Canary Islands - Spain: Andy McLeod

Ford Night Swimming: This ambitious commercial featuring a group of young people enjoying a swim at night with their Ford Rangers was shot almost entirely at the Buftea Studios in Romania. Their 50m x 25m x 5m deep water stage was the perfect location to create an underwater lake complete with several tons of gravel and rock, replete with real water lilies and flowers. After the set was installed, and all the gravel washed, it took more than one week to fill the tank!

Working with director Adam Berg from Smuggler, and DP Joost van Gelder, McLeod was tasked with the underwater cinematography. Due to the size of the space, more than 150 Arri Sky Panels were installed overhead, and special LED lamps had to be customised by McLeod for underwater use, to recreate the headlamps of the Ford Rangers. McLeod used a Hydroflex housing for the Arri Alexa Mini LF and Master primes to create the balletic camera movements with the actors.

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