Award-winning Carioca Studio is a well-known image concept house highly acclaimed for their work, specialising in advertising imagery.

Carioca starts with a big idea: and bring their complete vision and perfect execution from production and shooting to post-production.

Carioca offers integrated visual services, from production (locations, casting, hair & make-up artists, set construction, mockups) to photography, illustration and CGI. The company now has 23 people working in three different departments – Production, 3D and Post-Production.

Clients include Dalwhinnie, McDonald’s, Pepsi, Europcar, Mercedes-Benz, Sony Ericsson, VW and WWF.

Carioca Studio has won five Cannes Lions 2016, and has just been awarded 200 Best Digital Artists 2017/18 by Lürzers Archive.

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