New Zealand: Batch Film

"Where would someone go for a winter location in July? For a frozen lake high up in the mountains yet close to a 5-star hotel and a strong crew base? The opportunity to drive a car on ice and snow at an established tyre and car proving ground? And the chance to shoot amazing international athletes who happen to be hanging out at the Winter Games?

They would come to Batch Film in New Zealand - based right in the middle of nature’s playground. There are snow-capped mountain ranges and ski resorts throughout the spine of the South Island and in the middle of the North Island from June to September.

And because the snow rarely falls at lower levels there’s heaps of other beautiful locations available during New Zealand's winter - beaches, cities, geysers, volcanoes, deserts, country towns and green fields, all close to each other.

And of course stunning roads! Most people probably know New Zealand is a car commercial paradise. Batch Film offers full production services for moving and still shoots throughout New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific."

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