Latvia: Umami

"I’m Marika, producer at Umami. Let’s go for a quick journey, because nothing makes things more memorable than a personal experience.

Now imagine: you just got that production brief, photo or video, it doesn’t matter. The idea is great, but despite the fact that budget is a bit too tight for your market, you really want to make it work and you've heard that Baltics are great for that. Or your current partner is busy and you need someone new; and you are sitting at your computer, wondering where could you possibly look for a service production partner that is highly professional to fulfill your desires. Google no more! If you happen to find yourself in this position, feel absolutely free to drop me an email.

If that’s not your story, you can just say “hi” in case that pays off in the future, or enjoy a few stills from our latest journeys of this summer in this Spotlight, or via our Instagram profile."

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