Camilla Camaglia id a talented beauty, fashion, and portrait photographer based in the vibrant cities of Rome and Berlin. As a versatile freelancer, she collaborates with beauty and fashion brands, artists, and magazines to produce captivating visuals.

Camilla's unique strength lies in her ability to craft powerful and innovative images that effortlessly captivate the viewer's attention. She has a keen eye for detail, ensuring that every aspect of her work is meticulously thought out. Moreover, she strongly values diversity and inclusivity, making sure her creations reflect a wide range of perspectives.

Camilla’s latest works include several beauty campaigns for Korean skincare brand Yepoda, including one with influencer Bao Chii Nguyen and an unretouched campaign showing real skin. She has also worked for the Italian nail polish brand Gamax and published a haute couture editorial featured in L'Officiel Arabia's June 2023 issue.

Camilla's photographic brilliance has graced the pages of magazines like L'Officiel and Glamour, solidifying her reputation as a prominent figure in the industry. Her impressive client roster includes notable names like Universal Music, Glossybox, Kryolan, and many others, demonstrating her remarkable talent and professionalism.