Berlin: Viviane Wild Photographer

"When I was 19, it was clear that I wanted to become a photographer. I began training as a photographer in a portrait studio. My empathy is still an important tool in my work with my clients today.

Studying communication design with a focus on photography in Dortmund showed me another passion: social issues and pure life. How to bring people into focus is still my passion today. Without professional organisation, a large photo production is not possible. So it was good to get to know the other side.

As an art buyer at Media Consulta, Berlin, I acquired my know-how in production, organisation and budgeting. This was followed by four years in the BILD photo editorial department. With a lot of learning, the time had come. Over 10,000 hours of photography had passed since my first steps with the Polaroid camera: In 2014 I started my own business."

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