Ransom Films

Mumbai - New Delhi

Ransom is an Indian Production Company specialising in TV commercials, music videos and fashion films. With offices in Mumbai and Delhi, the company provides the highest standard of service production for clients looking to shoot in India, a diverse and fascinating country.

Dedicated to providing a seamless experience to their clients, the team is equipped to plan and execute a production of any scale, right from obtaining the necessary permits, to sourcing the best locations, to putting together a world-class crew.

With over a 100 films under their belts, clients include BMW, Google, Nestlé, Coca-Cola, Levi's, Cadbury, Samsung, Chivas and Budweiser.

The list of international clients who have experienced Ransom's production services include Iconoclast, Insurrection, TBWA/ Else, 1st Ave Machine, Sagmeister and Walsh with clients like Chloe, Aveda, Louis Vuitton, Michelin, Bergdorf Goodman, Nike, Facebook, Italian Marie Claire, W Magazine and Tatler UK, to name a few.