Moscow: Sergey Krestov

Sergey Krestov is a photographer from Russia specialising in car photography. After having spent some 10 years in the automotive photography sector, he has gained substantial experience in shooting in studio, on location and also working with CGI. His solid team consists of professional photographers, assistant photographers, high-end photo retouchers and CGI experts that work together to achieve the best results using the best practices.

In 2015, Sergey conducted a large-scale marketing photo shoot for Honda Russia that included photo shoot in studio, on location and the creation of the product video. Sergey has also carried out a comprehensive work for Mitsubishi Russia while shooting the New Outlander in studio, on location and filming a TV promo. During 2015, Sergey’s team conducted dozens of projects for such clients as VW, Acura, BMW, Porsche, AUDI, Renault, Mazda, Toyota, etc.

In 2016, his team worked on a marketing campaign to introduce the new Renault Kaptur to the Russian car market and carried out a number of press shoots for Mini, Subaru, Infiniti, Porsche, etc.

Established customers of Sergey include advertising agencies, e.g. DDB, Instinсt, WTB and all the leading automotive brands that are present on the Russian market.

Besides photo services, Sergey’s team is currently rapidly developing video production in the car industry sector on the Russian market.

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