Zurich: Andreana SCANDERBEG & Alexander SAUER

Scanderbeg Sauer is a Zurich / Munich-based duo comprised of Andreana Scanderbeg and Alexander Sauer. Renowned for their clear-eyed, fine art aesthetic, the pair has carved out their own niche in the world of modern corporate and industrial photography / CGI.

Having travelled to a variety of industrial facilities and areas around the world, the duo makes pictures of machines and facilities with the same precision with which they were engineered. However cool their work seems, behind the camera you will find the most easy-going and congenial people you could ever imagine. Their experience, efficiency, and can-do attitude enable them to lightheartedly master just about every production. See more of Scanderbeg Sauer here

Selected references: Audemars Piguet, BMW, Boesch Boats, Clariant, Credit Suisse, Datwyler, Lakestar, MINI, SWISS, Universitätsspital Basel, The Telegraph, and Vanity Fair London.

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