and point of sale through to brochures, PR and web, whether it is to a tight brief with a full team or working with remote art direction, Jonathan and his team get the job done, on time and on budget.

Check his website for more information.

London: Michael Kay food & drink photographers

Michael Kay is one of the UK's most experienced food photographers and is renowned for his vibrant and colourful images.

All of his shots are taken on the latest high end digital equipment and, seeing as his large studio facility is based in Croydon rather than central London, substantial budget savings can be made.

London: Paul Webster food & drink photographers

Over recent months, Paul Webster has completed work for all his major clients, including Waitrose, Chefgo.com, Ugo Pasta, Ken Hom, Delice de France, Hardy's Wine, Rhubarb, Dobbies, BBs, and many more.

A new selection of images is now on his website, and his landscape work can be seen here.

London: Paul Williams - Funky Food advertising photographers

Paul Williams has been a specialist award winning food photographer for over 25 years, taking photos for nearly every major food brand and supermarket in the UK from his purpose built food studio in Camden London.

To help facilitate clients in Europe he has recently opened another studio in Budapest, Hungary. Both studios are equipped with the latest digital camera and proofing equipment to give you projects the very best high end photography.

Add to this years of experience solving clients briefs to get the best out of any project and we hope you agree we are the perfect team to undertake your next food assignment.

London: Peter Cassidy food & drink photographers

Peter Cassidy shoots from his central London daylight studio for clients including M&S, Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Baxters, Fox's and Tilda, as well as for magazine and book publishers. This year has seen the publication of the long awaited, and highly fattening, Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook, along with the successful re-launch of the M&S core Italian range.

He is currently working on a book shot on location in Ireland that is due for publication in autumn, 2009.

Visit Peter's website for more information and to see his new all-digital portfolio.

Stuttgart: Peter Oppenländer food & drink photographers

German photographer Peter Oppenländer is based near Stuttgart. His studio is located in a stylish old mansion surrounded by a fantastic private park, offering a variety of locations right on his doorstep.

Peter studied photography at the Lette Verein in Berlin. His career began in 1985 with reportage photography, and today he works for industrial clients, artists, and publishing houses.

Organisation is critical to Peter's success. He enjoys punctually fulfilling client briefs and producing work of the highest quality. His artist's eye frequently produces remarkable results.

Visit his website for more information.

London: Steve Baxter Photography advertising photographers

Food photographer Steve Baxter is based in Shepherds Bush, London, and for almost 20 years has produced top flight images for design, advertising and editorial clients.

Steve's simple, unpretentious and honest approach to photography aims to focus on colour saturation and beautiful natural light.

Outside of photography, Steve is obsessed to the point of madness by village cricket!

Visit his website for more information.

London: Stuart West food & drink photographers

Stuart West specialises in food and drink photography for advertising, design, packaging and editorial clients.

With a passion for photography and food, Stuart has been based in London for 15 years. He has established a great pool of food and prop stylists, forming a fantastic team with a creative, relaxed and highly professional approach to every job. With Stuart's friendly manner and eye for detail, he is known for working quickly and accurately to clients' briefs. This gives him more time to work meticulously, paying great attention to the fine detail, and allows him to go beyond what the client has visualised.

His images are always beautifully lit, whether shot from his Kentish Town studio or out on location around the UK and abroad. Clients include John Lewis Food Hall, Costa Coffee, Delicious magazine, Waitrose and many more. His longevity with many of these companies is proof that a day on his shoot is an enjoyable one, with end results that speak for themselves.

To see more of his work or for a folio viewing, contact Stuart directly on +44 (0)7711 356 633.

London: Tim Hill food & drink photographers

Tim Hill shoots digitally from his north London studio specialising in food and drink photography.

He works closely with Zoe Hill who styles the sets and also often prepares the food.

There is a large collection of props and backgrounds available for clients' use.

The pair also have an online food image library which keeps them busy when they aren't shooting for clients.