Dan Bigelow has over 15 years experience shooting in the corporate sector. He has photographed for nearly 200 annual reports and travelled on assignment to over 25 countries as well as throughout the US. He works confidently, independently or with a design team, to exceed clients' expectations.

Dan's individual vision brings a unique, natural eye to corporate offices, industrial plants, laboratories and anywhere people work and live. He conveys a story honestly and compellingly, either in one image or one hundred images. His work captures real-life situations in an authentic way.

Dan's dedication and love of photography shines through with good humour, enthusiasm, and the friendliness he brings to every shoot. Clients include Cabot Corporation, BlackRock, Pitney Bowes, Gilead Sciences, Sotheby’s, Booz Allen Hamilton, Pepsi.Co, and United Technologies.

His award-winning corporate industrial portraiture was also recently featured in the 2012 PDN Photo Annual.

Visit Dan's website to see his corporate and commercial portfolio.