Los Angeles: Hristo Shindov

Connecting real, hardworking people with grand environments is what Hristo Shindov does, and he does it with passion. He has an ability to quickly establish rapport with people from many different backgrounds and earns trust from people in suits, people in hard hats, people performing on stage or in lab coats.

For these reasons, Hristo has been a go-to photographer for top names from many industries - Lexus, Nissan, Toyota, World Steel Association, Irwin tools, Converse, Sony and many others.

Hristo has a proven track record in handling productions in most parts of the world - rain or shine. He also has a strong technical background and understands the dynamics of industrial environments and can relate to the actual manufacturing process. On many occasions this knowledge has proved to be crucial to a project's success and as such makes him a valuable partner in any production situation.

Visit Hristo’s website for more information.

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