Eclipse Creative Retouching is an experienced post production company dedicated to creative retouching.

The central Barcelona-based company focuses on high quality retouching that meets standards set over many years of dedicated service. In close collaboration with an international team of retouchers and CGI/3D artists, Eclipse can offer solutions for any job.

Gokhan Altinigne Istanbul

Gokhan Altinigne began his retouching career in 2006 and has worked with a variety of ad agencies and photographers on many successful projects. He is currently working in Istanbul producing high-end creative retouching, colour management, RAW file and RGB-to-CMYK conversions.

Clients include agencies McCann-Erickson, TBWA, Publicis, Grey, Lowe, Saatchi & Saatchi and Y&R, and brands such as Nike, Harvey Nichols, Coca-Cola, Rowenta and Eureko Sigorta.

Visit his website for more information.

Idris Kolodziej Berlin

Idris Kolodziej began his career 25 years ago as a freelance photographer, specialising in still life and architecture photography.

He has always been fascinated by special effects and in the late 90s the fast development of computer technology provided him with a new tool. He was one of the first photographers in Germany to combine classic photography with 3D elements.

For Idris, CGI has become more than just a tool to replace photography - it is the missing link to pictures never before seen. Today, he offers a complete in-house range of photography, CGI and post production.

Clients include Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Loewe, Metro Group and Heineken in cooperation with agencies such as Scholz & Friends, Grabartz, Aimaq Stolle, Shanghai Berlin, Publicis and Butter.

Maground Hamburg

Maground is a Hamburg-based stock photo agency that offers a diverse collection of high-quality landscape, urban and street photography. High-resolution backplates by a variety of renowned photographers are particularly suited for use in advertising and CGI.

Extended features such as 360° HDRi domes and location sets with alternative perspectives provide clients with consistently high-quality material for ambitious compositing and CGI productions. The agency's portfolio benefits from the experience of over one hundred professional photographers whose unique visual styles facilitate an aesthetic diversity.

Maground recently launched hdri4free.com, a new platform for 3D artists, post production companies and young talents looking for high-grade material to develop their own ideas.

Photosonic London

Photosonic offers creative retouching and CGI, ensuring creative attention is given equally to a single pack shot or an international advertising campaign. The company contributes to the entire creative process of retouching and CGI to make the finished product really sing. As a result, Photosonic has become a trusted friend to all its clients.

"Where the retouchers are the company. We do more than you may think."

Saddington & Baynes London

Saddington & Baynes creates emotional reactions using imaging techniques of all kinds.

The company believes this approach demands the most striking and most highly crafted images possible. Its mission is to create the most sophisticated and effective imagery in the world and to make it available to anyone.

Essential though technical and aesthetic prowess is, Saddington & Baynes believes the real magic comes from the knowledge, understanding and human empathy placed in each image. This understanding allows the company to control the reaction to its clients' images: whether it provokes trust or tension, aspiration or discomfort, laughter or shock.

Visit the website for more information about the company's services and its approach across animation, interactive, print and more. Alternately, call Saddington & Baynes direct on +44(0)20 7833 3032.

TRG Reality Cleveland, OH

TRG Reality, located in downtown Cleveland, is the premier Midwest leader as a commercial photography and production studio. The company has packed its 9,000 square feet of space with two kitchens, a set construction area, wardrobe and prop storage, and a 40-foot curved cyc wall.

In a flurry of creativity, TRG's behind the scenes crew, five photographers, seven CGI artists and stylists create extraordinary photography and computer generated imagery for companies such as Moen, Things Remembered, KitchenAid, Schlage and Kraftmaid.

For over 25-years, TRG has been a leader in exploring and mastering new and innovative ways of creating images for its clients. The company can beautifully photograph products in studio, but equally, its CGI team can create computer-generated images, rotations, animations, Quicktime VR’s or even room sets all from scratch.

"There’s no challenge we’ll shy away from."

[zerone] /cgi Dusseldorf - Hamburg

With its new Düssedorf location, [zerone] takes a further step towards improving flexibility and customer service. [zerone] delivers the best services for 2D and 3D post production from its Hamburg base and through every regional office. The close integration of retouching and CGI technology guarantees the best cost-benefit ratio and ensures the highest quality available to the industry.

For "classic" retouching, [zerone] is also still the first address to turn to.