Munich: Dominik Osswald

Dominik Osswald is a Munich-based corporate, industrial and portrait photographer. Being extremely passionate about photographing people as well as their interaction with machinery and technology, he produces high-class visual solutions for advertising, corporate websites, reports and other corporate communication materials.

In cooperation with magazines and artists, he also creates outstanding portraits for editorial and promotional purposes.

Dominik's empathic and inquisitive way to approaching individuals and organisations helps to quickly connect with people of all types and position. Through his reduced and clear style, he places special emphasis on the subject and guides the observer through light and perspective.

Working with a team of specialists, Dominik is able to manage the whole production, no matter whether it is in the studio in Munich, or on national or international locations.

Recent clients include Aon Hewitt, Bloomberg, Christian Dior, Facebook, Moet & Chandon and Volkswagen Retail.

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