Adrian Lander Photography Melbourne

Adrian Lander was born and educated in England where he trained in photography. He followed his passion for travel and photography around the world, finally settling in Australia where he has spent the last 20 years. He is one of Australia's leading advertising photographers and his work is known for its unique style and diversity.

Adrian's images have been part of many successful (and award-winning) advertising campaigns, books and personal exhibitions. His clients include PepsiCo, Schweppes, Lion, Carlton United Brewery, many Australian wineries, NAB and AGL and Origin to name a few.

Adrian has his own fully equipped studio in Melbourne with an in-house producer.

Christoph Siegert Hamburg

Featured in this Spotlight is recent work by Christoph Siegert, including the Dräger X-plore 8000. To test the brand-new breathing apparatus its product manager wore it in a carwash. Christoph headed the production alongside the creative team from agency Pixelpark. So far, the video has gained over 380,000 likes on his Facebook page!

For fruit agents Global Fruit Point, Christoph shot life in the vineyards where grapes are harvested before being shipped around the world. In his images, we get an insight into working under the vines as well as the music and musings that accompany daily life.

Together with the agency husare, a coherent concept for photo and film shoots was developed featuring the modern lifestyle of e-scooters. Christoph shot both photos and videos for emco's new electro-scooter campaign, and with eight film clips in a modern Instagram look created the emco reel.

Christoph also shot at authorised Rolex distributor and service point jeweller Mahlberg & Meyer, capturing the atmosphere behind the scenes. The concepts for four films were created and filmed on location in northern Germany.

Being on the road this summer for Orlen, Christoph photographed petrol stations all over Germany. Finally, he filmed the star team at Vattenfall Cyclassics featuring both the company's national and international CEOs.

Dan Escobar San Francisco

Dan Escobar is a versatile photographer who is inspired by the execution of strong concepts. Whether it's the pure interaction of composition and light, the staging of stylised portraits, or the creation of complex environments or effects, Dan has been responsible for some of the most celebrated, image-driven ads of the last 20 years. He spends his spare time in San Francisco trying to figure out his kids and waiting for the Giants to win another World Series.

Dan's clients include Motorola, Bank of America, American Express, DHL, Microsoft, eBay, Adidas, Yahoo, Adobe and Got Milk, among others. His recent 'Specialized Bikes' campaign has won critical acclaim as a Kelly Award Finalist.

Dan has impressed creatives at BBDO, Goodby Silverstein, Ogilvy and Mather, TBWA, Leagas Delaney, EURO RSCG, McCann, DDB and Sicola Martin, to name a few.

Derrick Santini London

'In Your Mind' by Derrick Santini, June 11th-22nd 2015.

Pertwee, Anderson & Gold gallery presents Derrick’s third series of Lenticular photo-works. A natural evolution in form and technique from his previous two London shows 'I Love You, I want To Fuck You’ at MEN Gallery and ‘Metamorphosis’ at SCREAM gallery. The new show is a figurative and abstract exploration of the beauty of the colour of love, suspended and fluid.

An intimate exploration of the intensity and weightlessness of desire and feelings that can be caught in a brief moment - a turn and look to hold your gaze, another turn and gone, one wonders where the brief moment leaves us - is it a hold of love, of just beauty, is it to be held and cherished or a transitory brief encounter, and away, exposing the vulnerability and delicateness of the attainable and the unattainable. Love.

PRIVATE VIEW: Invitation only reception on Thursday 11 June 2015 from 6pm – 10pm. For further information or to attend the Private View please contact Heather Finlay at Sainted PR by email or on +44(0)20 3642 3479.

Flamisch Foto + Film Dusseldorf

Flamisch Foto+Film is a team of photographers and designers with countless fresh ideas and the skills of 30 years' experience. The team surrounding photo designer Wolfgang Flamisch works for international agencies and companies, specialising in corporate, industry, lifestyle and advertising photography as well as film.

A shoot in the highly sensitive area of an on-going industrial process? A complex composition of an even more complex photo shoot? The idea for a social media film using stopmotion or the script for a studio film shoot - all of it comes from one skilled hand, Flamisch Foto+ Film.

Responding to precise needs, many repeat clients rely on the team to handle full production, from concept and storyboard to organisation, photo or film shoot, post-production and editing. The Dusseldorf-based studio is equipped to shoot film or photo, as well as indoors or on location anywhere from Shanghai to Cape Town, and everywhere in between! Often out on production for many weeks at a time, the Flamisch team likes to work in a family-like atmosphere, cultivating a respectful and cooperative partnership with clients.

Get to know the work, Wolfgang and his team by visiting the website or calling +49-172-20 88 231 to arrange a visit.

Foodatelier - Rafael Pranschke Dusseldorf

Rafael Pranschke specialises in photography and film for modern media formats and works to the highest standards of professionalism and precision. His focus includes productions and publications for advertising agencies, publishers, magazines and the food and gastronomy industry.

As a chef, Rafael worked in top European Michelin-starred restaurants before becoming a college lecturer. After spending a few very successful years as a food stylist, he now works as a freelance photographer and is the author of numerous cookbooks.

He has been awarded gold and silver medals by the Academy of Gastronomy Germany and the World Cookbook Awards.

Rafael's passion has always been food. He founded the Foodatelier - a one-stop-shop for a full range of services related to the food industry. Whether agency, publisher or client, the Foodatelier supports all disciplines for a successful production.

Johannes Knuth Hamburg

The year has started with some inspiring photo and film assignments that have enabled Johannes Knuth to travel to some breath-taking locations.

"My vibrant, natural photo and film imagery shows pure life - authentic moments captured from a range of different and sometimes unexpected perspectives. This is why some clients call me 'the angle man'."

Johannes' images are distinctly emotional, honest and loaded with life and fun. His lively and dynamic photographs live long after the pose. "It’s all about the lust, experience and feelings of life!"

He is an American Photography winner and has been mentioned as one of the industry’s most talented artists and creatives. Clients include Procter & Gamble, Siemens, Sony Music, TCM, Columbia Records, Sunrise, E.ON Energy and many more.

Karsten Koch Hamburg

With his still images Karsten Koch tells stories. When the moving image is added, the story is deeper. Having worked in film for many years, Karsten now takes the medium for granted.

"I like to expand the story with the necessary film takes. It remains the same staging, broken down and just a little more complex. And then I have great fun selecting the emotional music to use. All of this completes the feeling while watching. It is a great medium to tell stories."

Recent projects include Joy Sportswear in Cape Town where Karsten produced a short in-store movie parallel to the current image. He also completed two personal projects.

Represented by UPFRONT Lukas Tielke Dusseldorf - Hamburg

Lukas Tielke is a director and D.O.P. based in Dusseldorf and Hamburg.

Clients include Ante Holz, Arsenal London, Fiat, G-Shock, Intersport, Falk, Jacobs, Nine Queens, Pantherwerke, O'Neill, Red Bull, Suzuki, Vaude, and Ytong.

Maik Scharfscheer Frankfurt

Frankfurt/Main-based photographer and director Maik Scharfscheer has implemented several films and shoots for a range of companies and agencies. He develops scripts in conjunction with agencies and often takes on the role of producer.

In the last year Maik has been nominated for over 10 awards. He won a Bronze Lion at Cannes for design project 'The Paper Skin' for Fedrigoni in cooperation with agency Geometry Global. He was also responsible for the Leica campaign with Danny MacAskill in Cape Town which won Gold at the annual Multimedia Film Awards.

Maik also shot the latest TV spot for DHU-Schüssler Salze, Leica T Polishing ('the most Boring Ad') that attracted widespread media attention, the new Leica T image film, and a trailer on the strip in Kitzbühl for Huck Netze.

Maik loves to combine photography and film in one project and enjoys working with manageable creative teams - which explains why he is so often accompanied by cameraman Thomas Stoll, with whom he has developed and implemented numerous projects.

Stewart Cohen Pictures New York - Dallas

Director/Photographer Stewart Cohen is known for the subtle yet effective manner in which he directs people, and for the enthusiasm and energy he brings to all assignments. His visual approach is honest, resonant, authentic and cinematic. He moves seamlessly between large-scale productions and smaller intimate shoots, keeping his visual acuity sharp.

Visit his website to see more work and contact Stewart directly by email or by calling the studio 214.421.2186.