Los Angeles: Anthony Dias

2023 was a great year full of directing and photography. Anthony is excited to share some new imagery, starting with an electric RAM truck he shot in studio and blended it with futuristic AI generated backgrounds. In addition to his photo creations, Anthony directed 10 videos for Subaru, an incredible journey through the Outerbanks with Mazda, and chased around the Mercedes EQS in Austin.

Naturally, automotive and landscape photography take Anthony around the world, spending so much time in the elements; blizzards, hurricanes, and beach sunsets are just the half of it.

As if that weren’t enough, Anthony has been inspired by some new travel and resort photography. His natural passion for lifestyle imagery has brought some fresh creativity to the scene in The Bahamas.

Thank you for taking the time to check out his new work!

Stay tuned and check him out on Instagram.

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