Salt Lake City: Skylar Nielsen

Skylar Nielsen was born and raised in Zion, Utah, a land harbouring a unique, almost alien landscape. Growing up he absorbed the serene vistas of one of the last largely untouched places on Earth, a place both sacred and haunting in equal measure.

Working as a hand on his family farm ingrained in him a relentless work ethic, the type of hands-on, old-school vigour that has translated to his role as a visual artist. Continually viewing his path through open eyes while tempering it with a world-weary experience, Skylar has segued from assignments involving global advertising campaigns for automobiles and motorcycles, to intimate micro-documentaries on the working-class forging their own path against economic adversity.

Skylar's work speaks for itself. It is marked with the need for exploration and feeling, but shines greatest in its contemplative and visual qualities. This unique juxtaposition sets Skylar's work apart, providing an idiosyncratic yet intimate profile that stakes out its own identity, deftly fusing the personal with the professional.

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