"I started searching for what I call '¨The Perfect Hybrid' back in 2018, when I came across a bunch of unconventional vintage lenses while doing some research. I wanted to synthesise the vintage look and feel of analog photography with the advantages of modern technology. High Dynamic Range and the flexibility of RAW files being used with modern editing software helped me achieve this. After my first experiments, I started cooperating with Capture One Pro, and later I directly started applying this technique in my work for the advertising industry. Always in between lifestyle photography and fashion, 'The Perfect Hybrid' is now an established part of my skill set."

Gabriel is a photographer, videographer, and content creator from Buenos Aires, where he spent his childhood and youth. From a young age onwards, Gabriel has had a close relationship with art. In 2003 he graduated as a graphic designer at the University of Buenos Aires - UBA. During the almost 20 years of his career, Gabriel had the opportunity to explore many different fields in the visual industry, such as design, motion graphics, VFX, and film, to name a few. Among Gabriel’s recent clients, you can find brands like Lubriderm, L’Oreal, Samsung and many more. His main expertise is in the field of fashion, advertising and film. Gabriel was honored with the First Prize in the Beauty Portrait category at the IPA (International Photography Awards) in 2015. Currently, he is living in Europe and is also eligible to work in the US without visa requirements.