Dubai: Mark Hobz

Mark Hobz is an Australian cinematographer who has been based in Dubai since 2018. Having spent the last 9 years in Finland after leaving Australia, as well as travelling around the globe for work, Mark brings a fresh set of eyes to any project using his experience in film and light visuals. His work has covered feature films, commercials, TV shows and music videos. 

Besides working between longer narrative projects and advertising when behind the camera, he also co-produces productions with his knowledge of budgets and brings resourceful solutions to increase production workflow. He also teaches in workshops and assists R&D teams for film products, such as Sekonic and Lupo Lighting, to develop new tools for the industry. Mark's vast experience brings quick solutions and a non-stressful work environment when things get complicated.

Mark's cinematography visual style is very moody and atmospheric where needed. Being a steadicam operator also drives his visuals with movements.

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