Spain - France

Kylian & Bastien met in high school and bonded over their different passions and their attraction for travel, creativity and dreams of freedom. They worked with different clients and industries across the world. While roaming around Australia, Asia, Europe and North America, these two "brothers" started to find their path into advertising, and more precisely automotive.

They have always been inspired by powerful imagery and the emotion coming out of it. While Kylian is driven by the art of cinematography, Bastien gets off on the storytelling of a still picture. Together, they have a profound desire to share their own vision through their work. Working as a duo allows them to have a unique approach and a seamless workflow. This symbiosis is what makes them special.

KY&BA recently photographed the European launch campaign of the brand new models of Honda in Spain this spring. They also worked on few creative projects including one in a black void studio, where they had a lot of fun.

You can find more work on their website.

KY&BA is represented by Claudia Bitzer in Europe.