Munich: Cinecars

Years of experience in the provision of camera car vehicles for car commercial projects of all sizes have allowed CineCars to develop a proven track record of professional, affordable, and above all safe service delivery. With a sparkling portfolio including names such as Netflix, Amazon and various car brands, the Munich-based outfit is perfectly poised to take clients' car commercials to the next level. 

An improvement in every way, the lower balance point of the Scorpio Arm compared to the Russian Arm allows for the more precise control necessary to get the best results when negotiating high speeds and sharp bends. The adjustable height of the back fin means tunnels pose no obstacle, whilst a quieter operating volume eliminates the threat of intrusive noise ruining a perfect shot.

The company's extensive arsenal also includes the electrically-powered E-CineCar, the lowloader, and the Checker mobile crane base. "Whatever your camera car needs, you can be assured that CineCars can tick all of the boxes, and then some."

Since winter 2017/18, CineCars has had a base for its Scorpio Arm in Morocco, which will also be available in Lisbon.

Clients include BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, Skoda, Renault, Hyundai, Subaru, Volkswagen, KIA, Yamaha and Mazda.

CineCars is especially proud of its latest Showreel.

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