Los Angeles: Sean Klingelhoefer Photography

If you aren’t familiar with Sean Klingelhoefer’s work it won’t take long to recognize that he sees cars in an entirely different manner from most. As a mechanic-turned-photographer he has a unique outlook that strikes a chord with a specific type of creative.  

Some of this idealism can be seen in his recent personal series of a classic Italian sports car seemingly lost in the desert. While some may refer to the images as “fine art”, Sean likes to think the aesthetic more closely resembles a desert mirage or a peyote-induced dreamlike state of bewilderment. The car obviously isn’t the star in this series… or is it?

As a fanatical car enthusiast and Nürburgring expert it came as no surprise that Toyota called on Sean to document the limited “GRMN” edition of their future cult classic GT86 for the “Born on Nürburgring” campaign. Capitalizing on the fast changing weather the ‘Ring is known for he created a series of images that accurately depicts the speed and danger of the famous circuit and emphasized exactly why all modern sports cars are designed to tame the nearly thirteen mile course.

Teaming up with legendary car builder Rod Emory to photograph some of his world-famous “Emory Outlaws” Sean painted these gorgeous silver-clad classics in various rainbow hues created by a variety of experimental tools. This series of images are particularly dark out of necessity to display the full array of the light spectrum and are best viewed at night or in an environment with little ambient lighting to be fully appreciated.

To see more images from these and other series please visit Sean’s website.

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