British-born and London-based photographer Zoe Economides spent most of her twenties in Australia where she was exposed to cinematic coastlines, the barren red earth of the Outback and time-weathered rock formations that make it like no other place on Earth.

While studying for her commercial photography degree there, these wide and open expanses, their subtle colour palette and layered textures, undoubtedly became a key influence on her work.

Her beautifully lit images maintain a clean and considered aesthetic through deliberate simplicity. Locations have become a key aspect of her work and she takes great interest in scouting for them to bring her vision to life, imbuing her shoots with a relaxed atmosphere to match.

Always keen for an adventure, the search for these often remote and vast locations has taken Zoe across the globe, from the white-drenched terrain of Antarctica, through the oxygen-starved highlands of Peru, to the awe-inspiring volcanic formations of Iceland.

Inspired by the beauty of nature and the human form, Zoe’s work seeks to bring them together, blurring the lines between portraiture and landscapes.