Industry photographer Christian Vorhofer accompanies his clients all over Europe. When shooting outdoors, he uses open landscapes and characteristic architecture as the backdrop for their services and products, while shooting indoors - industrial halls and production plants.

Thanks to complex lighting and his soulful timing, Christian creates fascinating visual worlds. He has always retained his focus on the essentials - providing clients with the products, technology and skills they require.

Featured in this Spotlight, Christian shows productions in Tirol for the new Egger Holz office building 'Stammhaus', in Madrid for Austrian company GE-Jenbacher generators, and in Styria where Selina Technology has planned and implemented a large scale solar power plant

For ECI Manufacturing, a company specialised in the repair and manufacture of spare parts for gas engines, Christian completed an adventurous shoot with rotating machines partially opened, coolant splashing around, and protection shields dismantled.