Jeff recently finished a couple of projects for Lexus' and Toyota’s newest SUVs.

First up was a shoot for the Toyota Grand Highlander. Due to the vehicle being top-secret, it was decided to render it in CGI.  So Jeff’s team brought a stand-in car to set, to get an accurate reference for the team at Curve to work with. After a long and hot day in the hills, the beach was a welcome break! But still plenty of work to do, even while enjoying the breeze. Lastly, the studio was one place the vehicle would be safe, so Jeff’s team was able to mimic the lighting on location, and work with the talent inside the car.

Next up was the Lexus TX, this one a secret as well! But in this case, the team decided to scout out locations out of the public eye, and shoot with the actual vehicle. Over just a couple shoot days, the team covered exterior, interior, running, details, the whole gamut. Jeff worked closely with the retouchers at MainWorks to make sure each image looks beautiful, but always natural.

Based in Los Angeles, Jeff has shot automotive projects around the world for over 15 years.